Thursday 8 February 2024

Special, Sunday 04 Feb 2024, 15th Anniversary Community Crossword Jumbo

15th Anniversary Community Crossword Prize Jumbo
At the outset I would like to thank all the followers of the blog. The blog would not have lasted so long without your support. Special thanks to so many of you who have been staunch followers since the day I began this blog, fifteen years ago, on 04 Feb 2009. 

I would like to make a special mention of Mr CG Rishikesh (Gridman), he was a great inspiration and help to me during the initial years of this blog and thereafter till the day he left for his heavenly abode on 14 Apr 2021.

On the 15th Anniversary of the blog the special today is a 21 x 21 community effort by the following in Alphabetical order.

Abhishek S, Ajeesh VM, Ashirwad V, Bhalachandra Pasupathy, Dr A Jayalakshmi, Dr Satyen Nabar, Jacob Brahmakulam, K Koteswara Rao, Kiran Cheruku, Kishore M Rao,  Lakshmi Vaidyanathan, Mohanraj Thiyagarajan, Nagaraja Rao Pilla, Nick Loader, Padmanabhan PB, Raghavan SV, Rama Sridharan, Ramachandran, Ramesh Babu, Ramesh Kosaraju, Ramki Krishnan,  Ravi Ramanan, Sabareesh Iyer, Samit Kallianpur, Sarvesh CK, Shrikanth T, Sreenivasan S, Sreeram K(Sree Sree), Suresh MS, Vasant Sreenivasan, Vinit W, Viresh Ratnakar.

Since this is a prize Crossword, comments for this crossword are closed. Winner will be randomly picked from amongst the all correct entries. 

Solutions can be submitted using the 'Submit button' incorporated at the bottom of the grid after entering your name, email, your pick of the top three clues and comments/feedback if any in the space provided. 

Those who have set the clues can also participate.

As I am trying this feature for the first time, thanks to Viresh Ratnakar, please also send an email (as a backup) with a screenshot of your solution grid with your postal address and a soft copy of your photograph.

Your submissions should reach me by 12 Noon on Friday 09 Feb 24.

I will put up the CW again for solving as a special at 10:30 AM on 11 Feb, with the results giving the name of the winner randomly picked from the all correct entries and the name of the setters of the top three clues based on your votes.