Tuesday 21 November 2023

No 14025, Tuesday 21 Nov 2023, Dr. X

Solution to 12A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   Actor flirts with a maiden outrageously (4,4) FILM STAR {FLIRTS+A+M}*
5   Pet in basket, a little present for husband (6) PAMPER (-h+p)PAMPER
10 Truant rattled by master's outburst (7) TANTRUM {TRUANT*}{M}
11 Element or essence of tequila in a rum cocktail (7) URANIUM {teqUila}{IN+A+RUM*}
12 Pick up rupees in bank (5) L?A?N (Addendum - LEARN {LEA{R}N} - See comments)
13 Ordered one book, it's about lexicographer of new words (9) NEOLOGIST {ONE*}{LOG}{ITS*}
14 Unstable situation in hospital managed so far with doc conducting operation (5,2,5) HOUSE OF CARDS {H}{SO+FAR+DOC}* over {USE}
18 Singer in bar hit right note (12) COUNTERTENOR {COUNTER}{R+NOTE}*
21 Passed through old, abandoned ground in road test (9) TRANSITED {IN+RoAD+TEST}*
23 Fellow in squadron is out of shape (5) UNFIT {UN{F}IT}
24 Medicine given for psychological benefit in rank body odour (7) PLACEBO {PLACE}{BO}
25 Model, say, going topless - enthralled by pot (7) PATTERN {PA{uTTER}N}
26 Sheep start to roam around field (6) SPHERE {SHEEP+Roam}*
27 Robbery in hotel conducted by couple exceptionally (8) THIEVERY {T{H}IE}{VERY}

1   Damaged flute is mostly useless (6) FUTILE {FLUTE+Is}*
2   Want a taste of nice tropical fruit (6) LONGAN {LONG}{A}{Nice}
3   Queen in daze with painful problem, getting addicted to a drug (6,3) STRUNG OUT {ST{R}UN}{GOUT}
4   Wonder about revolting misdeed by Tesla's management (14) ADMINISTRATION {ADMI{SIN<=}{T}RATION}
6   Monumental amount to preserve Texas landmark (5) ALAMO [T]
7   Turned tipsier after drinking shots heartily in French city (8) POITIERS {TIPSIER}* over {shOts}
8   Most secluded and calm, getting hold of book in retreat (8) REMOTEST {R{TOME<=}EST}
9   Reason for sinking in water - unable to cope (3,2,4,5) OUT OF ONES DEPTH [C&DD]
15 Flirtatious woman entertaining king is a dish (9) CROQUETTE {C{R}OQUETTE}
16 Leading expert manages to conserve extremely tiny forms of adapted subspecies (8) ECOTYPES {Ex...t}{CO{TinY}PES}
17 Ready to captivate posh boy? Dress showily (3,1,4) CUT A DASH {C{U}T}ADASH (Addendum - {C{U}{TAD}ASH} - See comments)
19 Enfeebled in conclusion, giving up cocaine and ecstasy (6) EFFETE {EFFEcT}{E}
20 The blue films can be disgusting (6) STINKY {S{TIN}KY}
22 Box contains oriental weapon (5) SPEAR {SP{E}AR}

Reference List
Maiden = M, Husband = H, Master = M, Rupees = R, Hospital = H, Right = R, Old = O, Fellow = F, Hotel = H, Queen = R, Tesla = T, King = R, Posh = U, Oriental = E



    Vladimir was in SEVENTH HEAVEN dancing with Anna. His OVERT gestures as a LOVER made his intentions PLAIN AS DAY.

    However when he spotted Mary Jane across the room, his face changed LIKE NOTHING ON EARTH. Surrounded by her team of OGRES, she looked like the female version of OPPENHEIMER, planning the next nuclear holocaust for EXTINCTION of mankind.

    He tried to quickly EXPLORE his options. Excusing himself from Anna, he dragged Mary outside. Under the NEON lights he heard out her GROUSES. Her INEXACT and incoherent words reflected her MOOD. She had caught him in RAUNCHIER situations before, but she knew this was no ordinary FRIENDSHIP between him and Anna.

