Thursday 1 February 2024

No 14086, Thursday 01 Feb 2024, Arden

Solution to 24D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

Open for anyone to answer, if not solved by 1 PM.

9   One-third of Australia, not hard in there, but plain and simple (7) AUSTERE {AUSt...a}{ThERE}
10 Complete work before day's end - there is aversion (7) ALLERGY {ALL}{ERG}{daY}
11 Old money small child, play outside (7) DRACHMA {DRA{CH}MA}
12 Cry to get fat (7) BLUBBER [DD]
13 Really easy to carry, I'm happy (9) DELIGHTED {LIGHT}{(in)DEED}
15 Huge number involved in ordinary game (5) BINGO {BI{N}G}{O}
16 French noble with six trillion income (7) VICOMTE {VI}{COM{T}E} T for Trillion? See comments
19 Opposing America right and left in discharge remaining (7) SURPLUS {US<=}{R}{P{L}US}
20 Small fireplace providing warmth (5) HEART HEARTh
21 Oft-repeated jokes about Tesla head taking part in a game (9) CHESTNUTS {CHES{T}{NUT}S
25 Small state faces a communist resurgence and depression (7) CALDERA {CAL} and {A}{RED}<=
26 State of one in our country (7) INDIANA {INDI{AN}A}
28 Omitting without writing a portion (7) EXCERPT {EXCE{R}PT}
29 Behind schedule on payment (7) OVERDUE {DUE}<=>{OVER} &lit

1   The American did not arrest Frank (6) CANDID [T]
2   Condemn a small public sector undertaking (6) ASSAIL {A}{S}{SAIL}
3   Coordinate with me quietly (4) MESH {ME}{SH}
4   Inhabitant - the wine drinking one (6) TENANT {TEN{AN}T}
5   Insults a party in an island nation (8) BARBADOS {BARB{A}{DO}S}
6   Could it be a sudden deluge? (10) CLOUDBURST {COULD}* [RA]
7   Something to eat during hearing in court (8) TRIBUNAL {TRI{BUN}AL}
8   A small picture - moving story about people on a small island (8) CYPRIOTS {PIC+STORY}*
14 Mathematicians' idea of play, they have a choice (4,6) GAME THEORY {GAME}{THE{OR}Y}
16 He lives miserably caught in between buses and trucks (8) VEHICLES {HE+LIVES}* over {C}
17 Wild mustard found daily on top of hair (8) CHARLOCK {CHAR}{LOCK}
18 Terrible stench as one blocks entrances (8) ENCHANTS {ENCH{AN}TS*}
22 He invented the first device to stop random noise (6) EDISON {E{De...e}ISON*}
23 Drug and alcohol stashed in this place (6) UGANDA [T]
24 Caught when part of it was new, went up when part of it was old (6) S?A?E? (Addendum - SNARED S(-o+n)NARED - See comments)
27 Contract work (4) DEED [DD]

Reference List
Hard = H, Child = CH, Number = N, Ordinary = O, Tesla = T, Writing = R, Small = S, Quietly = SH, Party = DO, Caught = C, New = N, Old = O


  1. 8d is it "small picture" Or "short picture"

  2. 16a tera:trillion. Computer memory usage.

    1. when B is for billion and M is for Million, T for trillion is fair

  3. 24D Snared - Caught. When new becomes old , N to O, Soared - Went up

    1. But which is the answer?
      I filled SOARED.

    2. Since caught is at one end of the clue, SNARED has to be the answer. But, yes, it is a confusing one with the crossings matching both words.

    3. I haven't fully understood about positioning of key word, wp etc in a clue.

  4. Nice grid from Arden.