Friday, 6 July 2018

No 12362, Friday 06 Jul 2018, Neyartha

Today being Friday only the blank clues will be posted. All those who are not regular commenters but who are rookie commenters or silent followers of the blog are requested to post answers with annotations in the comments section. In your own interest please avoid looking up the answers from the interactive version. Don't hesitate to post your annotations, in case you make a mistake someone will correct it with the right annotation.

Each commenter is requested to post only 5 answers till 2 PM thereby giving others also a chance to participate. Please provide all your answers in one comment.

The regular blog will replace the clues at 2 PM after which anyone is free to comment.

It's all about the top today! Plus some forgettable new words.

1   Animal sent back with a sacred chant into a compartment to get to an underground tunnel (8) CATACOMB {CA{CAT<=}{OM}B}
5   A position of power and control? (6) SADDLE [CD]
9   Revolutionary orator troubled after catching the model with the Yankee (8) ROTATORY {RO{T}ATOR*}{Y}
10 Speaker's insensitive to the bony tissue (6) CALLUS (~callous)
11 Production featuring the island leader (male) troubling people deliberately (8-6) MISCHIEF-MAKING {M{IS}{CHIEF} {M}AKING} IS for Island?
14 Durga bleached part of the pitched roof end (5) GABLE [T]
16 Cut the chance after the Middle Easterner boards an old bus (9) CHARABANC {CH{ARAB}ANCe}
17 Circulate the revolutionary Greek letter after the silver brace is put in front (9) PROPAGATE {AG}{ETA<=} after {PROP}
19 Clean one for a new beginning (5) SLATE [CD]
20 An impressive natural winter spectacle in the Arctics (8,6) NORTHERN LIGHTS [CD]
23 Gave a bonus to Henry for the model of a particular roof type (6) HIPPED (-t+h)HIPPED
24 Pine cones found in a Bristol construction by yours truly (8) STROBILI {BRISTOL}*{I}
25 Communicates, via VoIP, the contents of the risky pesticide (6) SKYPES [T]
26 Animal group found in front of a bishop's seat by a taxpayer (8) ASSESSEE {ASSES}{SEE}

1   Check the swelling on the horse's leg (4) CURB [DD]
2   Wrong attitude after a German website is rendered inaccessible for showing a passage for the whole choir (5) TUTTI aTTITUde*
3   Reportedly assist with an act to stimulate the skin around a nail (7) CUTICLE (~cue){CU}{TICLE}(~tickle)
4   Maiden with gold on top of the damaged Irish car's seat with an adjustable back (6,5) MORRIS CHAIR {M}{OR}{IRISH+CAR}*
6   Leaders of the Andean territory assisting cowboys analysing mirages around the desert (7) ATACAMA Acrostic
7   Ambiguous mail received by the English drivers after a boy from the south finds a religious leader (5,4) DALAI LAMA {A}{LAD}<={MAIL}*{A} A/English Driver
8   Ranks of some soldiers framing the odd swing with burning incense (10) ENSIGNCIES {SwInG} in {INCENSE}*
12 Whips and markers placed around the Spanish behind schedule (11) FLAGELLATES {FLAG{EL}{LATE}S}
13 Bring up heroic tale about a vessel with a ruffian after getting rid of the good flowering plant (10) AGAPANTHUS {AGA{PAN}{THUg}S<=}
15 Life story revealed by a lawyer — one picked out from a list of references (9) BIOGRAPHY BIbliOGRAPHY
18 Manage to have ice at sea (7) ACHIEVE*
19 Italian gentleman replacing silver with gold in the posters (7) SIGNORE SIGN(-ag+or)ORE
21 Errors made by the son sent down to undress (5) TRIPS (-s)TRIP(+s)S
22 Game equipment with the roofing material (4) TILE [DD]

Bhargav's Talepiece

The bouncer and the dancer - Part 81

Maruthu, S the king of MISCHIEF MAKING was found sitting in a MORRIS CHAIR looking like Clark GABLE.

He had been informed that his immediate goal was ACHIEVED.

He turns his eyes towards the TV even as the guy FLAGELLATES the dancer in the song "Pattathu Rani". He is thrilled and wants to add such a dance in HIS Gemini.

Telling his side kick not to PROPAGATE he asks him to arrange for his several TRIPS.

Was he sitting tall on his SADDLE?

Of course!

What happened next?


  1. 19A Slate (DD)
    19D Signore Signage-Ag + Or
    10A Callus (heard as callous)
    6D Atacama (first letters)
    14A Gable (durGA BLEached...)

  2. Neyartha giving rookies/silent followers a tough time today?

  3. 9d rotatory (t & y in orator)
    Model - t
    Yankee - y

    22d tile (CD)

    25d skypes
    Ri skypes ticides

    4d Morris chair
    Maiden - m
    Gold - or in Irish car's

    21d slips. (slip(s))

    1. Tile is a [DD] not [CD]
      4D anno is {M}{OR}{IRISH+CAR}*
      21D is not SLIPS

    2. 6 D Atacama (acrostic)
      7 D mail in aa lad< Dalai Lama
      18 D have ice achieve (anagram)
      21 D -strip+s trips

    3. It would be appreciated if you give your name rather than posting as 'Unknown'

    4. Unknown - What is the problem?
      My real name is not Chatur Vasi but there's name here to my postings.
      Try having an email (Google, Yahoo, any) with a handle.
      Log into that mail and come here.
      When posting choose the relevant mail in the drop down.
      The handle, instead of Unknown, will show up.
      Sorry if this is already known to you and this is redundant.

