Saturday, 22 April 2017

No 11988, Saturday 22 Apr 2017, Gridman


7 Complaint resulting from picking up fruit repeatedly (8) BERIBERI {~BERRY BERRY}
8 Saw mister carelessly leaving drug for you (6) TRUISM {MIST(-e+U)R}*
10 Company popular in retaining right associate (6) COHORT {CO}{HO{R}T}
11 The French offender leaves one man teary (8) LACRIMAL {LA}{CRIMinAL} man=Chessman=Knight=N? See Comments
12 At event, daughter enters bitterly into feud (8) VENDETTA {AT+EVENT+D}*
13 It's put back in bathroom - new cosmetic liquid (6) LOTION {LO{IT<=}O}{N}
14 Small notable person - not old, a brown (7) SWARTHY {S}{W(-o+A}RTHY}
16 We, with good girl, twist and turn (7) WRIGGLE {WE+G+GIRL}*
19 Speed along to get a fastener (6) ZIPPER {ZIP}{PER}
21 Tree-dwelling boar wanders off... True! (8) ARBOREAL {BOAR*}{REAL}
23 Resignation from small newspaper's Misc. section (8) STOICISM {S}{TOI}{MISC*}
24 A limit? On the contrary, be plentiful (6) ABOUND {A}{BOUND}
25 Observe learner taking question in Part II (6) SEQUEL {SE{QU}E}{L}
26 Say we could have this in certain garments (8) NECKLINE (CD?) (DD) See comments


1 Drink persons not confident enough on card play have with the French (3,4,7) WET ONE'S WHISTLE {WET ONES}{WHIST}{LE}
2 Princess' command causes confusion (8) DISORDER {DI'S}{ORDER}
3 "What do you do with the drum? Out!" (4,2) BEAT IT (DD)
4 Damsel I steered away from fool (7) MISLEAD {DAMSEL+I}*
5 Learner's caught up in label - 'Perfectionist' (8) STICKLER {STICK{L}ER}
6 Question is not fanciful (6) QUAINT {QU}{AIN'T}
9 Does a college-goer settle himself on it? (4,2,8) SEAT OF LEARNING (CD)
15 Rottweiler's bone falls into pit - awful! (8) HORRIBLE {HO{R}{RIB}LE}
17 Ugly sight presented by the thrashing of gay ogler (8) GARGOYLE {GAY+OGLER}*
18 Plant short Indian community put adjacent to small pit (7) JASMINE {JAt}{S}{MINE}
20 Settled lowly man, with help, at the top (4,2) PAID UP {P{AID} UP} {P}{AID}{UP} See comments
22 Arm brother on cattle station (6) BRANCH {B}{RANCH}



  1. Thanks GM and Col,
    It was a happy ride.

  2. 20 Settled lowly man, with help, at the top (4,2) PAID UP {P{AID} UP}

    I think this is: (lowly man = Pawn)P + AID, (at the top) UP

    1. Yes, P (lowly man) AID (help) UP (at the top)

  3. In 26a there is something more to be teased out.

    1. One of the meanings I could get for 'say' is to show,indicate. I think a showing neckline is indicated here.

    2. It requires some plunging, I am afraid.

    3. Say we could have this in certain arm in gents? 😯

    4. OK, this was my thought:
      say we - V

    5. Thanks CV ji. I didn't spend enough time staring at the neckline.

  4. Excuse me for my absence I'm having a ball (despite the literally scorching heat of Delhi) at the Golden Jubilee celebrations of my first army unit. It's fun meeting up with old friends some senior some junior some whom I am meeting after almost 40 years.

    1. Have a full-blown, well-rounded, colourful, striped ball.

    2. "Alcohol may be man's worst enemy, but the bible says love your enemy." - Frank Sinatra
      Carry on Colonel, Sir!

    3. Have a great time Col!
      Selfie in FB was great

  5. Hi! Regarding the query on 11A, Man can represent any of the chessmen on board, hence apart from m, we have b, k, n, p, q, r as abbreviations for man (Chambers Crossword Dictionary)

    1. Very wide choice, indeed. Very difficult for the solver to choose from.
      Both k & n for knight, I suppose. Oh! k for king.

    2. Man is the only creature who refuses to be what he is....Hence I think....b, k, n, p, q, r etc etc!!

    3. I have seen knight being clued as Bishop's neighbour

  6. Heard of ZIP along, but ZIPPER?

    Heard of Lachrymose and Lacrimal is a new variation to cry about !

    beri beri and Berry berry sounds good but where is the phonetic indicator in the clue?

    Gargoyle reminds me of PGWodehouse who had this typical word for describing unsavoury characters in his books.

    Seat of learning is a classic clue.

  7. Zip becomes zipper when attached to a clothing.
    Lacrimal is given as a spelling variant (I had the same doubt and checked up.)
    Complaint is beri beri only. Berry (single) is a fruit.
    Yes, all PGW fans here will agree on gargoyles.

  8. 12A - 'bitterly' should be next to 'At event'?
    15D - R for Rottweiler?

    In chess, pawns are indicated by the files (a to h) and not as P. Not sure where P is used for pawn.

    1. In a certain notation for indicating position in a chess problem, p is used for pawn.
      [8/8/8/8/8/8/ppQKPPP1/k7] (5+3) #12
      This means the first 6 rows are blank.
      In the seventh it is black pawn, black pawn, wQ. wK, white pawn, white pawn, white pawn, blank
      In the eighth it is black King and 7 blanks

    2. 5+3 means there are 5 white pieces, 3 black pieces
      Chess problems (two-movers. etc) in the paper used to have diagrams as well as this notation so that we can be sure there is no inadvertent error in the diag. by cross-checking with this notation.

    3. Editing experience on display!

    4. Rows are numbered 1.2... from top downwards, not bottom upwards.

    5. In chess there are two notations...what CV sir has given is the american notation...what is universally followed is the pawns are not represented by any letter..queen by Q..king by K..Bishop by B..Knight by N & Rook by the first moves of a common opening(Ruy Lopez) might be represented as 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nf6 3.Bb5 a6...