Sunday 4 February 2024

The Sunday Crossword No 3292, Sunday 04 Feb 2023

Artwork by Prasanna

Rangoli by Gowri

1   Wild excitations and thrills (11) INTOXICATES*
9   Slice of Kashmiri cottage cheese (7) RICOTTA [T]
10 After November, say, one's eaten more crackers (7) NUTTIER {N}{UTT{1}ER}
11 Nick wanting direction, disheartened, embracing Conservatives' leader (5) NOTCH {NOrTH} over {Co...s}
12 Make music, sad and quiet (4,4) PIPE DOWN {PIPE}{DOWN}
14 Record me in retreat: 'One denies responsibility' (10) DISCLAIMER {DISC}{LAI{ME}R}
15 It's a flipping sparkling wine (4) ASTI<=
17 Compulsion to cleanse failing to start (4) URGE pURGE
19 In advance, rustling up salad of rock pigeon (10) PRECOOKING*
21 Poignant, timeless article describing female relative (8) HAUNTING {tH{AUNT}ING}
23 King and queen on a Swedish coin (5) KRONA {K}{R}{ON}{A}
25 Opera's musicians including Dutch thinker (7) ERASMUS [T]
26 Boiling fruit for exciting social engagement (3,4) HOT DATE {HOT}{DATE}
27 Fiancé and messy bosun bathed (7-2-2) HUSBAND-TO-BE*

1   Prompts marksmen to find targets here, did you say? (7) INCITES (~in sights)
2   Vietnamese festival that starts year offspring mostly accepted in irritable fashion (8) TETCHILY {TET}{Year} over {CHILd}
3   Medical procedure that follows whiskey? (1-3) X-RAY [DD]
4   Secret kind of trick (10) CONFIDENCE [DD}
5   Sound of disapproval twice at the outset, Everyman's one to be taught a lesson (5) TUTEE {TUT}{Ev...n}{Ev...n}
6   Old rakes initially wearing smart clothes: they're after wives (7) SUITORS {SUIT{O}{Rake}S}
7   Female relative, imperious, departs; merriment stifled at first (13) GRANDDAUGHTER {GRAND}{D}{lAUGHTER}
8   Source of refreshment befuddled king and writer (8,5) DRINKING WATER*
13 In a Nissan, the writer's on island somewhere in S Pacific (10) MICRONESIA {MICR{ONES}{I}A} It is in the Northwest Pacific?
16 Time for quiet: pet dog becomes talking animal (8) COCKATOO COCKA(-p+t)TOO
18 Grand old university buffet offering Hungarian stew (7) GOULASH {G}{O}{U}{LASH}
20 Pick out one very good behind (7) ISOLATE {1}{SO}{LATE}
22 Newspaper X (5) TIMES [DD]
24 Country. Habitable ...? African desert, primarily! (4) CHAD Acrostic &lit

Reference List
November = N, Time = T, King = K, Queen = R, Old =O, Departs = D, Quiet = P, Grand =G, University = U


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