Thursday 23 November 2023

No 14027, Thursday 23 Nov 2023, Dr. X

Solution to 5A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   Case of demonstrative bequest for committee (8) DELEGACY {De...vE}{LEGACY}
5   Stops rebellious fool stealing object (6) ?A?S?S (Addendum - PAUSES {SAP<=} over {USE} - See comments)
10 Run back to save guys in trouble (7) TORMENT {TOR{MEN}T<=}
11 Almost caught cuddling miss with love (5,2) CLOSE TO {C{LOSE}T}{O}
12 Postmodern style inspiring German artist (5) ERNST [T]
13 Pioneer flying to Nigeria (9) ORIGINATE*
14 Craft gone with life raft not attached (4-8) FREE-FLOATING {GONE+LIFE+RAFT}*
18 Immaculate beach outside best resort close to lagoon (5,3,4) SPICK AND SPAN {S{PICK}AND}{SPA}{l...oN}
21 Container with game bird caught for prince (9) CARTRIDGE (-p+c)CARTRIDGE
23 Want cocaine to party (5) CRAVE {C}{RAVE}
24 Membranes covering spores of bush essentially found in Asian country (7) INDUSIA {IND{bUSh}IA}
25 Lawyer makes up a story about leading industrialist in newspapers (7) DAILIES {DA}{In...t}{LIES}
26 Bristly drunkard's back in court (6) SETOSE {SE{SOT<=}E}
27 Order starter of chicken in trendy bar (8) INSTRUCT {IN}{STRU{Ch...n}T}

1   Desires to hire posh model for assignments (6) DUTIES {D{U}{T}IES}
2   Seducing lady in a little dingy shed (6) LURING {L}{dURING}
3   Talk with regret about fifty killed in Northward migration of Boers (5,4) GREAT TREK {TAlK+REGRET}*
4   What forensic pathologist will do to completely ignore a person (3,7,4) CUT SOMEONE DEAD [DD]
6   Excellent oil used to make sauce (5) AIOLI {A1}{OIL*}
7   Censor a shot featuring nudists essentially in programme (8) SCENARIO {CENSOR+A}* over {nudIsts}
8   Scene describing individual in prehistoric period (5,3) STONE AGE {ST{ONE}AGE}
9   Part of leg hurt, overwhelmed by pain - lad gets hold of nurse (8,6) ACHILLES TENDON {ACH{ILL}E}{S{TEND}ON}
15 A revolting crime! Time to catch sly revolutionary (9) ANARCHIST {A}{SIN<=}{T} over {ARCH}
16 Chapter in physics about mediums (8) PSYCHICS {PSY{C}HICS*}
17 Doctor, I'm desperate for tablet of LSD (8) MICRODOT*
19 South American stork shot by one on brief outing (6) JABIRU {JAB}{1}{RUn}
20 Discovers gun outside abandoned set (4,2) GETS AT {G{SET*}AT}
22 Mounts difficulties, scoring century (5) RISES cRISES

Reference List
Caught = CT, Beach = SAND, Resort = SPA, Caught = C, Prince = P, Cocaine = C, Lawyer = DA, Court = SEE< Trendy = IN, Posh = U, Model = T, Lady = L, Fifty = L, Excellent = A1, Time = T, Sly = ARCH, Chapter = C, Gun = GAT, Century = C 


  1. Nice exercise today with excellently clued grid. I liked 14A, 24A & 9D the most among all the very good clues. Thanks Doctor.

  2. Dr.X CW is a waft of fresh air in gloomy Chennai. Had a great time.
    Doc. seems to be introducing us to a few new words daily- is it just me or others also feel so?
    Indusia, setose, great trek, microdot(!), Jabiru are a few for me today.

    1. Yes. Not only new words, new substitutions as well. The wordplay and surfaces are of high standards.

    2. Thanks! I am honoured by Col Gopinath Sir adding me to the list of contributors to the blog.

      Regarding new words, an obvious observation I wish to make. In a straight crossword, the clue for Indusia might well read ‘membranes covering spores’ or some such. As a solver who does not know the word, with just the connecting letters to aid, one is basically reduced to guesswork or forlornly accessing search engines.

