Sunday 19 November 2023

The Sunday Crossword No 3281, Sunday 19 Nov 2023

1   Fall to the ground (touch of hydrophobia) (4) DROP [T]
3   Extremely dark sweatshirt worn (10) SWARTHIEST*
9   Soldiers, Italian, following peacekeepers (4) UNIT {IT}<=>{UN}
10 Teach a lesson in specialist area (10) DISCIPLINE [DD]
11 Feeling giddy before stakes amassed in sports venue (8,4) SWIMMING POOL {SWIMMING}{POOL}
15 Madness without Suggs at the front? It's meaningless (7) INANITY INsANITY
16 Twisted conceit: Tolkien's monster's a meanie (7) SCROOGE {EGO}{ORCS}<=
17 Ape with neck out of shape: it's a bone (7) KNEECAP {APE+NECK}*
19 A little ecstatic at a language that's spoken in Iberia (7) CATALAN [T]
20 Son has cloudy disposition in place of learning (6,6) SUNDAY SCHOOL*
23 Actors' performances, amateur, drawn out: pretends to enjoy it (5,5) PLAYS ALONG {PLAYS}{A}{LONG}
24 Is unable to sermonise (4) CANT [DD]
25 Priest's set off to find relative (10) STEPSISTER*
26 Naked, bashful, praiseful verses (4) ODES mODESt

1   Chicken pieces, as seen in steel pan (10) DRUMSTICKS [DD]
2   Begins and gives a speech having consumed one drink (10) ORIGINATES {OR{1}{GIN}ATES}
4   Dash with money from the South to get to Houston? (7) WHITNEY {WHIT}{YEN<=}
5   Initially playing for time, intones instructions (7) RECIPES RECI(-t+p)PES
6   Big beast close to Arctic, barking a kind of oath (11) HIPPOCRATIC {HIPPO}{ARCTIC*}
7   In earliest stages (elsewise, romantically), Ireland's name? (4) ERIN Acrostic & lit
8   Reportedly, players proliferate (4) TEEM (~team)
12 Seaways offering larger things to eat (4,7) MAIN COURSES [DD]
13 Playwright having chicken after Christmas (4,6) NOEL COWARD {COWARD}<=>{NOEL}
14 Once again, blows up ten flares ... I digress (10) REINFLATES*
18 Quietly confuses those propelling a boat (7) PADDLES {P}{ADDLES}
19 Urge to tuck into something sugary that's spicy (7) CAYENNE {CA{YEN}NE}
21 Work's over; drink up (4) OPUS {SUP}{O}>= (Correction - {O}{SUP<=} - See comments)
22 A passing diversion, Everyman's beginning to lose freshness (4) FADE {FAD}{Ev...n}

Reference List
Italian = IT, Time = T, Quietly = P, Over = O


  1. Replies
    1. Can I request you modify your routine to, in future, specify what the typo is? I feel that it would be helpful to editors, as well as commenters (like me) to add more meaningful information to your reply.

  2. Replies
    1. Big beast / close to / Arctic, barking / a kind of oath.

    2. Barking is short of "barking mad"/crazy

    3. Don't get caught in the SWIMMING POOL when you should be in SUNDAY SCHOOL.

  3. Re: IXL Round 10. Fingers crossed to see you at the finals!