Monday 5 February 2024

No 14089, Monday 05 Feb 2024, Arden

Solution to 20D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

Open for anyone to answer, if not solved by 1 PM.

6   Pursuit within reach, as enunciated (5) CHASE [T]
7   Politician expressing annoyance having to return (8) DEMOCRAT {DRAT} over {COME(back)}
10 Directors working, I am taking rest (7) MAESTRI {I+AM+REST}*
11 Three on tour, allowed to follow (7) TRIPLET {TRIP}{LET}
12 Starts eating dinner regularly in deluxe surrounding - just what the doctor ordered (3,4) BED REST {Ea...g}{Di...r}{Re...y} in {BEST}
13 Countrymen struggle in the night (7) DENMARK {D{MEN*}ARK}
14 Main emperor set up an extended reign (5,6) ROMAN EMPIRE*
19 A thing, perhaps (7) ARTICLE [DD]
21 Third line under one ruler in China (7) NANKING {liNe}{AN}{KING}
23 Boy suffering to become a brave knight (7) PALADIN {LAD} in {PAIN}
25 Crime close to cricket ground (7) TREASON {c...eT}{REASON}
26 Orders a soldier (8) COMMANDO {COMMAND}{O}O from? Orders will be Commands? See comments
27 A moron rejected a vegetable (5) LOOFA {A}{FOOL}<=

1   Press a bank to support current account openers (8) CALENDER {LENDER}<=>{Cu...t}{Ac...t}
2   Place support under furniture (6) SETTEE {SET}{TEE}
3   Permit a ball catching glove (10) ADMITTANCE {A}{D{MITT}ANCE}
4   Give payment on time (4) EMIT {EMI}{T}
5   Abigail had held up a flower (6) DAHLIA [T<=]
6   Acquired hundred, may be wrong (4,2) CAME BY {C}{MAY+BE}*
8   In short, against this wine (7) CHIANTI {CHIc}{ANTI}
9   Sawn off gun carrying allowed, will add fuel to fire (5) STOKE {ST{OK}En}
13 Power contribution, monthly instalments initially accepted (10) DOMINATION {DO{Mo...y}{In...s}NATION}
15 About to stop the lady on pavement (7) MACADAM {MA{CA}DAM}
16 Issue with the final goal (8) EMISSION {thE}{MISSION}
17 A million tonnes per annum outside the city (5) TAMPA {A}{M} in {T}{PA}
18 Action plan by mature group of politicians (6) AGENDA {AGE}{NDA}
20 Fat with total following (6) T?L?O? (Addendum - TALLOW {ALL} {(in)TOW} - See comments)
22 Pointer: Notice extended line on all sides (6) NEEDLE {No..cE}{Ex...eD}{LinE}
24 Midday round shifted to the end? It's not allowed (2-2) NO-NO N(-o)ON(+o)O

Reference List
Support = TEE, Time = T, Hundred = C, About = CA, Million = M, Tonne = T, Per annum = PA


  1. 17d tpa is a standard measure.

  2. Maestri= Music directors? I could not get it. Struggled to fit in meeting.

  3. Countrymen=> Country/ Men. Arden pecial!

  4. Have received only 13 submissions for yesterday Anniversary prize special. Entries can be sent in till Noon 09 Feb.

  5. Typical Arden grid. Liked CHIANTI, NO-NO, BED REST to name a few.
    19A: Should it be
    Perhaps a thing (7)
    Perhaps A = article (def by example)
    thing = article
    The DBE indicator should be next to A, right?

  6. 20D TALLOW - fat; (W)ith (TOTAL)* following

    1. W + anagram of TOTAL does not give TALLOW right?

  7. 20D TALLOW; fat: total becomes tallow; TO be LOW behind =following.
    Not quite sure of anno.

  8. Since it's past 1 p.m., I'm posting my answer and anno for 20D
    Fat with total following (6)
    Fat = TALLOW (def)
    with = connector
    total = ALL
    following = IN TOW
    So, total following = ALL in TOW = TALLOW
    Same wordplay technique as seen in 23A also

  9. Dear esteemed Col. Saab,
    Though this particular space is solely for comments on today's CW grid and not for any other earlier one, I am (mis)using it to congratulate you for the well-deserved memento presented to you by your well-wishers to mark the cherished anniversary of this worthy blog-site of The Hindu Crossword Corner, which you posted yesterday.
    Well, I chanced to see it today since the router of the internet (Wi-Fi) for my PC had conked out yesterday morning. Of course, I am unlike all those folks of the modern era who feel like fish-out-of-water as and when the mains power goes off or the communication links are snapped. Nonetheless, kept my self busy with the Sunday supplements of my copies of The Hindu and IE besides the other two dailies (ToI & HT) that the facility for care of the elderly (senior citizens hostel, named Second Innings Home) where I reside.
    So congratulations to you for this 'lively-n-lovely' venture of blogspot mooted by you and may this reach newer heights in the days to come. Cheers!!!

  10. Replies
    1. With ref to Ramki's mention of wp technique.

  11. Couldn't figure out as to how 25-A has been solved as TREASON. Can one of our members enlighten me about this? Thanq.

    1. Charade + letter-picking clue
      Close to cricket = T (last letter)
      ground = REASON
      T + REASON = TREASON (crime)

    2. Thaq dear Ramki 'Kris Kross' Krishnan Sir for this clarification.

  12. As always a fun Arden puzzle.
    Thank u.