      But in a cryptic crossword, with the connecting letters, you have the rest of the clue to help you decode. So, one knows the word has ‘us’ from ‘bush essentially’ in a 5-letter Asian country. Even without knowing the word, combined with the connecting letters, one can make a perfect diagnosis (and then confirm it, if need be online). Same for the other new words like setose, jabiru, etc.

      That for me, is the magic of cryptic crosswords!

    3. Exactly what happened with me Doctor

    4. Absolutely true. We do enjoy such wordplay and delightful surfaces (with or without husbands/ wives/ opiates et al)
      For example, in 27A we have bar for strut. But bar coming as it does in a Dr.X CW,our thinking first goes to a pub rather than a rod or a strut. Beholder to blame,of course!
      Miss= Lose is one more.
      Squeezing out the intricacies of English.

  3. Ganesh's advice to Vladimir:

    Although CLOSE TO your heart,
    Don't you CRAVE for MICRODOT,
    Maybe ALLURING
    Awe inspiring
    But will lead you to Dot-Dash-Dot.

  4. Happy Birthday Doc. Have a gr8 day.

    For anyone still new here.

    1. Let me join Prasad in wishing Doc. a very Happy Birthday and many many more returnsof the day!!

  5. Many Many Happy Returns of Day Dr. X

  6. Wish you a Very Happy Birthday Doctor.

  7. Many happy returns of the day Dr.

  8. 5A
    Answer is simple but anno tricky, not very sure so i don't attempt

  9. 5A Fool - SAP - Rebellious. PAS -> covering object - Purpose - Use ---> PAUSES.- Stops

  10. Since I answered yesterday, I left it to others.
    Here's my solution.
    Stops(defn) - PAUSES
    rebellious(reversal) fool(SAP) stealing(cont ind) object(USE)

  11. Great solve!
    I was struggling with ass for fool.

  12. I was also trying with ASS &PURPOSE

  13. ?A?S?S The revealed letters made an ! of many among us!

  14. Many happy returns Doctor!πŸ’πŸ’

  15. One of those puzzles that you feel delighted when the last answer falls into place though it took a couple of hours. Wonderful puzzle.. and happy birthday doc

  16. Best of the four from Dr X today. Had lovely time solving. New words Setose and Jabiru were easily the pick.

  17. Happy birthday Doctor X-Dr Satyen Nabar!

  18. Doc.X Many more happy returns of the day. excellent grid really experienced. BTW, 5A one of the challenging clue. have a gr8 day

  19. Happy returns Doctor! πŸ’

    Today's crossie is a lesson on Sandwich Indicators for me - save, cuddling, in, about, hire, featuring, describing, overwhelmed, gets hold of, catch, outside

  20. Happy birthday doc and wishing you many many more.

  21. Comento think of it X(into) can be used as a containment indicator. πŸ™‚

  22. Replies
    1. For your eyes only!
      Setter here in or out there say XX! (6)

    2. Not sure if I have got it right.
      For your eyes only - James bond novel/movie
      Setter here in - Dr X
      Out there - Doctor No( from James bond movies)
      X(deletion)X - no/X
      Leaving DOCTOR as the solution.

    3. 'say' applies to 'out there' as it applies to James bond movies in general.

    4. For your eyes only is not part of the clue.

    5. And it's not a typical clue. But written in the context.

    6. Setter here in or out there(defn) - DOCTOR
      say XX - No X in Dr. X

    7. Hmm... Doesn't give me the answer.
      I like 'say no(X) X' better. 😎
      Enjoyed the clue. Nice way to show appreciation to Dr.X, who gave us one of his best(for all I know) on his birthday. πŸ‘πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘

  23. Just for fun.
    Capital Dr. X built, I heard(6)