Saturday, 15 April 2017

No 11982, Saturday 15 Apr 2017, The Phantom


8   Caught one at leg-gully (6) CANYON {C}{ANY}{ON}
9   Strange reaction after one becomes chemically unreactive matter (5,3) INERT GAS {I}{STRANGE}*
10 A missing supplement found in measure of sugar (8) DEXTROSE {D{EXTRa}OSE}
11 I love to eat after one (6) IODINE {I}{O}{DINE}
12 What redneck's harbouring is ill-will (6) HATRED (T)
13 Leaving out a form of exercise? (8) SKIPPING (DD)
15 Nothing paid for with permission (7) ALLOWED {ALL}{OWED}
17 Enraged, in other words provoked (7) ANGERED {ENRAGED*}
20 Bottle of jam (8) PRESERVE (DD)
22 Excellent lodges being regularly chosen for meeting (6) PLENUM {PL{bEiNg}UM}
23 Carpet currently not available, I felt a tad upset (6) TATAMI {{I}{MAT}{A}{Tad}}<=
25 Being courteous European carries Italian lady's coat (8) POLITELY {POL{IT}E}{LadY}
26 Travellers by trains often accommodated by brokers? (8) TOURISTS {TOU{tRaInS}TS}
27 Common sense, idiot possesses perhaps? Just the opposite! (6) SANITY {SA{NIT}Y}


1   Opening batsman at sea, beaten by delivery in this game? (8) BASEBALL {Batsman}{SEA*}{BALL}
2   Cryptic from earliest "Times" found in setter's grave! (10) MYSTERIOUS {MY}{S{Times}ERIOUS}
3   Modern path to progress (6) INROAD {IN}{ROAD}
4   Complaint got from seaside resorts (7) DISEASE {SEASIDE}*
5   Mockery of judgement to include right for crooked leader (8) DERISION {DE(-c+R}ISION}
6   Con missing the last piece of jewellery (4) STUD {STUDy}
7   About a gunner at heart working for artillery (6) CANNON {C}{A}{guNNer}{ON}
14 Avoiding pressure can girl hide, at no time returning? (10) PREVENTING {P}{NEVER<=}{TIN}{G}
16 The oldest ateliers were different (8) EARLIEST{ATELIERS}*
18 Oriental character gets fair treatment (8) EQUALITY {E}{QUALITY}
19 Fairly loud base during audition creates disturbance (7) TEMPEST ? (Addendum - {TE{MP}{E}ST} - See comments)
21 Warrant for arresting leader of mutiny (6) REASON {tREASON}
22 Oil's processed in Philippines to get wax (6) POLISH {P{OILS*}H}
24 A worry when men fall out of line (4) AWRY {A}{WorRY}



  1. 19D- I had 'Test' for audition, but could not parse EMP (from loud base?)

    1. I am not sure. But it might be T[EMP]EST where EMP stands for electromagnetic pulse.

  2. Enjoyed the lovely surface for 1D.

  3. Replies
    1. Never in his wildest dreams Mr Walker would have thought someone will address him with the G word😀

    2. and the Phantom's alter ego was knighted yesterday by Dr.X!

  4. Why only 5 appearances ? On a Saturday?

    A new take on I for Iodine ! 16 across: ALL OWED = nothing paid is cute ! similarly,ANGERED is a favourite amongst compilers as it has variants in DERANGE< ENRAGED. Again , CON = study is a CON -decoy clue as mostly a solver thinks of CON as = cheating

    All in all, an excellent piece of creation from Phantom.

  5. 'I' enjoyed. Yes, Allowed, skipping, baseball were good too.


  6. PS: 21 across: A small niggle: Where is the indicator for dropping T from treason for warrant= REASON? Why leader of mutiny? Again, INROAD- 3 down: doesn't it mean encroaching or raiding?So why progress?

    1. Arresting (stopping) is the deletion Ind.

    2. In mutiny = treason t is the leader hence t dropped.

    3. Hi Raju! Ref--Chambers

      advance, progress, encroachment, foray, impingement, incursion, intrusion, trespassing, invasion, irruption, onslaught, attack, assault, offensive, charge, raid, sally, sortie, trespass

    4. Thanks, Doc !
      MB: How T is the leader in Mutiny? isn't it M? Again, Mutiny+ Treason . Isn't it too much of a stretch?

    5. One of the meanings given for treason (Free Dic.) is mutiny. So, I guess it should be okay.

    6. My mistake. The post should have been....Mutiny = Treason...In treason t is the leader etc...! :)

  7. Lovely puzzle!
    Thanks Mr. Walker for the entertainment
    BTW, got to read a strip of Phantom comics which appears in Mumbai Mirror daily. I think it is now being written by Lee Falk's son.
    Anybody still reading them?

  8. I see the series appearing in Deccan Chronicle- all editions (available free on line if you are interested). Sometimes I peep in.

    1. Shall certainly take a look..
      Also DC has a cryptic crossword..a tad easy I thought

    2. Not a cryptic- a quick one which follows the one that appears in TH but a few months behind.

  9. Would 'walker' or someone else clear EMP of Tempest? Or is KKR right?

    1. Paddy,

      You are right about "test"= audition. You know when in doubt with my puzzles refer most of the times for abbreviations used. In the clue you can now find out the words for which abbrs are used and refer.

    2. Anno for Fairly loud base = MPE or EMP is still not clear

    3. Check MP and E in

    4. Isn't MP (Mezzo Piano) fairly soft and not fairly loud? I had same doubts about 21D also. Otherwise liked the puzzle.

    5. Check comment @ 2.48 and 3.57. What's the doubt re 21D?

    6. Hi!

      mp = mezzo piano which is somewhat louder than piano but softer than forte hence fairly loud (or moderately soft, either being correct)

      e = base as in the the mathematical constant e which is the base of all natural logarithms also known as the Euler's number

    7. I mean why discuss when the source referred to is given? MP is there in as is E= base

    8. to make it easy:, gives

      1 Member of Parliament. 2 Eng Metropolitan Police. 3 a Military Police; b military police officer. 3 mounted police.

      mp abbreviation 1 (also m.p.) melting point. 2 music mezzo piano, fairly loud.