Wednesday, 26 April 2017

No 11991, Wednesday 26 Apr 2017, Neyartha

7   Revolutionary yoga visual from an European country (10) YUGOSLAVIA*
9   See 4 Dn. (4)
10 Attack the dangerous blue boar (8) BELABOUR*
11 Charged after losing the opener and got confused (6) ADDLED sADDLED
12 Continental representation in the Olympics? (5) RINGS [CD]
13 Divert returning vehicle to get rid of carbon in the atmosphere (9) SUBLIMATE {BUS<=}{cLIMATE}
14 Cooking vessel for a ship (7) STEAMER [DD]
17 Contemplate auctioning part of the elevated land expanse (7) PLATEAU [T]
20 Forecasting expert to name revolutionary behind the inn (9) PROPHETIC {PRO}{PH}{CITE<=} PH = Public House
22 Measure of potential difference in audition for an Olympic event (5) VAULT (~volt)

25 Son's at the wrong place with the jokers of the universe (6) COSMIC CO(+s)SMIC(-s)
26 Unfair to have the rug flown out (8) WRONGFUL*
27 Withered prophet in conversation (4) SERE (~seer)
28 Sibling's lack of resistance to some bacteria threatening nickel extraction (10) STEPSISTER {STrEP}{SIniSTER}

1   Bones of a bird turning up by a river in Hawaii (6) HUMERI {EMU<=}{R} in {HI}
2   (with 16 Dn.) Duty to ring the emergency room after overturned canopy traps student at an Olympic event (5) FLOOR EXERCISE {F{L}OOR<=} {EX{ER}CISE}
3   Books that may attract punitive measures from a library? (7) OVERDUE [CD]
4   (with 9 Ac.) Jump up to receive an artist with lines by the poet (a Democrat's son) at an Olympic event (8) PARALLEL BARS {PA{RA}{LL}EL<=} {BAR(-d+s)S}
5   Alibi demanded and provided in the same place (6) IBIDEM [T]
6   Teenager at sea gets a beverage (8) GREEN TEA The enu be (5,3)
8   Going down Memory Lane? Earache might result if the directions are missed (7) OTALGIA nOsTALGIA
15 Jack, a bridge player, gets introduced to a large flatfish on an aircraft (8) TURBOJET {J}{E} in {TURBOT}
16 See 2 Dn. (8)
18 Rushes to secure gallium for making a crowd dispersal aid (4,3) TEAR GAS {TEAR {GA}S}
19 Hybrid milkweed's first leaf was plucked out around Wednesday (7) MIDWEEK MIlKWEED*
21 (with 24 Dn.) The Frenchmen follow a river with the Spanish animal to get to an Olympic event (6) POMMEL HORSE {PO}{MM}{EL} {HORSE}
23 Tree used to make wreaths of honour for a slapstick comedian (6) LAUREL [DD]
24 See 21 Dn. (5)


  1. Thanks Neyartha.
    I am thankful also to the Hindu that I am able to see the grid exactly 00.01 hrs for the last two days. I used to see the paper online earlier when I was in Kuwait.
    I hope they continue this practice for the benefit of overseas solvers.

  2. Neyartha seems to be busy with Olympic Games! Any reasons for this special?

  3. Sooooooooo happy- as if I have won a Gold Medal, not just a samosa.
    Probably one of easier ones from Neyartha. Thank you.
    Nice blogging of events.

  4. A small niggle-
    Yugoslavia does not exist as a country today. Should there have been an indication?

  5. The number of of hits dwindling day by day? Is there any pattern that perhaps CV can see? Does it relate to the compiler and his tricks? Today, it is only three including Paddy's two and me. MIDWEEK is the reason for the lack of numbers?

    Isn't green tea enumeration 5,3 ? I liked the construction that led up to OTALGIA.

    I personally get vexed when double- worded clues are separated .

    Neyartha gave us a Neiyappam today. Better than Samosa ?

  6. Green tea IS (5,3).
    Yes, for such a nice CW from Neyartha I too expected better participation. I thought I was too early along with KKR- but now? Is it only participation or is it solving? Because, once you solve you are curious to peep in and comment.

    1. The print edition shows correct enu i.e. 5,3 for Green Tea.

  7. Nice puzzle!
    Number of dwindling comments is worrisome..Many regulars are missing.

  8. Maybe the absence of setters is a reason

    1. Absence of setters? solvers are the ones who fill up the scene. Suresh, pl elucidate. Thanks.

    2. There was a time when a lot of setters were active on the blog.

      They are not to be seen now.