Friday, 11 December 2015

No 11572, Friday 11 Dec 2015, Neyartha

Don't we need at least 6 words to qualify for a themed CW?

1   Cheese dish arbiter shrewdly prepared is not dry (5,7) WELSH RAREBIT {ARBITER+SHrEWdLy}*
8   Place to find a number of keys? (7) FLORIDA [GK]
9   Indian beach with a fancy dock (6) MARINA [DD]
11 Group exerting pressure on politicians? (9) LOBBYISTS [CD]
12 Company to get rid of the gold whales and the South American shrubs (5) COCAS {(-or+co)COCAS}
14 Seize books included in the crumpled receipt (9) INTERCEPT {NT} in {RECEIPT}*
16 Overheard spy in the docking station (4) PIER (~peer)
18 Article grappled by Mexican cat breed (4) MANX {M{AN}X}
19 Boy upset by a man from Mars leaves castle with a large dog (9) DALMATIAN {DAL<=}{MArTIAN}
21 Bernie celebrates to some extent with a relative (5) NIECE [T]
22 International upsets widower seizing evacuated land (9) WORLDWIDE {WIDOWER+LanD}*
23 Slogan's a sacred chant (6) MANTRA [DD]
25 Gamble by the Wisconsin ex-model in the interval (7) BETWIXT {BET}{WI}{X}{T}
26 Emotional state, not easy to mould? (4,8) HARD FEELINGS [CD]

2   Outrageousness resulting from harmful exacerbation after article loss (11) EXORBITANCE EXaCERBATION*
3   Trendy to board low horse carts going north to the place where boats are built (8) SHIPYARD {HIP} in {DRAYS<=}
4   Reportedly drove to alter dates at a partly sheltered anchorage (9) ROADSTEAD (~rode){ROAD}{DATES*}
5   Old verses provided by the model making way for the mass ceremonies (5) RIMES RI(-t+m)MES
6   British officers reheating some cold halibut initially with beet soup (6) BORSCH Acrostic
7   Insane person turning up for a large cask (3) TUN <=
8   Graceful student moving down to capture a video gets success (10) FULFILMENT {FILM} in {F(-l)U(+l)LENT}
10 Acerbic German ignored spy wrapping the cord (10) ASTRINGENT {STRING} in {AgENT}
13 Disapproving of the analyst sign I modified (11) CRITICISING {CRITIC}{SIGN+I}*
15 Fair to uncover bundle sent up by the French (9) TOLERABLE {TOL}{ERAB}<={LE}
17 Tape with an Italian note for the marauders (8) BANDITTI {BAND}{IT}{TI}
20 Inflamed sore in the giraffe's terrible (6) FESTER [T]
22 Leaders of the West hurry and return from the dock (5) WHARF Acrostic
24 Cashier concealing burnt remains (3) ASH [T]


  1. 50 years back was the beginning of a bright spark,
    Who made a grand slam,
    With a triple pangram -
    A superb setter who has made an indelible mark,
    Join me in wishing our dear friend Mr. Afterdark!

    1. He is a man of estate
      With impeccable taste
      He is also a man of spirit
      Who can hold with a lot of grit
      A loving father, an adoring husband
      To him go our wishes - all grand.

    2. Happy Birthday Shrikanth! :)

  2. At
    I am talking about 21a.
    And I have invited readers to comment on another clue. Would you?

  3. Sailing theme ... wharf, pier, shipyard, florida, marina ?? Nice one from Neyartha - thanks for the samosas today :)

  4. Re 9a
    Marina as a noun is 'a berthing area for yachts, etc, prepared with every kind of facility for a sailing holiday' (Chambers).
    That being the case, why 'Indian'?
    Is it a reference to Chennai's area known as Marina?
    And talking of Chennai's Marina it has little ailing activity except for fishing boats or an occasional yacht.
    We have statues aplenty!

    1. And tenga-manga sundal and murukku vendors

  5. Happy Birthday & many Happy returns of the day Shrikanth aka Afterdark (aka Brightness!)
    Nice enjoyable CW though I had a few holds on the right (?) half. Left was fully right!
    I still can't understand how and why I put wideworld instead of the obvious worldwide. I misspelt Borsch- enough to create chaos.

  6. Read 'Holes' instead of 'Holds'.

  7. Kishore,
    It is Thenga0 Manga- Pattani- Sundal.

    1. Thanks. now I know why my recipe wasn't turning out right..

  8. The Mexican cat breed took away my samosas...:((

    1. As you can see from the pix, the cat is rather de-tailed

  9. Suresh,
    Thank you for your call. That was the last call and we were totally cut off for 3 days after that. Just as I was speaking to you power was cut off and in the next hour or so water level started rising very fast and luckily we were able to stay safe upstairs.

  10. Many happy returns of the day Shrikanth

  11. Couldnt get to solving the puzzle till noon...njoyed solving...lovely one from Neyartha

  12. Logging in late.
    Happy Birthday Shrikanth!

  13. A wonderful puzzle! Thanks for the samosas, Neyartha!

  14. MB,
    Thank you for your welcome note yesterday. saw it late.