Sunday, 6 December 2015

The Sunday Crossword (2870), Sunday 06 Dec 2015

1   French article with story about apostle endlessly baffling (12) UNFATHOMABLE {UN}{FA{THOMAs}BLE}
8   Regret dropping name attached to a love affair (5) AMOUR {A}{MOURn}
9   Unruffled, tucked into more with second snack (9) ELEVENSES {EL{EVEN}SE}{S}
11 Attendant in strange dream is in command (10) BRIDESMAID {DREAM+IS}* in {BID}
12 Turn around, regarding monster (4) OGRE {OG<=}{RE}
14 Rough blanket popular officer accepted (7) GENERAL [MD] All definitions!!
15 Retreat after attention becomes intense (7) EARNEST {EAR}{NEST}
16 Driver of vehicle disappeared in conflict (7) WAGONER {WA{GONE}R}
19 Be quiet about meal with lieutenant in secrecy (7) STEALTH {S{TEA}{LT}H}
21 Back in Leyton Orient's club (4) IRON [T<=]
22 Bold one in side, Republican figure with illusory power (5,5) PAPER TIGER {PA{PER T}{1}GE}{R}
24 Be occupied by translation of term for fanatic (9) EXTREMIST {TERM}* in {EXIST}
25 Nothing feeble about large bird of prey (5) OWLET {O}{W{L}ET}
26 Feel dry run is unusually easy to handle (4-8) USER-FRIENDLY*

1   Ideal university, best in surrounding area (7) UTOPIAN {U}{TOP}{I{A}N}
2   Patient managing to catch ball with energy (10) FORBEARING {F{ORB}{E}ARING}
3   Another malaise partly relating to heat (7) THERMAL [T]
4   Former love, overall, beginning to irritate me (3-4) ONE-TIME {O}{NE-T}{I}{ME}
5   Take off and cross highest point (4) APEX {APE}{X}
6   Decline to go into way to make pasta (7) LASAGNE {LA{SAG}NE}
7   Babe hag twice changed into butterfly (7,5) CABBAGE WHITE*
10 Musical set we modified, cautious about it (5,7) SWEET CHARITY {WE+SET}* {CHAR{IT}Y}
13 Ministry meddles excessively, restricting height and depth (10) PRIESTHOOD {PRIES}{T{H}OO}{D}
17 Doctor got list to identify part of larynx (7) GLOTTIS*
18 More prepared and stern, accepting finish (7) READIER {REA{DIE}R}
19 Apparition in novel peers around court (7) SPECTRE {PEERS}* around {CT}
20 Support partner in accordance with law (7) LEGALLY {LEG}{ALLY}
23 Judge at this point in speech (4) HEAR (~ here)



  1. Those of us who are friends with Spinner (Srivathsan ) I'm sure have seen the fantastic work being done by him in Chennai.Let's put our hands together to applaud him for his untiring efforts. Great job Srivathsan

    1. God bless you Srivathsan.

    2. Hats Off, Srivathsan & God Bless you

    3. Great work Spinner and team

    4. Unimaginable spirit and energy by Spinner and his team and they are still at it. God Bless

  2. The initiatives taken by people like our Spinner are heart-warming. Many Chennaians rallied round their brethren and sistern.

  3. God bless you, Spinner. This self-less karma will give blessings back to you gazillion- fold !!

  4. Its 1125 am and yet no movement at the ICL ?

  5. Force of habit !! I find there is no O - as marked !! All Over? No more ?