Sunday, 9 April 2017

The Sunday Crossword, Sunday 09 Apr 2017

1   Put down rook and leave pawn in discomfort (7,5) WRITERS CRAMP {WRITE}{R}{S CRAM}{P}
9   Busy part of year, heading off with self-confidence (2,3,2) ON THE GO {mONTH}{EGO}
10 Working group going round a province (7) ONTARIO {ON}{T{A}RIO}
11 Cover evidence without pressure (4) ROOF pROOF
12 Control bound to restrict herd is abandoned (10) LEADERSHIP {HERD+IS}* in {LEAP}
14 Brave humour by labourer carrying stone (9) WITHSTAND {WIT}{H{ST}AND}
16 Sentimental Greek character, not bold (5) MUSHY {MU}{SHY}
17 Fruit, not right with a type of cheese (5) GOUDA {GOUrD}{A}
18 Renewal of lease isn't necessary (9) ESSENTIAL*
20 Unclear about answer with knowledge left wrongly (10) MISTAKENLY {MIST{A}{KEN}{L}Y}
22 Join in immense amusement (4) SEAM [T]
24 Engineer elected to cut very large roots (7) ORIGINS {O{RIG}{IN}S}
25 Maintain mature standard (7) AVERAGE {AVER}{AGE}
26 Bored, having seen tide turn at sea (12) UNINTERESTED*

1   Definitely not having grill (7,8) WITHOUT QUESTION {WITHOUT} {QUESTION}
2   Piece of news for couple (4) ITEM [DD]
3   Clear river, catching single rodent (9) EXONERATE {EX{ONE}{RAT}E}
4   Expression after opening of silver foil? (5) SWORD {Si...r}{WORD}
5   Payment to keep quality up with electronic withdrawal (10) RETIREMENT {MERIT}{E}<= in {RENT}
6   Island suffering harm as navy tired (7,8) MARTHAS VINEYARD*
7   Regret very end of bitter quarrel (6) SORROW {SO}{b...eR}{ROW}
8   Politician with line admitted to modest yield (6) COMPLY {CO{MP}{L}Y}
13 Increase distortion of case with language about love (10) ESCALATION {CASE*}{LATI{O}N}
15 Anger in place in complaint (9) DISPLEASE {DIS{PL}EASE}
17 Heartless mob in prison caper (6) GAMBOL {GA{MoB}OL}
19 Weak shell of elegant mollusc (6) LIMPET {LIMP}{El...nT}
21 Result, guarantee having run out (5) ENSUE ENSUrE
23 Impression derived from study over time (4) DENT {DEN}{T}


  1. Submissions invited for the Sunday specials as my kitty is empty

    1. Shall send in a couple which are almost ready by Thursday/Friday..shall be travelling early part of next week..

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    Links are more easily visible. Thank you.