Thursday 16 November 2023

No 14021, Thursday 16 Nov 2023, Afterdark

Solution to 10A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

7   Walk in the morning at outskirts of Bhopal with wife at last (5) AMBLE {AM}{Bh..aL}{wifE}
8   A bishop announces 'time has elapsed' and resigns (9) ABDICATES {A}{B}{DICtATES}
10 See, water is warm, perhaps (6) ?O?I?E (Addendum - NOTICE {NOT ICE} - See comments)
11 Organ stocked by governor of Algiers for supply (8) DELIVERY {DE{LIVER}Y}
12 Man holds an injunction on artists to dance (8) HABANERA {H{A}BAN}E}{RA}
13 Makers try to primarily develop society (4) GODS {GO}{De...p}{S}
15 Drink with gasoline? Not a deviation (4,3) SLOE GIN GaSOLINE*
17 Say, building block at pier not dislocated (7) PROTEIN*
20 Constant tension to get a bread (4) PITA {PI}{T}{A}

22 Nature is one endless poetry (8) UNIVERSE {UNIt}{VERSE}
25 Retires after collecting bonus finally for living (8) EXISTING {EXI{b..uS}TING}Retires would be Exits
26 Stranger's chin broken by native (6) ETHNIC {ET}{CHIN*}
27 Criminal's record includes mutilation of dancer after beheading (9) LARCENIST {L{ ANCER*}IST}
28 Japanese drink infused with new reptile (5) SNAKE {S{N}AKE}

1   Am very mobile surprisingly? No on the contrary (9) IMMOVABLE {AM+V+MOBILE}* Semi&lit
2   Last minute arrangement to discard tin is radical (8) ULTIMATE {LAsT+MInUTE}*
3   Request judge to follow an article on capital (7) ABIDJAN {BID}{J}<=>{A} and {AN}
4   Six students take time to research earliest rural dweller (8) VILLAGER {VI}{LL}{AGE}{Re...h}
5   Cut vehicle's velocity, brake hard ultimately (6) CARVED {CAR}{V}{b..kE}{harD}
6   Transport iron on railway collecting rupees (5) FERRY {FE}{R{R}Y}
9   Withered shrub, ephedra really expanding at the entrance (4) SERE Acrostic
14 Daughter dumped researches perhaps, after leading laboratory provided cosmetics (9) LIPSTICKS {dIPSTICKS}<=>{La...y}
16 Maybe Caesar and Brutus are antisocial to dismiss officer-in-charge in a tizzy (8) ITALIANS {ANTISocIAL}* Officer Commanding would be better as officer-in-charge is normally OIC
18 Growing problem following youngster's cut short (8) TEETHING {THING}<=>{TEEn
19 Advise dancing guests to have some gin (7) SUGGEST {SUG{Gin}EST*}
21 Perhaps fly home to join party (6) INSECT {IN}{SECT}
23 Somehow misread Mrs' farewell proposal (4) IDEA mIsrEAD*
24 Perhaps leave with former lover to make tea (5) EXEAT {EX}{TEA*}

Reference List
Bishop = B, Artists = RA, Society = S, Constant = PI, Tension = T, Stranger = ET, New = N, Very = V, Tin = SN, Judge = J, Student = L, Velocity = V, Railway = RY, Rupees = R, Daughter = D, Home = IN, Former lover = EX


  1. 16d lists Oc for officer in charge.

  2. 10 A NOTICE - See; "not ice" - water is warm

  3. Vladimir was in his living room watching "The GODS Must Be Crazy". He received a DELIVERY NOTICE on his mobile.
    His friend Ganesh had SUGGESTed an IDEA which seemed to be ULTIMATE!
    Dressed as a VILLAGER he took the FERRY along with two ITALIANS.
    What happened next?

  4. They were very good friends too!

  5. Afterdark easier than usual.