Saturday 3 February 2024

No 14088, Saturday 03 Feb 2024, Arden

1   India briefly in the midst of coal shortage, may be gets a professional digger (13) ARCHAEOLOGIST {In..a} in {COAL+SHORTAGE}*
10 It can turn both ways (5) ROTOR <=> [CD]
11 International language, best to be exposed - each one to follow (9) ESPERANTO {bESt}{PER}{AN}{TO}
12 Make it look pretty with morning glories spread outside (9) GLAMORISE {GL{AM}ORISE*}
13 Tempted to return inside, rules restrict (5) LURED [T<=]
14 Fall flat, it's possible before a spell (7) CANTRIP {TRIP<=>{CAN}
16 Predict a team to take command (7) DICTATE [T]
18 Snake renamed, perhaps (7) MEANDER*
20 Reject paper money upfront for some mineral (7) REALGAR {RAG<=}<=>[REAL}
22 Order main course, include some chicken dish (5)  DERMA [T]
24 Boycott East German - is blocking lot of people (9) OSTRACISE {OST}{RAC{IS}E}
26 It's very hot and messy - deal with China (9) ENCHILADA {DEAL+CHINA}*
27 Dog right in the back (5) TRAIL {T{R}AIL}
28 Impoverished, strange in a way (2,5,6) IN QUEER STREET {QUEER} in {IN}{STREET} In on double duty?

2   Control frames - skill up or teach new skills (7) RETRAIN {RE{ART<=}IN}
3   He had briefly taken shelter, was protected (9) HARBOURED {H{ARBOUR}E'D}
4   Some time left to raise the tree (5) ELEMI [T<=]
5   He may not hear you, but knows what you're talking about (3,6) LIP READER [CD]
6   Key test for a mountain dweller (5) GORAL {G}{ORAL}
7   Fermented grains added to a drink (7) SANGRIA {GRAINS}*{A}
8   I'm categorised to direct these plays (13) TRAGICOMEDIES*
9   They do recall going around with old penny, rather unemotionally (4-9) COLD-HEARTEDLY {THEY+DO+RECALL}* over {D}
15 Bid to stop crime at minister's house (9) PARSONAGE {P{ARSON}AGE}
17 Appeal - Let current flow inside (9) CHARACTER {CHAR{AC}TER}
19 Half chicken - I can say it is from Timbuktu (7) AFRICAN {AFRaid}{I}{CAN}
21 Make a face, a serious one (7) GRIMACE {GRIM}{ACE}
23 Cast in gold for so long (5) ADIEU {A{DIE}U}
25 Asians add a drop of alcohol in this (5) THAIS {TH{Al...l}IS}

Reference List
East in German = OST, Right = R, Key = G, Old penny = D


  1. Delightful weekend crossy!
    My COD was 19d half chicken AFRICAN 😊

  2. I did not chicken out until I saw the blog!! (was able to get the solution from Timbaktu)

  3. Tomorrow the special will be the '15th Anniversary Crossword Special' which is a Jumbo 21x21 Community effort by all those who volunteered.
    It will be posted at 9:30 AM and since it is a Prize crossword the comments will be closed.

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  5. 10a Isn't it also a Palindrome clue with both ways as indicator?