Saturday 25 November 2023

No 14029, Saturday 25 Nov 2023, Hypatia

1   In America growth has to be painful? (8) MUSTACHE {MUST ACHE}
5   Bones that are more rigid in the ear (6) STERNA (~sterner)
10 Play sitar with a new singer (7) SINATRA {SITAR+A+N}*
11 Break queues as students frequently leave in pairs with.. (7) EQUATES {brEak+QueUes+As+sTudEntS}
12 ..the rest returning right afterwards (5) LATER {ET AL<=}{R}
13 Curiously see him take up mobile language (9) EUPHEMISM {SEE+HIM}* over {UP} and {M}
14 Escape routes left a savvy criminal rest essentially (6,6) SAFETY VALVES {LEFT+A+SAVVY}*{rESt}
18 Brew for one feeling sick spreads relief etc. (6,6) FILTER COFFEE {OFF} in {RELIEF+ETC}*
21 Spare without unit cost (9) EXONERATE {EX}{ONE}{RATE}
23 Characters from Chennai display colour (5) HENNA [T]
24 Remains litigating for releasing (7) ISSUING {IS}{SUING}
25 Hate crop top shirts, desi silk pants (7) DISLIKE {DEsI+SILK}*
26 Flower bands Oriental wears (6) GANGES {GANG{E}S}
27 Discussed dance school's sagas (8) ODYSSEYS {(~odissi)ODYSSEY}{S}

1   Drop recipe to make rasam with lead oddly in seasoning (6) MASALA {rASAM}*{LeAd}
2   Reason to put back money in state (6) SANITY {SA{TIN<=}Y}
3   Most anteaters left in the wild follow one another (9) ALTERNATE {ANTEATERs+L}*
4   Each Gen X in row (6,8) HEATED EXCHANGE {EACH+GEN+X}* [RA]
6   He curtly crosses over rest (5) TRUCE [T<=]
7   Rescue dog's tail cut (8) RETRIEVE RETRIEVEr
8   Like breed of cat scratching one's tongue (8) ASSAMESE {AS}{SiAMESE}
9   How scuba divers feel when insulted? (6,8) DEEPLY OFFENDED [CD]
15 Gems gathered in abandoned stash close to robbery (9) AMETHYSTS {MET} in {STASH+r...rY}*
16 Love fine heavy metal band's dedication (8) OFFERING {O}{F}{FE}{RING}
17 Lets angry in-laws look inside (6,2) ALLOWS IN {IN+LAWS}* over {LO}
19 Sound echoes in new rail tunnel regularly (6) ENTIRE {nEw+RaIl+TuNnEl<=}
20 Bets dogs are disheartened (6) WAGERS WAGgERS
22 Emiratis love indulging top expats, basically the crème de la crème (5) ELITE Acrostic

Reference List
New = N, Right = R, Mobile = M, Oriental = E, School = S, recipe = R, Left = L, Fine = F, Look = LO


  1. With a fake MUSTACHE Vladimir instead of looking like SINATRA frankly looked like Hercule Poirot.

    He entered an ASSAMESE restaurant and ordered MASALA dosa and FILTER COFFEE.

    Soon HEATED EXCHANGES took place as someone was DEEPLY OFFENDED...

    Was SANITY restored?

    Who was the protagonist?

    What happened next?

  2. Masala dosa or massla tea in Assam?!

  3. Replies
    1. Moustache elsewhere but in USA, it is mustache

    2. Second def:
      a growth similar to a moustache, or a marking that resembles one, round the mouth of some animals

    3. CW learning is a MUST, ACHE notwithstanding!!

    4. 😀. I agree and it is more like CW MUST with FILTER COFFEE.

  4. Euphemism is not a language. It is a figure of speech.

  5. Lovely crossword from Hypatia today. Many CODs for me. My favourite brew too 18 Ac. Loved the cluing for 25 Ac, 24 ac, 4d.