Saturday 4 November 2023

No 14012, Saturday 04 Nov 2023, Arden

9  Give writer a small enclosure (7) PLAYPEN {PLAY}{PEN} 
10 Maybe Diana allowed half hour for a statesman (7) IDAHOAN {IDA{HOur}AN*}
11 Back soldiers before a split (4-3) REAR-END {RE}{A}{REND}
12 Cover outside, make out fast (4,3) LIKE MAD {LI{MAKE*}D}
13 Sign over grassland - "They were Protestant" (9) ORANGEMEN {O{RANGE}MEN}
15 Fish eater taking interest in drug (5) HERON HEROiN
16 Hurried with blockhead, shift, delete (7) BEETLED {Bl...d}{DELETE*}
19 Mentions about English jackets (7) REEFERS {RE{E}FERS}
20 Country in between Argentina, Uruguay (5) NAURU [T]
21 Discharge thrice in the middle of a dance (3-3-3) CHA-CHA-CHA {disCHArge} Thrice
25 In short, a month's work, do come back with an eight footer (7) OCTOPOD {OCT}{OP}{DO<=]
26 Intend to admit a politician of quality (7) CALIBRE {CA{LIB}RE}
28 In Germany sweat bread is lifted, they say (7) STOLLEN (~stolen) What's the 'sweat' for?
29 I'm drowning in great rock music (7) RAGTIME {RAGT{IM}E*}

1   Troop formation only in harbour (6) OPORTO {TROOP}*{O}
2   American adamant about acquiring some land (6) CANADA [T]
3   Bride's parents seen coming up inside this part of church (4) APSE [T]
4   Wreath - one made differently (6) ANADEM {AN}{MADE*}
5   Trash bag used in Berlin? (3,5) BIN LINER*
6   Support her, she is different - that's a tip (10) BACKSHEESH {BACK}{SHE}{SHE*}
7   Fancy car income for trade (8) COMMERCE {COM{MERC}E}
8   After injury, no end say for pain killers (8) ANODYNES*
14 Bitterness increasing with election survey (6,4) GALLUP POLL {GALL}{UP}{POLL}
16 Stop support for a musician (8) BANJOIST {BAN}{JOIST}
17 Holy set up, one in hundred is rash (8) ERUPTION {PURE<=}{T{1}ON}
18 A day in modest surroundings, is it immoral? (8) DECADENT {DEC{A}{D}ENT}
22 Allow cable carrying electricity (6) ACCORD {CORD}<=>{AC}
23 Starts using best officers in police department - figure that! (6) CUBOID {Us..g}{Best}{Of...s} in {CID}
24 Our forefathers changed name and acquired private banks (3-3) APE-MEN {NAME}* over {Pr...tE}
27 Support only for building blocks (4) LEGO {LEG}{O}

Reference List
Soldiers = RE(Royal Engineers), Interest = I, English = E, Politician = LIB, Only = O, Fancy car = MERC(edes), Hundred = TON, Day = D


  1. Replies
    1. Has to be. Thanks for putting this one to rest for me, I was so confused!

  2. Replies
    1. The best I can come up with is that GIVE and PLAY are synonyms when they refer to "looseness"

    2. Looks likely. Your turn to put my doubts to rest.

    3. More from "space to maneouvre"
      What's the play/give.

    4. Give and Play are given as syonyms

  3. We can see Arden in 7D.
    Income- in come!!

    1. 26A too, with an extra layer of synonym abstraction: Intend = inside CARE

    2. Her is being used as a synonym for she (based on usage) but to have both her & she in the same clue meaning the same!

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. 26A if intend means 'inside CARE' then "to admit" as containment indicator becomes redundant.

    5. These two "Ardenisms" are least in these examples the intended wordplay operation and fodder are clearly visible. I came here to say that this was possibly the least offensive Arden puzzle of the recent set.

  4. After the CHA-CHA-CHA in the Kenyan ACCORD hotel, a BANJOIST (of poor CALIBRE) was trying his best to play ERUPTION's one-way-ticket.
    No BACKSHEESH for him!
    Did Vladimir book a one-way-ticket to the moon?
    Oh no!
    To CANADA for COMMERCE and something else in his mind.
    What happened next?

    1. Hopefully nothing to do with REEFER in NAURU.

  5. 6d The link also shows BAKSHEESH
    No 'C'

  6. Re: IXL Round 7. I scraped by with a perfect score, though submission speed remains my proverbial Achilles' heel. I'm pleased that finishing 24th in round 7 is sufficient to keep me in the top 30 overall. Seeing as others above me have dropped points in this round, I'm hoping that pattern repeats to ensure a safe qualification for the finals.

    I noticed this message on the IXL website:
    "*Note: - Both "ESTATE CAR" and "ESTATE VAN" have been considered as the correct answer of 17 Across and points have been allotted to both answers."

    It is confusing as there is no 17 Across in this puzzle, and ESTATE CAR does not appear in any of the IXL 2023 puzzles. Is it a remnant from a previous year?

  7. From elsewhere
    Undergoing effects of inflation, one stays afloat (4)

    1. Is it BUOY [DD], I hesitate because "undergoing" would lead to BUOYING or BUOYANT.

    2. How do u get BUOY? Can u clarify?

    3. It's a CD. Undergoing effects of inflation with that coma has to be read as

      After being INFLATED, it would stay afloat:
      Buoy is Anchored not inflated

  8. On a similar note:

    Economizer gone broke due to such occupational circumstances? (4,6)

    1. Zero budget(DD) as in farming?

    2. (economizer)* = zero income

    3. I messed up the anagram after removing the letters for 'zero'.

    4. @ Economizer - That's a nice one!

    5. Economozer's..........(4,7) would be perfect.

    6. Zero incomes. Grammar also taken care of!
      You can do that with stand-alone clues. 👍

  9. Nice grid. Again easy by Arden standards.
    Thanx Arden!

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