Wednesday 15 November 2023

No 14020, Wednesday 15 Nov 2023, Vidwan

Solution to 4D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

Open for anyone to answer, if not solved by 1 PM.

9   Love experience of a fruit (5) OLIVE {O}{LIVE}
10 Please move out without disturbing cat (9) DELECTATE {DELE{CAT*}TE}
11 Evil, vile nature's mostly not vile (9) AVIRULENT {VILE+NATURe}*
12 King's honest, good at heart (5) REGAL {RE{G}AL}
13 We got buried in endless tax! It leaves us dry! (5) TOWEL {TO{WE}Ll}
14 Blossom curiously idle and in use (9) DANDELION {IDLE+AND}*{ON}
16 Black man can win essentially with fair race conditions (7-8) AFRICAN-AMERICAN {MAN+CAN+wIn+FAIR+RACE}*
19 Princess with a good instinct had ultimately found out the problem (9) DIAGNOSED {DI}{A}{G}{NOSE}{haD}
22 Spouse is corpulent not cold! (5) HUBBY cHUBBY
24 Instrument featured in retro-collections (5) CELLO [T<=]
26 Disregards small matters dogging a Princess (9) DISCOUNTS {S}{COUNTS}<=>{DI}
27 I've agents working for dark kind of films (9) NEGATIVES*
28 Kind of inert compound (5) NITRE*

1    Fair gatecrashed by Australian composer (6) MOZART {M{OZ}ART}
2   Courteous conflict that is often brutal (5,3) CIVIL WAR {CIVIL}{WAR} Semi&lit
3   Pure cannibal, not a new liberal politician (10) REPUBLICAN {PURE+CanNIBAL}*
4   What is to be summed up by nervous dad before resolution? (6) ?D?E?D (Addendum - {DAD*}{END} - See comments)
5   A cheap metal covered by very desirable metal (8) PLATINUM {PL{A}{TIN}UM}
6   Evidence of trauma regularly seen in such aura (4) SCAR {SuCh+AuRa}
7   A Hebrew prophet, an unpleasant old lady and Goddess of Earth, scratching backside! (6) HAGGAI {HAG}{GAIa}
8   Pillowcases and sheets sort of blend in England (3,5) BED LINEN {BLEND+IN+E}*
15 Spooner's bunk dog is on the way to the ground (10) EARTHBOUND (~ berth hound to earthbound)
16 Bandit can almost become one who gives up power (8) ABDICANT {BANDIT+CAn}*
17 Left out of devil's one play that leads to rapid fall (8) NOSEDIVE {DEVIlS+ONE}*
18 Felines, on the outside, live around stylish dressers (8) CABINETS {CA{B{IN}E}TS}
20 Complete Egyptian-English state (6) ALLEGE {ALL}{EG}{E}
21 Stop locals on time (6) DESIST {DESIS}{T}
23 Sure conclusion, mostly earlier one in time (6) YESTER {YES}{TERm}
25 Naked hate for Bond (4) OATH lOATHe

Reference List
Good = G, Princess = DI, Cold = C, Small = S, Australian = OZ, New = N, England = E, Left = L, Egyptian = EG


  1. Good workout on a dull rainy morning. Enjoyed Towel for it's,simplicity and deception. A few unknown variants of known words.
    Got war but nit civil. Aha!!

  2. Thank you Vidwan for an enjoyment start for the day.

  3. Chubby hubby is another one that I liked.

  4. 10A. word learnt.

    1. Move out = delete
      Without is containment indicator

  5. Off topic:

    Have a Amritsar trip from 1-3 Dec.
    Anyone with local knowledge, pls drop a mail at

  6. Prasanna Rao can help you. He was there earlier. Go to Wagah border if you can find time. Interesting. I did not know till I went there that Wagah is the Pak name for the area.

  7. Replies
    1. Sorry Col. Can't get away when you are there.
      Been there for some time by any chance?

    2. sir, I was in Amritsar about 3 years and explored many places. will share and other details soon.

    3. Yes, I served in Amritsar from 93 to 95

    4. There isn't anything much in Amritsar other than the Golden Temple and The Beating the retreat ceremony at Attari (known popularly as Wagah Border) and of course a meal at Kesar ka Dhaba

    5. And with my asthma problem, we can't go up hills.
      So seems very constrained trip.
      On the other hand shopping seems to be on!
      And hopefully sarson ka saag would have arrived.

  8. Actually one drives up-till Aatri border of India side to see wagah Border. It is about 45 minutes drive from town.
    I had forgotten the name- this is what Trip adviser said on googling!

  9. All said & done, have a memorable trip.
    Don't forget 'snapping' every other place that could be of interest to you (handsets of mobile telephones have literally made every second person a photographer & courtesy, the social media fora like the FB (Chehera Kitaab) & Twitter, more than half of folks in one's neighbourhood have become 'journos'!!).
    Although street food of Amritsar is much written about, better not indulge in it since the fare may upset one's tummy.
    If single & not going around in a conducted tour, try to experience authentic local life-style as for food, music and other pursuits. Cheers! (or rather Bhalle, Bhalle!!).

  10. Completed Vidwan after a long....time.

  11. @Prasad - Amritsar will be cold and dry. Carry your woollens and moisturizers.
    Have a great trip!