Wednesday, 30 December 2015

No 11587, Wednesday 30 Dec 2015, xChequer

7   Fortune beset, so flipping hairy (6) PILOSE {SO<=} in {PILE}
8   Explosive sound in axle breaking at rear of lorry reflecting terrible fit (8) APOPLEXY {POP} in {AXLE}*{Y}
9   It is not considered witty to bow comically in pairs (3,2,3) TWO BY TWO {WitTY+TO+BOW}*
10 Temperament of child longing to return (6) KIDNEY {KID}{NEY<=}
11 Petitions to pay tribute heard (5) PRAYS (~praise)
12 Hammered Black? Bingo! (6) BLOTTO {B}{LOTTO}
14 Needing specific order, how to pour, say, is the ultimate point of question! (5,4,6) WHAT'S YOUR POISON {HOW+TO+POUR+SAY+IS+q...oN}* &lit
17 Content in hole, ant obtains shelter (4-2) LEAN-TO [T]
18 Favourite knocking out rookie in fair contest (5) FIGHT (-l+f)FIGHT
22 Lawyer gathering abuse for code of conduct (6) DHARMA {D{HARM}A}
23 Innovative names to describe the German waffles (8) MEANDERS {DER} in {NAMES}*
24 Nobility crushed under a united Greece (8) GRANDEUR {GR}{A+UNDER}* (Addendum - {A+UNDER}* in {GR} - See comments)
25 Adjusting VAT on foreign gin (6) TUNING {TUN}{GIN*}

1   Good to take off casual clothes, throw on change (9) AIRWORTHY {AIR{THROW*}Y}
2   Threaten son and he may punch (6) COWBOY {COW}{BOY}
3   Against shifting seat in match (5) VESTA {V}{SEAT*}
4   Upright officer kept marching, saving seconds in marching style (8) LOCKSTEP {COL<=}{K{S}TEP*}
5   Happy pouring oil over one's bloomers (8) GLADIOLI {GLAD}{1}{OIL*}
6   Larger than large, said to stand out (5) EXCEL (~xl)
8   Chilled-out person of course, too calm to get agitated (1,4,8) A COOL CUSTOMER* &lit
13 Bugging the inhabited flat (9) BOTHERING {BO{THE}RING}
15 Available for hire, hosts dashed liberal (8) TOLERANT {RAN} in {TO LET}
16 Ever the optimist, unmarried Mary eyes a bum (8) YEASAYER {mARY+EYES+A}*
19 Bid to keep study in order (6) INDENT {DEN} in {1 NT}
20 Smart contract form to protect right (5) SHARP {SHA{R}Pe}
21 Compartment to store dry nuts (5) BATTY {BA{TT}Y}


  1. Some very nice clues. Always a pleasure to come across &lit clues.

  2. 18A Unable to locate any site giving F is an abbreviation for FAVOURITE :(

    1. I don't think my anno is correct

    2. What other anno is possible? Beats me. F for favourite does not sound right. Bhala, what did you have in mind?

    3. F for favourite from horse-racing? I could google some abbreviations like CF for Co-favourite, BF for Beaten Favourite etc.

    4. Suresh, since you have directly asked me, shall post! Deepak's anno is quite right. F = favourite and Ramki has the connection correctly established.

      @Sandhya: am giving the extract from Oxford Dictionary and the related link below

      F 3

      See definition in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary
      Line breaks: F
      Pronunciation: /ɛf/




      3 (F) Chemistry Faraday(s).

      4(In racing results) favourite:
      ‘2nd Miss Prism 2-1 F’

    5. Thanks, Bhala. I knew that you would do it right.

  3. Xchequer wow...and phew...took me ages but proudly did it all.. vesta was last to drop.. who knew it meant a match? hee hee.. Pilose was a new word. some nice &lits.. and kinda new ones too .. able to parse most.. tho not sure of 24a.. what is the role of United here?

    1. Thanks Arden, also for your thumbs up.

      The anno should be G(UNDER A*)R

  4. Very very tough...almost gave up many times...but soldiered on...

  5. Much tougher than yesterday, with some delightful clues - and sneaky wp / def in 25A, 10A etc. 13D is my COD!
    Thanks Bhala.

  6. Hope GRIDMAN will take over early. Not that I dislike xChequer but I like GRIDMAN more