Saturday 10 February 2024

No 14094, Saturday 10 Feb 2024, KrisKross

1   Tell a story describing good universal order (8) REGULATE {RE{G}{U}LATE}
5   Some think it's cheap form of art (6) KITSCH [T]
9   Lord (OBE) and daughter specially like rubies (5-3) BLOOD-RED {LORD+OBE+D}*
10 Starts to defend excessively... average becomes lower (6) DEMEAN {De...d}{Ex...y}{MEAN}
12 English less excited to consume flat mid-morning snack (9) ELEVENSES {E}{L{EVEN}SES*}
13 Sharp, professional tips from rich businessman (5) ACERB {ACE}{Rich}{Bu...n}
14 Check contract - insufficient (4) SCAN SCANt
16 Crude iron ore originally found near Colorado river (7) ORINOCO {IRON*}{Ore}{CO}
19 Tragic hero collapsed, too full of suffering (7) OTHELLO {OT{HELL}O*}
21 Empress from Spain arriving in retreat (4) RANI [T<=]
24 Wrong to drink cha without a mug (5) STEIN {S{TEa}IN}
25 Able teams fighting for lead, perhaps (4,5) BASE METAL*
27 Smoother cushion? (6) BUFFER {DD]
28 Boss trained most tense novices (8) STUDENTS {STUD}{TENSe*}
29 Recruit two leaders each from engineering, literature, statistics (6) ENLIST {ENg...g}{LIt...e}{STa...s}
30 Ultimately, mankind may do so badly resulting in the end of the world (8) DOOMSDAY {m...nD}{MAY+DO+SO}* Semi&lit

1   Series of tests for a masseur? (6) RUBBER [DD]
2   Catching ball, abruptly order review (2,4) GO OVER {GO{O}VERn}
3   Shelf with long side (5) LEDGE {L}{EDGE}
4   Patriot's final excuse for betraying country (7) TREASON {p...oT}{REASON}
6   Knotted tie, helping to form loop (9) ITERATION {TIE*}{RATION}
7   Fractured knee - lost several bones (8) SKELETON*
8   Guide cycling group through sharp bend (8) HANDBOOK {H{(-b)AND(+b)B}OOK}
11 Capital city is extremely backward and poor, they say (4) OSLO  {SO<=}{(~low)LO}
15 Vessels like "Armstrong" and "Aldrin" say? (9) COLANDERS {CO-LANDERS}

17 Police force winning pinball regularly is on the cards (8) POSSIBLE {POSS{pInBaLl}E}
18 Happy with free lunch in a mess, having no money essentially (8) CHEERFUL {FREE+LUnCH}*
20 Spheres of research becoming silos primarily (4) ORBS Acrostic
21 Teacher rejected German rice dish (7) RISOTTO {SIR<=}{OTTO}
22 Drunk son expiated, giving up alcohol basically (6) STONED {S}{aTONED}
23 Bad case of schizophrenia? Yes, absolutely (3,3) I'LL SAY {ILL}{Sc...iA}{Y}
26 Lady going up and down (5) MADAM <=>

Reference List
Good = G, Universal = U, Daughter = D, English = E, Long = L, Son = S


  1. 21d otto from?
    Can someone enlihtem please.

  2. I think otto is a very popular German name

    1. Yes.
      Otto von Bismarck to name one.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. That is what I had in mind. From Wikipedia

      Otto is a masculine German given name and a surname.

    4. Does sriram become indian then?

    5. My 2p.
      I think it could be setter's choice depending on how well-known / identifiable the name is in a clue. I saw "German" used for OTTO in quite a few published grids and hence went for it. Giving a few examples below.
      Barrel emptied by German presumably drunk (6) - BLOTTO (Financial Times)
      Manuscript containing German slogans? (6) MOTTOS (DT)
      Saw maiden forming an attachment with German guy? (5) MOTTO (Times Jumbo)

      To @Sree_Sree's question, "Sriram" may not become Indian, but I think it would be okay to clue "Punjabi" for "SINGH" especially in an Indian paper.

    6. Yes, I have come across Otto for German quite a few times in CW's.

    7. Hope that ?/perhaps isnt lost.
      Plus they are native puzzles where the off-dictionary usage may be well known.
      THC is a British OED puzzle, no!?

  3. 6D- Did not know the computerised 'Iteration' to be a loop.

  4. Typically entertaining, engrossing and accessible fare from KrissKross. Thank you.

  5. 1D, a series of games (rubber) may be better than series of tests.

  6. Rubber is more popularly associated with cricket tests.

    1. Yes, and I thought "tests" fits better with masseur in the surface than "games"

  7. Rather an easy one from KrissKross. Enjoyed solving.