Thursday, 17 December 2015

No 11577, Thursday 17 Dec 2015, Arden

1   Stairs causing stampede (6) FLIGHT [DD]
4   Roam around bringing in delivery to the Royal residence... (8) BALMORAL {ROAM}* in {BALL}
9   ...return of the wicked Queen — one will experience again (6) RELIVE {RE}{LIVE} <=
10 No more running commentaries on the meaning (8) SEMANTIC  ComMeNTArIES*
12 He will obstruct by American writ (8) MANDAMUS {MAN}{DAM}{US}
13 Worker gets sick and he gets to keep the property (6) BAILEE {AIL} in {BEE}
15 Control panelsso drab (12) SWITCHBOARDS {SO+DRAB}*
18 Back with hundred and one as good as any (6,2,4) SECOND TO NONE {SECOND} {TO N}{ONE}
21 Money problem, both leaders missing (6) ROUBLE ? tROUBLE
22 Status Quo? No way with line of descent (8) AGNATION stAGNATION
24 Shifting base upon court order (8) SUBPOENA*
25 Quietly the animal will attack (6) POUNCE {P}{OUNCE}
26 Song and shadow boxing will end before long (8) DOGGEREL {DOG}{b...nG{ERE}{wilL}
27 Mobs clash, largely with stones (6) ASHLAR [T]

1   First and second in the wild (8) FOREMOST {FORE{MO}ST}
2   Badly disillusioned dudes leave state (8) IILINOIS dISILLusIONed*
3   Crazy how ace resolves a problem (4,1,5,5) HAVE A SCREW LOOSE*
5   Help and take a chance with it (4) ABET {A}{BET}
6   The fundamental part of a meal, perhaps (4,3,8) MEAT AND POTATOES [C&DD]
7   Scare with a toy (6) RATTLE [DD]
8   Protection essential for a toady (6) LACKEY {LAC}{KEY}
11 Dish to be sent up by Wellington (3,4) GUM BOOT {GUM<=} BOOT Anno pending (Addendum - {GUM BO}{OT<=} - See comments)
14 Dressing players on time (7) BANDAGE {BAND}{AGE}
16 Academic from Milano, it once promoted (8) NOTIONAL [T<=]
17 Perhaps Rudolf's in control — there's rush to go up (8) REINDEER {REIN}{DEER<=}

19 Opened up — After middle of month send name out (6) PRISED ? (Addendum - {aPRIl}{SEnD} - See comments)
20 Spooner's back squeeze is all gas (6) HUMBUG {(-b+h)HUM}{(-h+b)BUG}
23 Bet and run in the middle (4) ANTE Anno pending (Addendum - cANTEr - See comments)



  1. Opened up — After middle of month send name out (6) PRISED ?


  2. 11 Dish to be sent up by Wellington (3,4) GUM BOOT

    {GUM BO}{TO<-} [gumbo: stew]

  3. 60 minutes of pure joy!Arden serves a sumptuous feast starting with 6D..the long ones were nicely cooked..the reverse anagram of 13A beafed up the fare...the red nosed Rudolf apposite of the yuletide spirit...

  4. 23 Bet and run in the middle (4) ANTE


  5. Belated Happy Birthday Col! :)

  6. Thanks col for the Rudolf Song...nostalgia!

  7. Doubt in 21A:why both? Shouldnt it have been "leader missing"?

  8. wow one from Arden.. struggled a lot.. Doggerel got because of crossings but could not parse.. had Gum boot as Cut boot :( wow parsing from Sandhya on that..would not have guessed it. Humbug was a fun clue :)