Thursday, 6 April 2017

No 11974, Thursday 06 Apr 2017, Vulcan

1   Guy growing old in the US, surviving (8) MANAGING {MAN}{AGING}
5   Pope upset with an article in French magazine (6) PEOPLE {POPE}*{LE}
10 Yes, try and end spreading this disease (9) DYSENTERY {YES+TRY+END}*
11 Part of Supreme Court’s directions (5) SCENE {SC}{ENE}
12 Artist's fight with depression doesn't come to an end (6) WARHOL {WAR}{HOLe}
13 Awful and dangerous (7) CHRONIC [DD]
14 Harry stops to buy gin, maybe it's an indication (8) SIGNPOST {GIN}* in {STOPS}*
15 Snakes you see in summers? (6) ADDERS [DD]
18 Indifference in a way associated with youngsters originally (6) APATHY {A}{PATH}{Yo...s}
20 Expert considered as sincere (8) PROFOUND {PRO}{FOUND}
22 Treaty, perhaps best one to stop initiations in nuclear trials coming about (4,3) TEST BAN {BEST}*{A} in {Nu...r}{Tr...S}<= &lit
25 Pop group's extremely crazy official site? (6) ABBACY {ABBA}{CrazY}
27 Rest of this ultimately is found in the source (5) ROOST {ROO{thiS}T}
28 Certain it is complex and difficult (9) INTRICATE*
29 Promote editor backed by English writer (6) DEEPEN {ED<=}{E}{PEN}
30 Quiet street — it's supposed to be without a sidewalk (8) PAVEMENT {P}{AVE}{MEaNT}

1   Style seen in Morrison's first poem (4) MODE {Mo...n}{ODE}
2   Sadly lost again in longing for the past (9) NOSTALGIA*
3   Comfortable up in an aircraft! (7) GUNSHIP {SNUG<=}{HIP}
4   Provokes the leader of Syria, it's unnecessary (8) NEEDLESS {NEEDLES}{Sy..a}
6   Guaranteed to stop accepting new user (7) ENSURED {EN{USER}*D}
7   Enclosure outside racecourse, empty and clean (5) PREEN {P{Ra...sE}EN}
8   Trained duty doctor basically around emergency room (9) EXERCISED {EX{ER}CISE}{Do...r}
9   Disturbance in NYC's harmony (4) SYNC*
14 Shocked, setter had messed up (9) SHATTERED*
16 Aunt and niece funny and articulate (9) ENUNCIATE* {AUNT+NIECE}*
17 Design a menu, for starters included in meal (5,3) CREAM TEA {CREA{Menu} TE}{A}
19 Colour houses, pretty and regular (7) HABITUE {H{A}{BIT}UE}
21 Upset after month gets hot (7) FEBRILE {FEB}{RILE}
23 Composition of small muscles (5) SCORE {S}{CORE}
24 Catch is, it moves slowly after starting (4) NAIL sNAIL
26 Left wearing favourite coat (4) PELT {PE{L}T}


  1. Nice puzzle..sw corner posed a bit of a problem with habitue loi..thanks Vulcan & Col

  2. Only Vasant's comment and a spam at 11'O clock!
    Where have all gone?
    We had sync & needless a couple of days back- it seems there are some common favorites.
    3D- hip from in?
    We had 'elevenses' as a meal and today 'cream tea'- we seem to be getting on to a diet!

  3. I am very much here to participate. NEEDLESS is becoming tooo commonplace a clue among the setters.Don't ask me, Didn't like SCENE. TEST BAN is an unusual. We need more of such.

    Riled by the heat here in April ! Very FEBRILE!!!

  4. Nice puzzle. Found SE corner tough to tackle. Missed out on FEBRILE, ABBACY and CREAM TEA. Was confused with Green tea, China tea, Cream tea etc!
    My COD was 30Ac PAVEMENT.
    Thank you, Vulcan.

  5. Spam removal, which has subsequently been done.