Monday, 17 April 2017

No 11983, Monday 17 Apr 2017, Spinner

1   One who fires arm alertly in rioting (12) ARTILLERYMAN*
10 Amplifier takes in unprocessed sound initially, giving processed sound (5) MUSIC {M{Un...d}{So,,d}IC}
11 Confession/Announcement — Young lady with Spinner's happening! (9) ADMISSION {AD}{MISS}{I}{ON}
12 Walk slowly on wood (6) LUMBER [DD]
13 Royal heir's corporation covered by media (8) PRINCESS {PR{INC}ESS}
15 Traditional girl caught between changing Indian culture and long-established roots (9) CLASSICAL {LASS} in {Ch...g}{In...n}{Cu...e}{And}{Long}
16 Revolutionary America is anxious to overcome eastern territory (4) ASIA [T<=]
20 Rebel leader very upset with governance, ultimately revolted (4) ROSE {Re..l}{SO<=}{g...cE}
21 Chisellers making small bowl engraved with large hills (9) SCULPTORS {S}{CU{L}P}{TORS}
24 Release writer caught between sides by mistake (8) DISPENSE {DIS{PEN}SE*}
26 Two units of Nitrogen flushed through gas pipe (6) FUNNEL {FU{NN}EL}
28 Friend touring in Monaco gains some pounds (9) COMPANION {Po...s} in {MONACO+IN}* 
29 Ages with poise, reportedly (5) GREYS (~grace)
30 Aren't Germans made for orchestration? (12) ARRANGEMENTS*

2   Looks like royal company's a Knight short! (9) RESEMBLES {R}{EnSEMBLES}
3   India cares about energy expansion (8) INCREASE {IN}{CARES*}{E}
4   Do nothing, being extremely lazy fool (4) LOAF {Lazy}{OAF}
5   Sensational reel unfolds, featuring maiden, ship & sailor (10) REMARKABLE {RE{M}{ARK}{AB}LE*}
6   Thinking without using head? Funny! (6) MUSING aMUSING
7   Interference is getting in the way of one broadcast (5) NOISE {NO{IS}E*}
8   Section of prism allows light (5) SMALL [T]
9   University's decorated alumnus has no money? That's strange! (7) UNUSUAL {U}{ALUmNUS}*
14 Spinner's nous is fantastic in debate (10) DISCUSSION {DISC}{NOUS+IS}*
17 Hardest cryptic set at the end of sequence, with setter showing no love (9) STRONGEST {STR(-i+o)ONG}{SET*} 'No love'? See comments
18 Anticipate direct runs after a bit of passing (7) PREDICT {Pa...g}{DIRECT}*
19 Toil and bust guts to overcome setter finally, getting unbounded joy (8) STRUGGLE {ST{s...eR}UG*}{LovE} (Correction - {ST{s...eR}UG*}{GLEe} - See comments)
22 Fix up extremely reconcilable couple (6) REPAIR {Re...lE}{PAIR}
23 Slab collapses, primarily triggered by explosion (5) BLAST {SLAB}*{Tr...d}
25 Country's savoury dish short of a pinch of salt (5) SAMOA SAMOsA
27 Stick needle partially into joint (4) KNEE [T]



  1. Spinner reminding us about the Samosa about which we have not heard for a long time

    1. Gayatri's delicious savoury (6)

  2. Yes, had samosa of a different kind. Enjoyable as ever from Spinner. His spin today contains many variations, some which were well disguised.
    17D- "Setter showing no love" leads to O replacing I?

    1. Thanks Paddy ji. 17D is an oversight on my part - The final draft of the clue read -
      Hardest cryptic set at the end of sequence, without setter showing love (9).
      I think I sent in an older version.

    2. Thank you for the clarification, Srivathsan.

  3. Setter himself has an 'admission' that it is 'classical','remarkable','strongest', well 'scupt'ed, and we may have to 'struggle', do some 'repair' here and there and in general have a blast.
    Thank you.

  4. I had 19 D {ST{setteR}UG*}{gLEe}

    1. Yes, unbounded leads to deletion of ends.

    2. Unbounded can also mean without bounds or without ends

    3. Yes, Sir. In addition to that one of the meanings given in Freedic is...
      Free, unattached etc. Maybe here unattached looks ok to delete the last letter in Glee?!

    4. I intended it the way MB has parsed it. GLEE for joy, with unbounded indicating the end be removed.

  5. It was bit of a 19Dn in SE corner otherwise had an enjoyable and smooth ride. Nice fare to start the week with samosas! Thank you, Spinner.

  6. Well spun, Spinner ! Liked 29 across immensely. Beautiful and graceful and elegant as an ageing lady !Most of the answers fell pat automatically and then correctly parsed.

  7. Lovely off spinners, a few doosras, arm ball et al..loved the whole some offering..Thanks Spinner

  8. Is Spinner telling us something in 11a? ;)

    1. Trust Incognito to read messages in clues!!
      Only Spinner can confirm
      (though the message is not as overt as Cryptonyte's proposal)

    2. If so, let us wish him the the Best of Luck!

    3. Fiction is my favourite genre.

    4. But, fact, my friend, is stranger than fiction many times