Sunday, 30 April 2017

The Sunday Crossword No 2941, Sunday 30 Apr 2017

1   Poor work disrupting railway (4) ROPY {R{OP}Y}
3   Insult hero's unusually soft style of singing (10) BARBERSHOP {BARB}{HEROS*}{P}
9   Director getting Oscar, after cheers, blustering endlessly (9) TARANTINO {TA}{RANTINg}{O}
11 Labour account about conspiratorial group (5) CABAL {LAB}{AC}<=
12 Stick with demon drink (6) IMPALE {IMP}{ALE}
13 Pragmatic people referring to ace catalogues (8) REALISTS {RE}{A}{LISTS}
15 Deeds unfamiliar to saint in order to prepare for battle (6,8) ACTION STATIONS {ACT S}{TO+SAINT}* (Correction - {ACTION S}{TO+SAINT}* - See comments)
17 Territory shown by map sadly secured by fraud and crushed (8,6) STAMPING GROUND {ST{MAP*}ING} {GROUND}
20 Neighbourhood very hostile about fashionable appeal (8) VICINITY {V}{IC{IN}{IT}Y}
21 Call for extremes of exertion before end (6) ENTAIL {Ex...oN}{TAIL}
23 Heart broken by hard task (5) CHORE {C{H}ORE}
25 Sigh woefully about bribe, confounded nonsense (9) GIBBERISH {BRIBE}* in {SIGH}*
26 Dance with skill, I note, having three elements (10) TRIPARTITE {TRIP}{ART}{I}{TE}
27 Contents of rhyme and new song (4) HYMN {rHYMe}{N}

1   Wine picked up in can is terrible (7) RETSINA [T<=]
2   Wandering from pier, awfully sad, missing hotel (11) PERIPATETIC {PIER*}{PAThETIC}
4   Assistance guarding against becoming zealous (4) AVID {A{V}ID}
5   Recoil in anger, struggling after prosperous period (9) BOOMERANG {BOOM}{ANGER*}
6   Remembrance mostly about one with dream showing obstinacy (13) RECALCITRANCE {RECALl}{C}{1}{TRANCE}
7   Fish not caught in centre of activity (3) HUB cHUB
8   Refinement in language (6) POLISH [DD]
10 One man ends all wrangling as leader of South Africa (6,7) NELSON MANDELA*
14 Oddity in wrong version of a liturgy (11) SINGULARITY {SIN}{A+LITURGY}*
16 Ruined contest, losing force and clinging (4-5) SKIN-TIGHT {SKINT}{fIGHT}
18 Teacher keeping record on Hawaii identifying marine mammal (7) DOLPHIN {DO{LP}{HI}N}
19 Investigator with eggs upset bird (6) AVOCET {TEC}{OVA}<=
22 Bishop during meal raised support (4) ABET {B} in {TEA<=}
24 Sash used by slob incorrectly (3) OBI [T]



  1. Shall miss solving in the morning
    Shall solve in the evening

  2. Slight corr:
    15 Deeds unfamiliar to saint in order to prepare for battle (6,8) ACTION STATIONS {ACT S}{TO+SAINT}*