Sunday 5 November 2023

The Sunday Crossword No 3279, Sunday 05 Nov 2023

4010  2D, 7D
1   Simplest to recast with characters in unexpected places (8) MISSPELT*
5   Go silent, caught by large wildcat in retreat (4,2) CLAM UP {C}{L}{PUMA<=}
10 Table's gold dish seen first (7) PLATEAU {AU}<=>{PLATE} 
11 State to equip keen vicar at regular intervals (7)  ARMENIA {ARM}{kEeN+vIcAr}
12 Family member in French city, outspoken (5) NIECE (~nice)
13 Film director, jerk, one strutting about (9) HITCHCOCK {HITCH}{COCK}
14 Soil mud, even – shaped for sculpture (5,2,4) VENUS DE MILO*
18 Sometimes I cavort around Penny in shameless displays (11) IMMODESTIES {SOMETIMES+I}* over {D}
21 Here we learn about girl on heath, looking back (9) CLASSROOM {C}{LASS}{MOOR<=}
23 Overly trusting in French spa town, kicked back (5) NAIVE<= 
24 Uncomfortable when travelling, gives voice to disgusted expression (7) AIRSICK {AIRS}{ICK}
25 Overwhelmed by destiny, outfit in warship (7) FRIGATE {F{RIG}ATE}
26 Evades ruses (6) DODGES [DD}
27 Let aunt off, accepting kiss that's joyous (8) EXULTANT {LET+AUNT}* over {X}

1   Aimlessly moving, cleaning floor half-heartedly (6) MOPING MOPpING
2   Climbs up a sign (6) SCALES [DD]
3   Kept quiet, uncommunicative (9) PRESERVED {P}{RESERVED}
4   Spooner's finding canal workers ridiculous types (8,6) LAUGHING STOCKS (~staffing locks to laughing stocks)
6   Liquid you make promoting health, primarily? (5) LYMPH Acrostic &lit
7   Musical instrument that may be kept by a stoner (8) MANDOLIN [DD] 
8   Halfwit not having arisen: it's a simple form of life (8) PLANKTON {PLANK}{NOT<=}
9   Can't fix formats misapplied in children's book (9,2,3) FANTASTIC MR FOX*
15 Needed a kind of oil (9) ESSENTIAL [DD}
16 Fish in mostly beer with leafy green (8) PILCHARD {PILs}{CHARD}
17 Everyman's assigned a counterpart that's faulty (8) IMPAIRED {I'M}{PAIRED}
19 Ian and Pat involved in something that needs beating (6) PINATA*
20 Modern part of leisure centre (6) RECENT [T]
22 Share some of driver's licence (5) SLICE [T]

Reference List
Caught = C, Large = L, Gold = AU, Penny = D, About = C, Kiss = X, Quiet = P


  1. Re: IXL Round 8 - submitted in 48-49 minutes with complete certainty. Hoping some others above me in the ranking make mistakes.

    1. I hope it is not "hope" but greed, ha ha

    2. This time the grid had one or two clues with high potential of errors even after getting all the crossings. Even so, there is not much that can be done to make other contestants' submissions less perfect besides offering prayers.

  2. For the first time, it looked like I could complete the grid. One clue eluded me for a long time and finally fell in place, thanks to Google for responding to my incessant queries. I do have red flags about 4 clues, but the solutions fit in.
    Glad to have submitted a complete solution today.