Thursday 2 November 2023

No 14010, Thursday 02 Nov 2023, Arden

Solution to 17D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

Open for anyone to answer, if not solved by 1 PM.

1   Fight over family, pressure as monster yet to finish the job (4,2,8) WORK IN PROGRESS {ROW<=}{KIN}{PR}{OGRESS}
10 Feeling terrible - for example missing the little devil (5) ELFIN FEeLINg*
11 A round dial, just the opposite (5-4) ABOUT-FACE {A}{BOUT}{FACE}
12 Warning when it's read (4,3) RIOT ACT [CD]
13 Plant for the French company in a way (7) ALECOST {A}{LE}{CO}{ST}
14 Squeeze makes woman nervous, perhaps (5) WEDGE {W}{EDGE}
16 Prompt in entrance, accepting one grand (9) INSTIGATE {IN}{ST{1}{G}ATE}  or is it an error?
19 Extra information on tiny fish inside (9) SIDELIGHT {S{IDE}LIGHT}
20 State gets funds regularly for some food (5) GOUDA {GO{fUnDs}A}
22 Vilifies a country, starts getting nasty, spiteful (7) MALIGNS {MALI}{Ge...g}{Na..y}{Sp...l}
25 Arch slightly around high room (7) CHAMBER {C{H}AMBER}
27 Drunk painter, always a bit stretched (9) TIGHTROPE {TIGHT}{ROPE}
28 Ex-PM was too loud, they say (5) BLAIR (~blare)
29 Average Joe entertains them, perhaps (3,2,3,6) MAN IN THE STREET*

2   It's not on, rich are disembarked (9) OFFLOADED {OFF}{LOADED}
3   Opener's name included, supported by a country (5) KENYA {KE{N}Y}{A}
4   Close encounter, close it (4,5) NEAR THING {NEAR}{THING}
5   Two thirds container - on top port wine (5) RIOJA {JAr}<=>{RIO}
6   Raging storm trapped the crowd (9) GATHERING {GA{THE}RING*}
7   Time to follow the muse (5) ERATO {ERA}{TO}
8   Woman keeps man at cover (7) SHEATHE {S{HE}{AT}HE}
9   Language broadcast where Britain is involved (6) HEBREW {WHERE}* over {B}
15 Teach on measures to retain the inner glow (9) ENLIGHTEN{EN}{LIGHT}{EN}
17 Tools to place sailors in the ship (9) S?T?C?E?S ()
18 Upheaval at Bermuda - give an outline (9) ADUMBRATE*
19 Sign simply on both sides - look for more info within two months (7) SYMPTOM {Si..lY}{M}{PTO}{M}
21 Men acquire halo around dawn (6) AURORA {AUR{OR}A}
23 Dreadfully long for one to gain entry into the computer system (3,2) LOG IN {LOG{1}N*}
24 Apathy for an animal (5) SLOTH [DD]
26 It says wait for a month, what is at the end of four months? (5) AMBER {A}{M}{BER}

Reference List
Pressure = PR, The in French = LE, Woman = W, Grand = G, High = H, Name = N, Britian = B, Measure = EN, Month = M, Men = OR


  1. Yet another interesting engrossing CW from Arden. Good series so far. I could not get some annos and had to learn them in the blog. Crossings and def.helped me in filling the correct solution.

  2. 13A= Plant. The word 'for' is very distracting. Maybe 'in' would have been better?

  3. 14A- Typo? Print edition says ' Squeeze makes woman..."

  4. 16a IMU,
    Entrance=instate=put in (trance/specified condition).

    1. You mean entrance - > put in - > instate?
      It is difficult to get it unless we already guessed the last part!

  5. Structurally, a really fun puzzle. The long across clues top and bottom really opened up a grid that I had pretty bad results going through on my first pass. But came together.

    10A I don't LIKE "Elfin" as a noun and have never heard it, but it's in the dictionary, so I guess it's fine. Still not crazy about it.

    14A feels off - "Nervous" is an adjective, which would be "Edgy", not "Edge". I had serious doubts and was surprised when "Check word" left it clean. (Also, weird typo in the definition on this one, Col. FYI)

    16A's annotation eludes me.

    28A I'm not crazy about... "was too loud" (would be "blared") and I don't think it's a charming enough surface to justify taking license here. Definitely not the first or the last homophonic "Blair" we'll run into. ๐Ÿฅฑ

    Those complaints aside, some really nice words, ADUMBRATE, SHEATHE, MALIGNS, AURORA, and some really fun and tight cluing too. 5D RIOJA, 7D ERATO (so concise!), 9D HEBREW (had to laugh at this one) were all great delights.

    1. Read "nervous perhaps" as "on the edge"

    2. Typical of Arden. But what is 1111?

    3. @Sree Sree Ah yes! As "On edge" this is tight. Very clever. Thanks for the help

    4. Woman(W) nervous(on EDGE) - > W on EDGE - > WEDGE
      another one from Arden!

  6. 8D- It is rather woman and man keep 'at'.

    1. Universal truth!!!
      Woman folk are the keepers.
      Because they "found" Men!!

    2. I though Adam found Eve from his rib!!

    3. Exactly!!
      He found her and we are being founded till date for that find!

    4. I thought you were saying "hounded"

    5. Foundry walah found is worse than hound

  7. TIGHTROPE walking not being new to our MAN IN THE STREET (of Trafalgar Square) he left the gathering on being read the RIOT ACT. His escape was a NEAR THING.
    What next?
    Someone ENLIGHTENED him about AMBERGRIS and AURORA Borealis which
    sounded Greek and HEBREW(!) to him. Vladimir was not interested.
    What happened next?
    He embarked on a journey to KENYA...

  8. 26A - EXCELLENT WP. thinking out of box. BER not expected.

  9. 19a, another instance of Ardenism? - or is it my stretch of imagination! - fish inside (fish in side, which is ide)

    1. Col.has given the link in the main blog for fish that takes you to ide

  10. Ide is another name for orpe - a kind of fish.

  11. 17d is setscrews ss stands for ship. Set is to place and sailors are crew. Putting set and crew between ship.

  12. 17 d correction place crew between ss

  13. Sets(crew)s would be easy to express and follow.

  14. 17d - (SET)(S(CREW)S)
    place - SET
    sailor(s)- CREW / CREW(S)
    ship- SS
    def. is Tools . But setter mentioned as ' sailors'. need to place 'crews'. unable to insert one extra 's'

  15. Crew stands for sailors(plural) mainly.

  16. BTW setscrews are not tools IMHO. They are just screws to attach two things. From Free dict
    One needs a tool to tighten the setscrews.
    Screw gauge is a measuring tool.

    1. A tool is anything that helps you to do something you want to do.
      Setscrew is a type of threaded fastener, most often used for securing components in place.
      - various sources found on Google

    2. Generally screw denotes a component. to set a screw you need to have a tool either screw driver. it has head with slot. setscrew might have different sizes in dia , or length, the CSK heads. As said by Paddy screw is not a tool.

  17. Fasteners would have been better than tools.

    1. Agree. But the setters are set in their own way.

    2. More specific? Yes.

      Easier? Undeniably.

      Better? That's debatable.

    3. What do they say? Hit it on the nail! ๐Ÿ˜

  18. 19D - PTO denoted as PLEASE TURN OVER???? for more info>

  19. From elsewhere

    Publications not mainly in the pink!(10)

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  20. It was a bit difficult today. I didn't get TIGHTROPE.
    Thanx Arden