Friday, 28 April 2017

No 11993, Friday 28 Apr 2017, Arden

1   Room for tourist- one's out of this world... (5,9) SPACE TRAVELLER {SPACE} {TRAVELLER}
10 ...sore with filthy lucre (5) ULCER*
11 Passed a law on ladies accommodation (9) LEGALISED {LEG}{LADIES*}
12 It took four of them to win over the French (7) BEATLES {BEAT{LE}S} &lit (Correction - {BEAT}{LES} - See comments)
13 Trilled a tune, rejected a drink (7) SANGRIA {SANG}{AIR<=}
14 Bull- meaning found in the dictionary (5) EDICT [T]
16 At risk only when most of it is well covered (2,4,3) ON THIN ICE [CD] (Addendum - {O}{N {THINg} ICE} - See comments)
19 "Live wire will gain altitude", says Spooner (9) HIGHFLYER {Spooned from FLY HIGHER}
20 Throw fish outside one of the Windows (5) EXPEL {E{XP}EL}
22 Bandicoot will shed its coat over a period (4,3) MOLE RAT {MOL{E RA}T}
25 Not overcome by experience (7) UNDERGO {UNDER}{GO}
27 Blackball Brown- meaning bring Tom in (9) RUSTICATE {RUST}{I{CAT}E}
28 New song, "Return the money" (5) NAIRA {N}{ARIA<=}
29 Correct if royalists act in an acceptable way (14) SATISFACTORILY*

2   Promo for a girl getting ready to travel outside... (9) PACKAGING {PACK{A}{G}ING}
3   ...girl to sing? (5) CAROL [DD]
4   Stop a politician like in 19, it's unbelievable (4,5) TALL STORY Definition by example? (Addendum - {Spooners STALL TORY - See comments)
5   Protection for American soldier as water rises around him (5) AEGIS {GI} in {SEA<=}
6   It grows in a gentle fashion (9) EGLANTINE*
7   Change of heart- afterwards becomes light (5) LASER LA(-t+s)SER
8   Issue price assumes a small dimension (7) RADIATE {R{A}{DIA}TE} (Correction - {RA{DIA}TE} - See comments)
9   Mutter and grope as male goes for female (6) MUMBLE (-f+m)MUMBLE
15 They prevent you falling overboard when rafts fail to function (9) TAFFRAILS*
17 Fierce, tense, turn blue mysteriously (9) TURBULENT {T}{TURN+BLUE}*
18 Just an admission, but it's contradictory (9) IMPARTIAL {I'M}{PARTIAL} &lit
19 It's in hand, the drone will definitely go up (7) HUMERUS {HUM}{SURE<=}
21 Brush can retrace 50%, not 50 (6) LOOFAH {LOO}{HAlF<=}
23 Inclination to include an unknown composer (5) LISZT {LIS{Z}T}
24 Starts training in April, racing ahead for the crown (5) TIARA Acrostic
26 He pays for entrance, anonymously (5) DONOR {DO{N}OR} Anonymously = Without Name



  1. 16 At risk only when most of it is well covered (2,4,3) ON THIN ICE [CD]

    Unable to get the meaning for ON ICE but I think the anno is ON ICE around THINg

    1. {O}{N {THIN(-g)}ICE}
      Only = O
      most of it = THIN(-g)
      well = NICE
      covered = Indicator for encapsulation

    2. On ice means all is well. Anno will change accordingly

  2. 18 Just an admission, but it's contradictory (9) IMPARTIAL {I'M}{PARTIAL} &lit

    How do we get PARTIAL?

    1. Only from the crossings. Maybe some other indication is required

    2. IMPARTIAL is contrary to I'M PARTIAL

    3. Admission is an indicator

    4. Leaving aside JUST which is the def how do we get PARTIAL (if we dont have JUST = IMPARTIAL)?

    5. Just is the def. I don't see a problem

    6. You get partial only when you have impartial. Admission is I'M. That's all we have. We dont know the answer before solving, so how to get partial unless there's an ind.

    7. You have just. You know that the answer begins with Im. And also that read separately the indication would be the opposite of just.

      Of course, including me would get it only from crossings. I am just justifying how it is possible even without crossings.

    8. You may need to insert the commas at appropriate places to make sense of what I wrote.
      Richard, where r u.

    9. That's not what I meant. You should be able to get it w/o Xings.

    10. That is what the first paragraph of my comment does.
      The def being 'just' rather than 'contradictory'. The clue wants a confession (or admission), which would give the opposite meaning to the definition. So you begin with Im.Look for words beginning with Im which mean 'just'. There are not many and the first which comes to mind is impartial.

    11. We'll leave it at that. It's not convincing.

    12. but -> just.
      its contradictory -> partial

  3. 19a works well (maybe better) without the Spoonerism

    1. How?..stall tory & tall story require spoonerism indicator

    2. My question was with reference to Suresh's comment

    3. Spoonerism is required for 4D, not for 19A

  4. Replies
    1. It's right MB. Initially I too had a doubt.
      Rate (Price) assumes A & Dia. (small for diametre) So R(A DIA)ATE

    2. I think it should be {R(A)(DI)ATE}
      Enu is 7. Yours has 8. :)

    3. Yes, my count is wrong. Your first one looks to be right- Di for small dimension.

    4. My mistake the anno should be {RA{DIA}TE}

  5. I have a doubt about Beatles. Where does the S come from? To win over is only beat.

  6. Thank you Ramesh. (Yes Les Miserables is an old classic)
    So, one one more variable for the French!

  7. Arden at his simplest best. Use of Windows as XP is superb.

    May I humbly request the colour expert here to please use sharp contrasts , especially for the words comments and Grid? I almost panicked when I couldn't read these words and thought I am to miss doing the crossword today. Barclays contrast ofdark blue against white will be fine. Thanks.