Sunday, 23 April 2017

The Sunday Crossword No 2940, Sunday 23 Apr 2017

TH has resumed the numbering again. Didn't notice if it was there last week.

1   Gangster without assistance seizing crown (2,6) AL CAPONE {AL {CAP}ONE}
5   Direct debit cutting very large price (4) ODDS {O{DD}S}
10 Cheat turning to automatic machine (5) ROBOT {ROB}{TO<=}
11 Convey elevation in case (9) CARTRIDGE {CART}{RIDGE}
12 Writes about river safari, initially poor (9) PENNILESS {PEN{NILE}S}{Sa...i}
13 Popular point about English being awkward (5) INEPT {IN}{E}{PT}
14 Go for it, needing that leg-up, keen to work (4,3,6) TAKE THE PLUNGE*
17 Angry protests after damage outside new buildings (13) CONSTRUCTIONS {CO{N}ST}{RUCTIONS}
21 Some now energetic in retirement begin again (5) RENEW [T<=]
22 Distance after day covered by game bird (9) GOLDFINCH {GOL{D}F}{INCH}
24 Explain concern, not small, about public relations (9) INTERPRET {INTEREsT} around {PR}
25 Cross island with speed (5) IRATE {I}{RATE}
26 Chatters, getting power in voice back (4) YAPS {YA{P}S<=}
27 Left chosen ground, beginning to seek monster's abode? (4,4) LOCH NESS {L}{CHOSEN}*{Seek}

1   Brisk sailor with routine, quietly absorbed (6) ABRUPT {AB}{RU{P}T}
2   Group in government showing it can be complicated (7) CABINET*
3   Role involving a prank, worry for actor (7,7) PATRICK STEWART {P{A}{TRICK} {STEW}ART}
4   Hour during pleasant recess (5) NICHE {NIC{H}E}
6   Failure with information about old resentment (7) DUDGEON {DUD}{GE{O}N}
7   Time put into search over half of area in plant (5,3) SWEET PEA {SWEE{T} P}{arEA}
8   Be successful mostly on court in view (8) PROSPECT {PROSPEr}{CT}
9   Official threat shaking strong belief (7,2,5) ARTICLE OF FAITH*
15 Violent behaviour almost embraced in test (8) THUGGERY {T{HUGGEd}RY}
16 Shortage having lasting effect on urban area (8) SCARCITY {SCAR}{CITY}
18 Constant drama, north and south, before summit (3-4) NON-STOP {NO}{N}-{S}{TOP}
19 Soldier perhaps in secure state capital (5,2) SANTA FE {S{ANT}A FE}
20 Layers in places drilled by man (6) SHEETS {S{HE}ETS}
23 Learner with excessive love for game (5) LOTTO {L}{OTT}{O}


  1. Special at 10:30 by KKR. Someone please keep a watch as I will not be around

    1. ... and I have the IXL-13 Rado 😀

    2. Had to google for Tissot T
      With the advent of cell phones, wrist watches have become outdated..hardly see anyone wearing them..

    3. I will be watching up to some time as the time of release of my special will be 12.00 midnight.

    4. If you "hardly see", go for another eye test and change glasses, if need be.

    5. Ha..ha..CV Sir in a "punish" mood

  2. I was thinking that watches are getting bigger and bolder (like a thavva) and more visible on people's wrists.

  3. The numbers were there last week. They used the same number for the crossword as well as the sol grid, not realising that the sol was that of the previous week's.