Monday 6 November 2023

No 14013, Monday 06 Nov 2023, Incognito

 Solution to 30A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

Open for anyone to answer, if not solved by 1 PM.
8   Animal captured by millionaire (4) LION [T]
9   Pokes around wheel part (5) SPOKE*
10 Initially, her love note followed by a kiss resulted in deception (4) HOAX {Her}{O}{A}{X}
11 Fantastic UN girl's enticing (6) LURING*
12 Tip to tip width of aircraft obtained by parking inside new awnings (8) WINGSPAN {WINGS{P}AN*}
13 I left material to cover top of night-stand on mother's side (8) MATERNAL {MATER(-i+n)NAL}
15 After midnight, excited moles create clay creatures (6) GOLEMS {niGht}{MOLES*}
17 At first, werewolves consume that lady and survive (7) WEATHER {We...s}{EAT}{HER}
19 Scheme in favour of a type of aircraft engine consuming carbon (7) PROJECT {PRO}{JE{C}T}
22 Setter's operation in-charge is short sighted (6) MYOPIC {MY}{OP}{IC}
24 A rag is twisted twice to produce jelly-like substance (4-4) AGAR-AGAR {A+RAG}*{A+RAG}*
26 Winter precipitation starting to shower now... Before autumn! (8) SNOWFALL {Sh...r}{NOW}{FALL}
28 Pressed one and drone flew (6) IRONED {I}{DRONE*}
30 Still have four left after removing first and last letters from this number (4) ?I?E (Addendum - FIVE {fIVe = IV = FOUR} - See comments)
31 Wrong! Wrong! Cultivated! (5) GROWN*
32 Get rid of bag (4) SACK [DD]

1   Officer releases tenant's place (4) LIEU LIEUtenant
2   Indian police department: "Ten injured in event" (8) INCIDENT {IN}{CID}{TEN*}
3   Bad sign contains separate circles in equiangular polygon (6) ISOGON{SIGN}* over {O} and O}
4   Republican Oscar's fine in crash site (7) ROSWELL {R}{O}{SWELL}
5   Green tea prepared for adolescent person (8) TEENAGER*
6   Tool possessed by Ranchi's elite (6) CHISEL [T]
7   Space agency located in Salinas Airport (4) NASA [T]
14 Give up ale in leap year resolution, resulting in mockery (5) APERY {leaP+YEAR}*
16 A little time for tea or coffee? (5) MOCHA {MO}{CHA}
18 Trade old coins (8) EXCHANGE {EX}{CHANGE}
20 Envy Seoul jay's flying (8) JEALOUSY*
21 Boy everyone loves gets new mushroom (7) BALLOON {B}{ALL}{OO}{N}
23 Prisoner of war gets red, rejected cosmetic (6) POWDER {POW}{RED<=}
25 Extraterrestrial beings a fib? No! Start to search... (6) ALIENS {A}{LIE}{N}{Se...h}
27 Brad's unguis (4) NAIL [DD]
29 Engrave part of banquet chair (4) ETCH [T]

Reference List
Kiss = X, Parking = P, Carbon = C, Operation = OP, In-charge = IC, Indian = IN, Republican = R, Oscar = O, Little time = MO, Old = EX, Boy = B, New = N, No = N


  1. 10a note seems redundant
    4d fine could be well or swell
    As usual breezer from Incognito

  2. +1 for all.
    27D- Both Brad & Unguis were new to me. Had to refer.

  3. I could not find the theme. Thank you Col.

  4. That was because the 'Rosewell incident' was new to me.

  5. Incognito made my day....what a WP in 30A . It's my Aha moment cracked in 3 seconds........Amazing. fantastic grid as usual.

  6. 1D- Aha! moment on seeing the blog. Though I filled in, I could not spot the tenant being evicted!!

  7. Today’s was like SA innings yesterday 50 over one got over almost like T20. 26A, 1D, 16D among the ones I liked a lot.

  8. 15A.. I went into a spin for midnight., going for ' ni'. Then it dawned on me to apply for niGht

  9. 30ac (f) iv(e)
    Removing first and last letters from five
    IV (roman 4)

  10. Incognito deserves a better welcome. No more 'thank you, 'enjoyed it'.......?

    1. Let me also join you in hailing dear Mr. Kishore Rao with a hearty 'Welcome Back' although all of us are aware that it is a sort of cyclic roster for our THC Setters.

  11. Breezy Sunny grid on a gloomy rainy day.
    Thanx Kishore!

  12. Thanks, everyone for the welcome! BTW, I can vouch for the truth of an alien dropping into Roswell. One of my Indian friends had visited the place...

    1. I have heard of Indian American but not an Indian Alien!!!!!!

  13. 30 A -- FIVE.....remove 1st and last letters you get 4. ...IV