  4. 19a slate fresh begining start with a clean slate

  5. 23A. Gave a bonus to Henry for the model of a particular ROOF TYPE. HIPPED. -T+H{tipped}.
    13D. Bring up heroic tale about a vessel with a ruffian after getting rid of the good FLOWERING PLANT. AGAPANTHUS. SAGA<= pan {thug}-g.
    15D. LIFE STORY revealed by a lawyer-one picked out from a list of references. BIOGRAPHY. {bibliography}-bli.

  6. 12D. WHIPS and markers placed around the Spanish behind schedule. FLAGELLATES. {flag{el}{late}S}.

  7. 12D) Defn: whips; Soln: {FLAG{EL}{LATE}S}= FLAGELLATES
    Markers = FLAGS; the Spanish = EL; behind schedule = LATE

    24A) Defn: pine cones; Soln: {BRISTOL*+I} = STROBILI
    Anind = construction; I from yours truly

    2D) Defn: passage for the whole choir; Soln: {{ATTITUDE}-{ADE}}* = TUTTI
    German website = ADE; deletion indicator = rendered inaccessible; anind = wrong

    8D) Defn: ranks of some soldiers; Soln: {IN{+SIG}CENSE*} = ENSIGNCIES
    Odd swing = SIG; anind=burning

    21D) Defn: errors ; Soln; {(-S)TRIP(+S)} = TRIPS
    Undress=STRIP; S is from son; movement indicator=sent down

    1. thanks Sree; stand corrected

    2. 2D) Defn: passage for the whole choir; Soln: {{ATTITUDE}{-A}{-DE}}* = TUTTI
      German website = DE; deletion indicator = rendered inaccessible; anind = wrong

  8. IA CATACOMB = underground tunnel,
    CAB is compartment, CAT <= , OM us sacred chant. {CA{CAT <=}{OM}B}

  9. replacement for 12D)
    2D) Defn: skin around a nail; Soln; {{CU}{TICLE}} = CUTICLE
    Assist=CUE; stimulate=TICKLE; homophone indicator = reportedly

  10. 5A. A position of power and control? SADDLE.(CD)

  11. Replacement for 21D)

    10A) Defn: bony tissue; Soln: {CALLUS}
    insensitive = CALLOUS; homophone indicator = speaker

  12. 16A Charabanc = Old bus
    ARAB inside Chance without E

  13. 17a PROPAGATE

    1. Hi I am Chandan from Orissa

    2. 23a HIPPED
      TIPPED with T replaced by H

    3. 15d AGAPANTHUS
      SAGA reversed around PAN+THUg

    4. 24a STROBILI

    5. Chandan the limit is 5 answers per person (in case you are the same who commented with 5 answers at 8:39 above

    6. I did not comment earlier. These are my first comments here. I have been following this blog since a couple of months. I have been solving puzzles for quite some time now.
      Nice blog this.

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    8. Click on edit profile and within that check the box for 'Share my profile'

  14. Replacement for 10A) @9:26
    11A) Defn: troubling people deliberately; Soln: {M(IS(CHIEF)(M)AKING}
    production = MAKING; IS from island; leader=CHIEF; M from male

  15. 1a: catacomb - {ca(act<=)(om)b
    9a: rotatory - {ora(t)tor*{(y)
    4d: morris chair - (m)(or)(irish car*)
    7a: dalai lama - (a lad<=)+(mail*)(a)
    8a: ensigncies - {in(sw̷in̷g)cense*}

  16. 11a Mischief Making
    Island leader - Ischief...Male M
    Production - Making

  17. 7D I think it is LAD <-- + AA around MAIL*

    MAIL* received by AA
    AA = Automobile Association (English drivers possibly?)
    A boy= Lad (A might be considered extraneous?)
    From the South= rev.

    1. I took English drivers as A and A. The first letter of the english alphabet

    2. The clue seemed to work without english drivers. Def just religious leader.
      AA was incorporated in 1905 as a motoring association (for drivers and vehicle owners).

  18. Logging in late after solving yesterday with help from TH on line to get a few new words. I thought there were quite a few references to biology/ botany.
    CGB going strong on Maruthi.

    1. Welcome back Paddy.
      +1 for CGB Sir going strong on Maruti!

    2. Good to see you again Paddy.
      +1 CGB Sir for a great ride on Maruti!

    3. Maruthu indeed look like Clark Gable!Great Sketch!!

    4. I remember Clark Gable as Rhet Butler in Gone With The Wind..particularly in a copy of the book I had and his & Vivien Leigh's pics on the book cover

  19. 11a

  20. Neyartha denied me my Neiyappam today, what with ATACAMA, STROBILI, MORRIS CHAIR, ENSIGNCIES. etc !