Tuesday, 18 April 2017

No 11984, Tuesday 18 Apr 2017, KrisKross

1   Old short dress of mine (8) DECREPIT {DECk}{RE}{PIT}
5   Burning land (6) ALIGHT [DD]
9   Show Peter how to avoid risks (4,4) PLAY SAFE {PLAY} {SAFE}
10 Money church sent back to get cake (6) ECLAIR {RIAL}{CE}<=
12 Clean water, in select stores (5) RINSE [T]
13 Churchmen always in tears (9) REVERENDS {R{EVER}ENDS}
14 MBAs gathered for dances (6) SAMBAS {MBAS}*{AS}
16 One not working again — weary, close to collapse (7) RETIREE {RE}{TIRE}{c...sE}
19 Bear caught in Scottish river's floods (7) DELUGES {DE{LUG}E'S}
21 Computer administrators, simply exhausted, get bribes (6) SYSOPS {Si..lY}{SOPS}
23 Study tax limit (9) CONSTRAIN {CON}{STRAIN}
25 One making notes (5) STENO* &lit
26 I felt bad, pinching toddler's last toy (6) TRIFLE {t...eR} in {I+FELT}*
27 Fantastic danseuse from an African country (8) SUDANESE*
28 Poet is boring and hollow (6) DRYDEN {DRY}{DEN}
29 "American company used defective packaging", counsel finally admits (8) INCLUDES {INC}{c...eL}{USED*}

1   Caught in rebellion, President leaves to die (6) DEPART TRApPED<=
2   Protection for a knight is not trustworthy (5,4) CHAIN MAIL [DD]
3   "Result seen in error", pens University's head (5) ENSUE {ENS{Un...y}E*}
4   Makes an announcement of where to find students (7) INFORMS {IN}{FORMS}
6   Doctor appraises wounds (9) LACERATES {LACE}{RATES}
7   Piece of rag, surprisingly fashionable (5) GRAIN {RAG}*{IN}
8   Defeated and heart-broken, the lady would lose hope in the end (8) THRASHED {HeART}*{SHE'D}
11 State to prevent cutting taxes in the beginning (4) AVER AVERt
15 Sack a bank worker, mostly for a trifling amount... (9) BAGATELLE {BAG}{A}{TELLEr}
17 ...perhaps her red pen is to blame (9) REPREHEND*
18 Instructed English reporter to accept old money (8) EDUCATED {E}{DUCAT}{ED}
20 Last support (4) STAY [DD]
21 Health hazard from solar battery? (7) SUNBURN {SUN}{BURN}
22 Very wise birds going around England…London has two of them (6) VOWELS {V}{OW{E}LS} Definition by example
24 Number is finally very loud (5) NOISY {NO}{IS}{verY}
25 Hold up everyone, by the way (5) STALL {ST}{ALL}



  1. Thanks KrisKross and Deepak.
    Enjoyed solving the grid very much.

  2. Enjoyed solving the interesting CW. Thank you KrisKross.
    Loved the vowels. London has two of them!
    A small doubt about river Dee- Scotland connection? It is a river in Wales & England.

    1. There's one in Scotland too. Check out the link below

      River DEE

    2. Glad that you enjoyed the grid, Paddy! I was also hoping that "VOWELS" would get a smile from the solvers - looks like it did :)

  3. 14A- 'as' from?
    Col., Thank you for the links.

    1. Thank you Raghu. I remember to have fallen for this earlier also, probably because 'for' gets lost in wordplay.

  4. Could not get 'lace' from doctor. After checking up with the usage...'Laced with...'.

    1. A few more meanings given in Freedom

      Lace = Change, alter, modify etc

      So lace = doctor. Remember how cricket pitches are doctored in India to suit our bowlers?!

  5. Nice clues. Rarely see 'of' used for RE. Like the VOWELS clue

  6. Tricky and interesting one from KrisKross! Loved solving it.

  7. Lovely puzzle..loved the simplicity as well as the complexity of clues..INFORM,SUNBURN, the & Lit Steno, VOWELS, were all very nicely clued
    Thanks KrisKross

    1. You're welcome Vasant! Glad that you liked these clues which were my favourites as well!

  8. Replies
    1. Peter = Safe, till or cash box - Look up a dictionary

  9. 2D: Why is chain mail not trustworthy?
    22D: E for England?
    9A: how is redundant?

    1. Chain mail are letters which you receive with an instruction to pass it on to 5 more. They are scams and not trustworthy
      E for England like I for India
      Why do you say 'how' is redundant?

    2. Thanks Col. Yes Esha_iitm, "Chain Mail" or "Chain letter" is a message that attempts to convince the recipient to make a number of copies of the letter and then pass them on to as many recipients as possible. Typically a hoax or urban legend, not trustworthy.

      In 9A, I had the def as "how to avoid risks" => play safe.

    3. Thanks. I did not know such spam had a name. I took "avoid risks" as "play safe", and how to be redundant. I think "How to avoid risks" is "by playing safe"?

      I checked OED and Chambers and found I for India but not E for England. Is there a context where this abbr. is used?

    4. Normally E is for English. Not come across E for England. I for India is in the ICAO phonetic alphabet Where A = alpha, R= Romeo etc.

  10. Wholesome crossie . Thanks XX ! no clue left us in crossroads in this crossword !

  11. Thanks to Col for the blog and for all your comments and feedback!

  12. Lovely clues Ramki... thoroughly enjoyed..

    8D Thrashed:
    how does the anno work? (Heart - e)* broken.. Whats the indication for removing e?

    1. From Lose HopE in the end.

    2. Oh I missed that... thank you so much

    3. Thank you Arvind! Yes the anno is as Sujatha mentioned. Though may be iffy since the deletion indicator does not immediately follow the fodder, and the indication is not explicit on WHICH E should be removed - there is an E in SHED too:)
      (HEART* + SHED) -E