Saturday, 8 April 2017

No 11976, Saturday 08 Apr 2017, xChequer

Thanks to Col. for helping me get close to the finish line


7 Wicked line after fun is abandoned (6) SINFUL {FUN+IS}*{L}
8 Model partner following protocol (8) FORMALLY {FORM}{ALLY}
9 Slowly go near barking dog, occasionally quiet pet (4,2,2) EDGE UP TO {DOG+qUiEt+PET}*
10 Peaceful day for new political body (6) SEDATE {SE(-n+D)ATE}
11 Notices for the audience to leave (5) CEASE {~SEES}
12 Work in plaster of Paris finally firm, covering removed from the back (6) STUCCO {STUCk}{CO} (Correction - {S}{CUT<=}{CO} - See comments)
14 Tiny car creating ripples? Sure thing (6,9) RACING CERTAINTY {TINY+CAR+CREATING}*
17 Crow gobbler-cat? (3-3) TOM-TOM {TOM}-{TOM}
18 Run crossing large snake (5) ADDER {lADDER}
22 Virtuous if born during mass (6) HONEST {HO{NE}ST} Born=ne? See comments
23 Very big changes in direction between lower and higher breeze (4,4) DUCK SOUP {DUCK}{OS<=}{UP} 
24 Scroll having pictures of scholar with robe (8) MAKIMONO {MA}{KIMONO}
25 Correspondence acceptable for a chaste environment (6) PURITY {P(-a+U}RITY}


1 The Reverend's wee might appears via media (6,3) MIDDLE WAY Anno not clear See comments. Spooner's Widdle May = Middle Way 
2 Blooming rose to court female, favourite in advances (6) OFFERS {ROSE}* around {F}{F}
3 Basis of summer, spring and fall (5) SLOPE {Summer}{LOPE}
4 Ford deleted in alternate sequences in film (5-3) CROSS-CUT {CROSS}-{CUT}
5 Perhaps roti, and oven primarily described (8) TANDOORI {ROTI+AND+Oven}* &lit
6 Type of stone pan (5) SLATE (DD)
8 Term for God who heals right away (4,3,4,2) FROM THE WORD GO {TERM+FOR+GOD+WHO}*
13 Change tune, after a time, had to weaken (9) ATTENUATE {A}{T}{TUNE*}{ATE}
15 Bold appeal, taking new pride in revolution (8) INTREPID {I{N}T}{PRIDE*}
16 Review features faulty point in initiative (8) GUMPTION {MUG<=}{POINT*}
19 Mollify agitated maids overcoming resistance (6) DISARM {MAIDS}* around {R}
20 Lawyer in play now (5) TODAY {TO{DA}Y}
21 Play after school to make out (5) SCOPE ? {S}{COPE} See comments


  1. 1 The Reverend's wee might appears via media (6,3) MIDDLE WAY Anno not clear

    Wee: WIDDLE = Urine, Might = MAY

    1. This is better: Wee= Urine = WIDDLE.

    2. No wonder I didn't get it. I am not fond of the Reverend's ways :-)

  2. 21 Play after school to make out (5) SCOPE ? S+COPE

  3. While we are used to née = born, we also have né meaning "originally called; born (used before the name by which a man was originally known).
    "Al Kelly, né Kabish" (Net search result)

    1. Just checked Chambers which gives
      NE as (of a man) born, used in giving the original name of a titled man
      NEE as (of a woman) born, used in stating a woman's maiden name

  4. The usual excellent puzzle from xChequer

    12 Work in plaster of Paris finally firm, covering removed from the back (6) STUCCO {STUCk}{CO}

    I had this as S + CO outside CUT <=

  5. A toughie..missed out on makimono, ducksoup & middleway despite having all the crossings..
    Thanks all for the annos..such puzzles hone your skills & gives you confidence that you can tackle almost all puzzles!
    Thanks Xchequer

  6. 23A: How to get DUCK?
    16D: GUM from features? Why?
    1D: Role of appears?

    1. 23a: duck: lower as one ducks/ lowers head against a bouncer​.
      16d: mug reversed /review is gum. Mug: features

  7. 1D- See comments above.
    'appears' indicates spoonerism, by which, Widdle May' becomes 'Middle way'.
    I think by extension Gum is taken to be a feature like chin, nose etc.
    I am 'ducking' the third and expect clarification.

    1. Mug=feature(face)
      Review mug=gum<

  8. You don't get duck separately. Duck soup is an easily accomplished task- Breeze.
    Lower- duck?
    higher- Up
    Very big- OS=<

  9. This is the stuff that cryptic puzzles are made of ! I am personally averse to deletions and replacement of letters , much less the Reverend Spoone'rs wily ways !

    DUCK SOUP was not a breeze, MAKIMONO had to be scrolled out !

    EXchequer in his beguiling best !!