Wednesday 1 November 2023

No 14009, Wednesday 01 Nov 2023, Arden

Solution to 21D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

Open for anyone to answer, if not solved by 1 PM.

1   Crooned a tune over a drink (7) SANGRIA {SANG}{AIR<=}
5   Base I belong is different (7) IGNOBLE*
9   When a vestibule is found in such places in church (5) NAVES [T]
10 Offering bag of rice - provided inside (9) SACRIFICE {SAC}{R{IF}ICE}
11 Flowers tend to be short on land (9) CARNATION {CARe}{NATION}
12 Wedges for male golfer... (5)  HEELS {HE}{ELS}
13 ...find half the record (4) DISC DISCover
15 Adventures of old pilots, perhaps (8) EXPLOITS {EX}{PILOTS*}
18 Lay dead inside, display of nervousness at sea (8) ADRIATIC {A{D}RIA}{TIC}
19 Feeling sorry, in short for the misfortune (4) RUIN RUINg
22 Fail to cross line in panic (5) FLUNK {F{L}UNK}
24 Protest and rant on imposed penalty (9) DEMURRAGE {DEMUR}{RAGE}
26 Deny family take over - he will protest (9) REFUSENIK {REFUSE}{KIN<=}
27 Note a judicial writ (5) BREVE [DD]
28 Provided last, do we go in? (7) ENDOWED {EN{DO}{WE}D}
29 Go back after covering area on time, twice (7) RETREAT {RE}{T}{RE}{T} over {A}

1   Philosopher can see differently (6) SENECA*
2   Review study about insects, you can ignore it (5,4) NEVER MIND {NE{VERMIN}D<=}
3   Maharashtra state has some cult members (5) RASTA [T]
4   Muscles can reunite evenly if one is in self denial (9) ABSTINENT {ABS}{TIN}{rEuNiTe}
5   Old South American in jail (5) INCAN {IN}{CAN}
6   Whinny Bishop, our man next door, perhaps (9) NEIGHBOUR {NEIGH}{B}{OUR}
7   Most of the debris sorted out by a union member (5) BRIDE DEBRIs*
8   Cut off from top to bottom, only to a great degree (4,2) EVER SO {-s)EVER(+s)S}{O}
14 Brave girl as a woman (9) CHICKASAW {CHICK}{AS}{A}{W}
16 Quiet one, one who manufactures a medical instrument (9) PACEMAKER {P}{ACE}{MAKER}
17 At sea, we take in another islander (9) TAIWANESE {AT+SEA+WE+IN}*
20 Starts getting fidgety - one race can explain what the F1 drivers feel while taking a turn (1-5) G-FORCE Acrostic
21 Collaboration after a month - in short that's cheating (6) ?E?E?T (Addendum - DECEIT {TIE<=}<=>{DEC} - See comments)
23 Middlemen involved in fund distribution for those needing food (5) UNFED {UNF{mEn}D*}
24 Left anonymously unlike 23 (5) DINED {DI{N}ED} (Anonymously = Without Name)
25 Deny growing potato, perhaps (5) REBUT<=

Reference List
Old = EX, Dead = D, Line = L, Area = A, Time = T, Muscles = ABS, Bishop = B, Only = O, Woman = W, Quiet = P


  1. A very good enjoyable Seties of Arden and no comments of appreciation yet!! World cup is in the AN, right?

  2. 24D - without is to be taken as opposite if within, I suppose.

  3. If N is within, 'Died' is without.

  4. Vladimir dreamt of his EVER SO many EXPLOITS.
    How he had to bear DECEIT and RUIN on more than one occasion.
    His experience in a TAIWANESE RETREAT with a BRIDE-to-be but never was.
    Here he was in TRAFALGAR Square with a well ENDOWED woman.
    Did he fall head over HEELS in love?
    What happened next?

  5. Does collaboration stand for T?

  6. Replies
    1. Collaboration is TIE UP OR TIE

    2. Okay . Got it. Another Ardenism!

    3. +2 . The same clue earlier by Arden with different version in 2015

    4. The first I heard of Ardenisms was more recent when the setter used failure(set back - TES) and anonymous(without N) in the same grid.
      Also the IXL charade 'she = miss = ERR' falls into the same category, more complicated, , though it is not ascertained it was by Arden.

    5. She=miss=err is plain wrong.

    6. "That's"- adds to the confusion

    7. @sridhar,. Initially I annote with that's - IE. However, I am not getting anno.for 'T'. Also, no indication for reverse. However, collaberation is referred to TIE UP. BUT WE CONSIDERED ONLY TIE for sake fo solution and UP for reversing.

  7. 21D Collaboration(tie up) - EIT
    a month - in short - DEC(ember)
    that's cheating(def) - DECEIT

    Thanks to @Sarathi for the tip on collaboration.

  8. Passionate setter following the model-)(6)

  9. ARDEN +T = ARDENT ( Passionate !

  10. Non regulars/novices are conspicuously absent to answer almost for 1 month now. Looks like all of them got promotion to be experienced solvers.

  11. While today's puzzle was enjoyable to solve in a masochistic sense, I can't say I'm a fan of the so-called "Ardenisms", i.e. implicit indicators for reversal and containment (eg. "anonymous" -> "without name" -> around the letter N; "collaboration" -> "tie up" -> reversal of the word TIE). These are worse than reverse anagrams. At least in the reverse anagram, the anagrind will eventually be visible in the solution, along with the fodder. But in the case of such Ardenisms, the setter's intent is never stated in either the clue or solution. I recall the following quote from the setter Ximenes, meant for crossword setters: "You need not mean what you say, but you must say what you mean."

    2D NEVER MIND was objectively a very good clue, while 5D {IN}{CAN} was funny. Lay = ARIA in 18A was interesting to look up. Also re: 18A, as someone with tics, I must clarify that while tics are related to the nervous system, they are not necessarily symptoms of nervousness - my own tics emerge when I am particularly relaxed and satisfied.

    27A BREVE was a very difficult DD. Bafflingly, some other clues were on the other extreme of being too easy, with parts of the solution provided as-is in the clues (eg. 28A ENDOWED and 6D NEIGHBOUR). Today we had a rare acrostic clue from Arden in 20D G-Force - I suspect the word does not suit his usual cluing style.

    In 17D TAIWANESE, the unusual combination of "another" as an anagrind with "take" as a link-word between units of anagram-fodder needlessly muddled the clue for the solver. In 25D REBUT, the unconventional reversal indicator "growing" was used. Furthermore, the clue was given with the syntax {X}{Reversal indicator}{Y}, meaning it was impossible to determine which of the two ends was meant to be the definition vs. the wordplay fodder without crossings. I had filled TUBER and got stuck in the bottom-right corner as a result.

    In 9A, a telescopic clue, the telescopic indicator is pointing in the incorrect direction (wordplay found in definition; as opposed to definition found in wordplay). I suppose this sort of error is bound to happen if setters condone use of the directional "in" linkword even in the case of clues of the format "{wordplay} IN {definition}".

    29A RETREAT feels to me like a flawed clue. In this clue, After = RE, area = A and Time = T. However the solver is somehow supposed to infer that the word "twice" (as duplication indicator) only applies to RE and T, but not to A. "You need not mean what you say, but you must say what you mean." - Ximenes.

    And finally, in 11A, the definition is plural but the solution is singular. Arden, what in CARNATION?

      Chemistry has an equivalent for Ardenism. Kind of. 😎

  12. I loved the puzzle. Typically Arden. CHICKASAW is a new word.
    Thanx Arden!
    @ Economizer - I also noticed carnation(s). Looks like an error.