Tuesday 20 February 2024

No 14102, Tuesday 20 Feb 2024, Dr. X

Solution to 8A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

Open for anyone to answer, if not solved by 1 PM.

1 & 26 Conceited reason to buy new footwear (3,3,3,4,5) TOO BIG FOR ONES BOOTS [C&DD]
8   Nevertheless getting rid of old planes (5) E?E?S (Addendum - EVENS {EVEN So} - See comments)
9   Prince inherits rare medical condition (9) NEPHRITIS {P+INHERITS}*
11 Wild animal behind mysterious den surrounded by round blue plants (10) DANDELIONS {LION}<=>{DEN}* in {SAD<=}
12 Nail criminal crossing river (4) BRAD {B{R}AD}
14 Tempts by endlessly seducing artfully (7) INDUCES {SEDUCINg}*
16 One sold fresh strips of pasta (7) NOODLES*
17 Mexican dish contains most cheap brand of sauce (7) TABASCO {TA{BASe}CO}
19 Romp with primarily sexy male in escapade (7) SCAMPER {Sexy}{CA{M}PER}
21 Excited since beginning of game (4) AGOG {AGO}{Game}
22 Pub having unhealthy, substandard oriental menu (4,2,4) BILL OF FARE {B{ILL}{OFF}AR}{E}
25 Tripping on pure LSD in show (9) SPLENDOUR*
26 See 1
27 Little shots drunk after consuming drugs - they make women higher? (8,5) STILETTO HEELS {LITTLE+SHOTS}* over {EE}

2   Love exotic dance featuring island's sea nymph (7) OCEANID {O}{CEAN{I}D*}
3   Spooner's coffin found in wreck (6,4) BASKET CASE (~casket base to basket case)
4   Bottled spirits? That is gin, rum (5) GENII {IE+GIN}*
5   Postpone broadcast about nuclear rivals (9) OPPONENTS {POSTPONE}* over {N}
6   Bulldog repeatedly bites fiend (4) OGRE [T]
7   Note a bit of lump within the intestine (7) ENTERAL {ENTER}{A}{Lump}
8   Taken in by charms, misdeed by model has an unhappy outcome (4,2,5) ENDS IN TEARS {END{SIN}{T}EARS}
10 Encounter maiden lost in distress around byroads (4,7) SIDE STREETS {mEET} in {DISTRESS}*
13 Master uttered with enthusiasm about boy's ethical courage (5,5) MORAL FIBRE {M}{ORAL}{FI{B}RE}
15 Angry leader of insurgents trapped by stalwart engaged in a decisive gunfight (4,2,3) SHOT IT OUT {S{HOT}{In...s}TOUT}
18 Brochure in trunk about deer in retreat (7) BOOKLET {BOO{ELK<=}T}
20 Wolf and ape injured pheasant (7) PEAFOWL*
23 Passage to be performed slowly by girl in vocal round (5) LARGO {G} in {ORAL<=}
24 Reviewed isolated organic compound (4) ENOL <=

Reference List
Old = O, Prince = P, River = R, Male = M, Island = I, Nuclear = N, Model = T, Maiden = M, Master = M, Boy = B, Girl = L


  1. Enjoyable Dr.X marches ahead. Thank you for an engaing start to the morning.

  2. Lovely Grid by Doc.
    Thrilled to finish in under 30 minutes.
    As always loved -

    For once, we had a sexy male! :)
    Thanx Doc!