Sunday 27 December 2015

The Sunday Crossword (2873), Sunday 27 Dec 2015

1   Protective covering quickly attached to vehicle (8) CARAPACE {CAR}{APACE}
5   Problem created by show-off (5) POSER [DD]
9   Set out east and cross level area (7) EXPLAIN {E}{X}{PLAIN}
10 Spoke angrily, having become influenced (7) GROWLED {GROW}{LED}
11 Conclusion of prayer almost correct (4) AMEN AMENd
12 Unwarranted disorder of August riot (10) GRATUITOUS*
14 Brilliant and smart, securing century, batting until middle of day (13) SCINTILLATING {S{C}{IN}{TILL}{dAy}TING}
17 Book following mad hero's search involving old sea creature (9,4) HORSESHOE CRAB {B} after {HERO'S+SEARCH+O}*
19 Cartoon clowns stumble (5,5) COMIC STRIP {COMIC S}{TRIP}
21 Gain diamonds in turn (4) WIND {WIN}{D}
23 Note start of tour through north of Baltic state (7) LATVIAN {LA}{Tour}{VIA}{N}
24 Secure, holding nerve about cultivation (7) TILLAGE {TI{LLAG<=}E}
25 Abrupt arbiter settled cases (5) TERSE [T]
26 Evocative colour Oscar supplied (8) REDOLENT {RED}{O}{LENT}

1   Concern initially about vessel containing small crack (8) CREVASSE {Co...n}{RE}{VAS{S}E}
2   Supply assistant, admitting offence, completely upset (9) REPLENISH {REPLE{NIS}H}<=
3   Put under pressure in drama (4) PLAY {P}{LAY}
4   Strange change in latter system keeping place warm (7,7) CENTRAL HEATING*
5   Forbidden expert, disguised, grabbing snack (10) PROHIBITED {PRO}{HI{BITE}D}
6   Barrage of colossal volume (5) SALVO [T]
7   Ingredient of salad presented by artist on plate (6) RADISH {RA}{DISH}
8   Crime writer's novel has tragic hate consuming one (6,8) AGATHA CHRISTIE {1} in {HAS+TRAGIC+HATE}*
13 Pretty busy after a dry run (10) ATTRACTIVE {A}{TT}{R}{ACTIVE}
15 Airmen get trained and develop (9) GERMINATE*
16 Base that is held by criminal not yielding (8) OBEDIENT {BED}{IE} in {NOT}*
18 Carve stone inlaid with copper disc (6) SCULPT {S{CU}{LP}T}
20 Drive miles round hill (5) MOTOR {M}{O}{TOR}
22 Fables not without odd features too (4) ALSO {fAbLeS}{nOt}



  1. Very good one - Relished the Sunday samosas!

  2. Special at 10:30 will be the second CW used at the IXL Finals preliminary round

  3. Cute little puzzle! Missed out on 21Ac WIND and failed to annotate OBEDIENT. Overall an enjoyable solve.

  4. Will try this 'cute little'' and 'chsrming'puzzle later. Waiting for the second round puzzle of ICL 2015.

    But since when did puzzles become cute and charming?

    1. They all lie in the eyes of the beholder!

    2. Like in Coimbatore, the weather man calls the day to be delectable? hardly !