    To pacify her, he took her to the restaurant across, where he ordered her favourite MORTADELLA with SPEARMINT dip. Using his App, he PROCURED a huge bouquet of HYDRANGEAS and ASTILBES to be delivered to their table. Gently he reminded her of their honeymoon at LE HAVRE, where they had spent 3 full days watching ESPN, which was banned in Russia. And the perfume of ORRISES he had bought her.

    He knew, if her heart ACHE did not subside, he will be viewing RADIOGRAMS of his fractured skull and spine, the next day, with none other than Dr.X.

    Finally on a full stomach, he walked her to his hotel. On the way he NOTATED and sang to her 'Aana Meri Jaan Mary Jane Sunday ke Sunday!' thinking the other 6 days could still be reserved for Anna.
    As he played his 3 rounds of MINESWEEPER, before crashing, he suddenly remembered he had to leave for Abidjaan early next morning.

    What happened next?
    Should we continue with Vladimir or move on to Anna's adventures?

    1. Frankly, I find Vladimir of C G Bhargav is an unpredictable (similar to inspector Crusoe of Pink Panther) and your version is more of a normal man going through ups and downs.
      While I enjoy both versions of Vladimir, CG Bhargav’s “what next” at right time adds the surprise element naturally.

    2. I agree with u.
      I've no natural flair like CGB.
      Plus I try to fit in all the words.
      So the quirkiness is lost.
      Will drop Vladimir from my repertoire hereafter.

    3. Ha ha. In cricket parlance I am a fast bowler and you are a spinner. You may
      turn the story of this fictional character any way you wish! I am a great admirer of your stories with the deft use of the solution words. To each his/her own style!! The more the merrier!

  2. Replies
    1. It's a US derogatory slang. It's primary meaning here(in the slang) is still "small" boy. Not boy.

  3. "OUT OF ONES DEPTH" falls a tad short of the situation Vladimir was in.

    His occasional TANTRUMS had failed and PAMPERINGS aplenty turned FUTILE.
    He felt himself to be UNFIT.

    Ganesh opened the door and was aghast on seeing him. He stopped singing
    Annakili onna theduthae.

    Later he advised his dear friend. Anna, Anna you need to dress like a FILM STAR
    and CUT A DASH. Change the SPHERE of your activities and PATTERN of approach...
    What happened next?

    Anna - brother in Tamil
    Annakili - A Female name
    Onna theduthae - is in search of you

  4. Ha! Vladimir has a brother named Ganesh!! So, obviously Vladimir is a pseudonym. The plot thickens!

  5. I don't think Anna is brother like the relation, instead a colloquial term for a friend. Like 'bro'.

    1. several places meaning will be changed.....in fact, in Marati, they used to call Anna as Father. in Tamil Anna means perfectly elder brother.

    2. Anna in Tamil literally means elder brother. However any elder may be addressed as Anna...

    3. yes. CG sir.....correct. in general other states literally calling as Anna for easy notation.

  6. 12A LEARN = pick up {Rupees, R inside LEAN, bank}

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  8. Dear all
    It has been brought to my notice that my writing about Vladimir was in poor taste and amounts to IP violation.
    I'm really sorry. That was not my intention at all. I just did it for fun and only occasionally. Maybe once a week.
    However, if it was felt otherwise, am sorry.
    Sorry CGB Sir!
    As already mentioned I shan't write about Vladimir ever again.

    1. 'What happened next?' is a waiver of IPR on Vladimir. πŸ™‚

    2. Oh come on. I only know the IP man movies!!!

    3. When my grand daughter was five or six years old my daughter used to tell her stories every other day. Almost after each and sentence she would open her eyes wide and ask 'what happened next?' And this has caught on@@

    4. There is no traces of violation here. please not to give up. Have a gr8 day.

    5. I hope I have not caused the heartburn, if so my apologies.

    6. It's adorable to know how 'what happened next?' caught on. You didn't tell us how long back this was.
      What happened next?