Sunday 18 February 2024

The Sunday Crossword No 3294, Sunday 18 Feb 2024

1   Highest in command initially skirts the issues (6) TOPICS {TOP}{In}{Co...d}{Sk...s}
4   Set point – fantastic – let's pick up the pace (4,2,2) STEP ON IT*
9   Clergyman rejected nonsense by idiot (6) PASTOR {ROT}{SAP}<=
10 Taunt accepted by Dad in France, English being distinguished (8) PEDIGREE {PE{DIG}RE}{E}
12 No, I engendered flipping contempt (8) DERISION {NO 1}{SIRED}<=
13 Sleep with partners in largish numbers (6) DOZENS {DOZE}{NS}
15 Refuse to camp: hope for resort and welcoming spa at the outset (7,4) COMPOST HEAP {TO+CAMP+HOPE}* over {Spa}
18 Delivering while almost asleep (8,3) DROPPING OFF [DD]
21 More painful part of stomach, i.e. reticulum (6) ACHIER [T]
22 When irritated, interfere after rector's left one of the Canaries (8) TENERIFE INTErFERE*
24 Something African National Congress tabled in opposing Nationalists, primarily? (8) SANCTION Acrostic &lit
25 Punctilious Detective Inspector leaves area (6) STRICT diSTRICT
26 Fantastic Island that can be seen in comics (8) SUPERMAN {SUPER}{MAN}
27 In the East End, he got up and wiped out? (6) ERASED (~ 'e raised)

1   Audio kit packeted ham-fistedly (4,4) TAPE DECK*
2   Kind of tense, drive over island for meat (8) PASTRAMI {PAST}{RAM}{I}
3   Everyman, perhaps mad, drew otters dancing (9,6)  CROSSWORD SETTER {CROSS}{DREW+OTTERS}*
5   Even movement of the ocean reported (4) TIED (~tide)
6   Carton half open, reptiles scurrying: nasty thing to receive in the mail (6-3,6) POISON-PEN LETTER {carTON+OPEN+REPTILES}*
7   Drinks slowly in harbours (6) NURSES [DD]
8   The Ivy's serving tripe – but only starters, I believe (6) THEIST {THE}{Ivy}{Se...g}{Tr..e}
11 Loading area in which you might go bust (7) PONTOON [DD]
14 Parts of beans that are used for worship (7) TEMPLES [DD]
16 Institute enshrined in the law finally validates insurance documents (8) POLICIES {POLIC{I}E}{v...eS}
17 Got to camp (8) AFFECTED [DD]
19 Cowboys use these in Dallas so sparingly (6) LASSOS [T]
20 Exercise in the gym? Don't look so sad (4-2) CHIN-UP [DD]
23 Up to now, Romeo not seen in comfy spot (4) SOFA SO FAr

Reference List
Dad in France = PERE, English = E, Partners = N,S, Rector = R, Island = I, Institute = I, Romeo = R