Sunday 11 February 2024

The Sunday Crossword No 3293, Sunday 11 Feb 2024

1   Directions announced for seamstress and farmer somewhere in London (4) SOHO (~ sew)(~ hoe)
3   This may show you a rainbow meandering for certain (10) REFRACTION*
9   Organiser of libraries said to be somewhat wet (4) DEWY (~dewey)
10 No longer enjoying Pink Floyd album? Crazy (3-3-4) OFF-THE-WALL {OFF}{THE WALL}
11 Scarce enough to manage? Take a new approach (6,6) CHANGE COURSE*
15 Footwear? They've got cloven hooves! (7) REEBOKS [DD]
16 Hide in quarter of Greek island? (7) SECRETE {SE}{CRETE}
17 Caretaker sent back copper and silver vessels (7) STOPGAP {P}{AG}{POTS}<=
19 It might be some homework, Chuck (7) PROJECT [DD}
20 Fashionista puts on bridle, saddle, etc? (7,5) CLOTHES HORSE {CLOTHES HORSE}
23 Conservative: I'm ready for my photo and something to eat (4,6) BLUE CHEESE {BLUE}{CHEESE}
24 Male host, agreeable – to some extent (4) STAG [T]
25 Lethargy resulting from some heated rows in Essex (10) DROWSINESS [T]
26 Behold: Detective Inspector's flipping hero (4) IDOL {LO}{DI}<=

1   Dresses cut outrageously – for this one? (10) SEDUCTRESS Semi&lit
2   Duke included in inquiry about health? The nerve! (3,4,3) HOW DARE YOU {HOW {D}ARE YOU}
4   Carries out belongings (7) EFFECTS [DD}
5   Contemptible sort oversees conveniences for motorists (but not residents) (3,4) RAT RUNS {RAT}{RUNS}
6   What may be seen all around Lancashire? (11) CHEESECLOTH [CD]
7   Everyman had to take on assistant, one dealing with email etc (4) IPAD {I'D} over {PA}
8   Nightingale's wings in site of literary murder (4) NILE {NIg...aLE}
12 Fidgety recluse agog, seeing Hollywood big-shot (6,5) GEORGE LUCAS*
13 Had fun? Noted (10) CELEBRATED [DD]
14 Gentle swab for treatment somewhere in India (4,6) WEST BENGAL*
18 Guide is glib, high-flying type (7) PATTERN {PAT}{TERN}
19 A printmaker has these urges (7) PRESSES [DD]
21 Lamb and Teddy regularly tucked up (4) ABED {lAmB+tEdDy}
22 Sport unleashing mammoth opponents, primarily? (4) SUMO Acrostic &lit

Reference List
Quarter = SE, Copper = P, Behold = LO, Duke = D, Assistant = PA, Glib = PAT

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