Wednesday 7 February 2024

No 14091, Wednesday 07 Feb 2024, Incognito

Solution to 10A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

Open for anyone to answer, if not solved by 1 PM.

8   Spiritual leader from Central America (4) LAMA [GK] See comments
9   Stress, "Below 20!" (10) UNDERSCORE {UNDER}{SCORE}
10 6 feet of water. Understand? (6) ?A?H?M (Addendum - FATHOM [DD] - See comments)
11 Damaged ball placed amongst playthings in dressers (8) TALLBOYS {T{BALL*}OYS}
12 Father Brown consumes half of kissel in South Asian country (8) PAKISTAN {PA}{KISsel}{TAN}
14 Things shaking? Dark times! (6) NIGHTS*
16 A chartered accountant accompanying setter gets a fruit (4) ACAI {A}{CA}{I}
17 Order stout with Washington (5) FATWA {FAT}{WA}
18 Send explicit message: "Gel around 10 or 12 in daytime" (4) SEXT {SE{X}T} [DD]
19 Check. Tutor is walking around railway terminus (3,3) TRY OUT {TR{r...aY}OUT*}
21 Poster showing Chinese army vehicle with leaders of defeated soldiers (8) PLACARDS {PLA}{CAR}{De...d}{So...s} See comments
23 Mad United Nations editor consumed asafoetida (8) UNHINGED {UN}{HING}{ED}
26 European college head's den makes pastry (6) ECLAIR {Eu...n}{Co...e}{LAIR}
27 Live adders coiled around swashbucklers (10) DAREDEVILS*
28 Baker's equipment from Coventry (4) OVEN [T]

1   Insane military officer from Turkey gets Mark in African country (10) MADAGASCAR {MAD}{AGA}{SCAR}
2   Doctor Hakim, sir? He probably lives in Srinagar (8) KASHMIRI*
3   For example, diamonds covering a small length top (6) SUMMIT {SU{MM}IT}
4   Meditates after mates leave? Correct! (4) EDIT mEDITates
5   Building kraals in Ceylon (3,5) SRI LANKA*
6   After removing tip of rapier from broken rib cage, get equipment for cold compression (3,3) ICE BAG {rIB+CAGE}*
7   Partially destroyed city (4) TROY*
13 Hundred retiring skywards and still sleeping (3,2) NOT UP {TON<=}{UP}
15 Cabbie arrived wrongly around 11... behind time... (10) TAXIDRIVER {A{XI}DRIVER*}<=>{T}
17 Obese soldier returned by end of June wearing American battle dress (8) FATIGUES {FAT}{GI<=}{U{junE}S}
18 Male horse "Number One" returned at back of part of stable (8) STALLION {NO1<=}<=>{STALL}
20 Spanish cries about four fruits (6) OLIVES {OL{IV}ES}
22 Disinclined academician gets a bit of poetry (6) AVERSE {A}{VERSE}
24 Next to body removed from bone-yard (4) NEAR {boNE+yARd}
25 Intravenous feed for boring person (4) DRIP [DD]

Reference List
Editor = ED, Military officer from Turkey = AGA, Hundred = TON, Time = T, Spanish cries = OLES


  1. Typo in 23A- Should be Hing instead of Hung.

  2. 8A- Is not the animal from Central Americacalled Llama?
    Probably meant as a DD- Lama/ Llama.

  3. 21a is an error. 8a is neither GK nor homophone...

    1. Another error! Was meant to be telescopic... Sorry for that

    2. I looked fr telescopicbut gave up.

    3. Good to know it was supposed to be telescopic. I figured that had to be it

  4. 10A FATHOM - 6 feet of water, understand; (DD)

  5. A KASHMIRI TAXI DRIVER took Vladimir and Ganesh to the football stadium in SRI LANKA.

    It was a match between the TALLBOYS and the DAREDEVILS.

    PLACARDS were on sale but Vladimir was AVERSE to such things.

    As the match progressed Vladimir turned to his left and saw
    a person sitting NEAR him.

    Who was it? What happened next?

    1. It was a LAMA in PAKISTAN FATIGUES! Vladimir got UNHINGED. 😁

  6. 10A Fathom. 6 feet measure and understand.

  7. 18ac - SEXT. Not just DD. Multiple definitions?

  8. Thanx Kishore for a fun, easy, breezy grid.

  9. It's always a fun jaunt with Incognito