Monday 12 February 2024

No 14095, Monday 12 Feb 2024, Crescent

Solution to 6D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

Open for anyone to answer, if not solved by 1 PM.

8   God may lay devious traps (8) ALMIGHTY {AL{MIGHT}Y*}
9   Detection from sixth sense with face denying lead (6) ESPIAL {ESP}{dIAL}
10 Acute high pressure causing the proverbial storm in this? (6) TEACUP {ACUTE}*}{P}
11 Fish drift around in the middle of dragnet (8) STINGRAY {ST{IN}{draGnet}RAY}
12 Special ventilation passage keeping temperature in place for flights (8) STAIRWAY {S}{T}{AIRWAY}
14 Eating at home, time for wife to get up (6) INTAKE {IN}{(+t-w)TAKE}
15 Sheer farce, endlessly repent blowing part of capital (10,5) PREFERENCE SHARE {SHEER+FARCE+REPENt}*
18 Cheap liquor, Spooner's acquired habit (6) ROTGUT (~got rut to rotgut)
20 Toothed wheel starts to swiftly propel missile (8) SPROCKET {Sw...y}{Pr...l}{ROCKET}
22 Sculpted objects, fancy art say, leaving me mute (8) STATUARY {ART+SAY+mUTe}*
24 First lady Marcos' daughter entering international festival (6) IMELDA {I}{MEL{D}A}
25 Fellow in power on a balcony primarily ready for assembly (6) PREFAB {P}{RE}{F}{A}{B}
26 Check diamonds in custody and acknowledge (4,4) HOLD DOWN {HOL{D}D}{OWN}

 Nitrogen in exhaust vent ultimately flowing freely (6) FLUENT {FLUE}{N}{venT}
2   Money is capital, that's the trouble (8) MISCHIEF {M}{IS}{CHIEF}
3   Breaking statute frequently, who are black sheep - those in authority? (3,6,4,2) THE POWERS THAT BE {sTaTuTe+WHO+ARE+B+SHEEP}*
4   Agreement appended to book extras (4) BYES {YES}<=>{B}
5   The ten commandments originally ratified lie on the rocks (8,7) DEFINITE ARTICLE {TEN+Co...s+RATIFIED+LIE}*
6   Tap to hog alcoholic drinks (6) ?P?G?T (Addendum - SPIGOT {S{PIG}OT} - See comments)
7   Waving marks an American Indian salute (8) NAMASKAR {MARKS+AN+A}*
13 Upset for example about kin, heartless jerks (5) YANKS {S{KiN}AY}<=
16 Sun welcomed by those cheering birds (8) ROOSTERS {ROO{S}TERS}
17 Brewed chai close to a Mexican ranch (8) HACIENDA {CHAI*}{END}{A}
19 Escaped convict finally shares blunder by force (3,3) GOT OFF {GO{c...cT}OF}{F}
21 Dies to protect old women's funds (6) ENDOWS {END{O}{W}S}
23 Characters in Tokyo hotels call to attract attention (2-2) YO-HO [T]

Reference List
Pressure = P, Special = S, Temperature = T, Time = T, Wife = W, Daughter = D, International = I, Festival = MELA, Fellow = F, Power = P, On = RE, Diamonds = D, Money = M, Black = B, Book = B, American = A, Sun = S, Force = F, Old = O, Woman = W


  1. 1d flue root from flow!
    An excellent wotk out.

  2. 15a does the singular form valid word!
    As noun its preference shares.

    1. Preference share capital is the part of the capital raised through preference shares. That may be the setter's intent. Seems right.

  3. 1 preference share is very much a singular, though it may be rare.

  4. Liked Mischief and THE def.article.

  5. Col., 'Marks' in 7D to be coloured in pink.

  6. In my opinion, this setter is the toughest to crack among others. Yes, I once again found it today.

  7. May=MIGHT
    Devious Lay traps(containment ind)

  8. 6d SPIGOT = Tap
    SOT = Alcoholic
    PIG = Hog
    Drinks = indicates Sot getting outside of Pig

  9. 6D tap(defn) - SPIGOT
    hog(PIG) alcoholic(SOT) drinks(cont ind)

    Very similar clue structure to 8A.

    1. Pig = hog as noun, right? So ‘to’ is used as a connector between definition and wordplay? Agree it helps the surface, though

    2. Do you people like the construction “A B contains” instead of “B contains A” for “A in B”?

    3. Wsnt there n rgument that link words to be Directional! T the least correct usage of (native) diectional words like to, from etc.
      The usage of ('s) verb think acceptable.
      A, b traps.

    4. "AB contains" would be confusing and difficult to find.

    5. Yes. "Tap to hog"- Hog sounds like a verb and not noun.

    6. Same problem with 8A- I had to change the order of words to understand the clue.

    7. @VMA_Nair @14:21
      Both "hog" and "pig" have also verb forms, which means to show greed, overeat etc. In the verb form, I think "to" is okay.

    8. Yes, they both have verb forms but didn’t see hog (v) as synonym for pig (v) in dictionaries. Also, eat greedily = pig out?

  10. As usual Crescent keeps the setting standard high. Enjoyed cracking the clues.

    1. +1
      TEACUP, ALMIGHTY, INTAKE, NAMASKAR, ROOSTERS (where IMO the whole surface can be an extended def for the ans!) were a few favourites. Thanks Crescent and Col.

  11. 8A God may lay devious traps(8) - ALMIGHTY

    (Definition) (containee) (anagram fodder/container) (anagram indicator) (containment indicator)

    Without help from crossings, that is Da Vinci code. ­čśÄ

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  13. Missing commas in today's grid.

    and a comma yesterday that meant 'cut' has no PARALLEL to not to CONTRADISTINGUISH­čśů