Monday, 28 December 2015

No 11585, Monday 28 Dec 2015, Sunnet

Sunnet's hit the gambling table on his vacation?

1   Object to outrageous gear in race (6) TARGET {GEAR}* in {TT}
4   Note about former prisons for nationals (8) MEXICANS {M{EX}I}{CANS}
10 Complete set making use of hull (4,5) FULL HOUSE*
11 Screen without an exit (5) BLIND [DD]
12 Locate gold sent back by sovereign (5) ROYAL {RO}{YAL} <=
13 Also left guerrilla's stone workbox (4,5) TOOL CHEST {TOO}{L} {CHE}{ST}
14 Disregards Italian gentleman whose cap is down (7) IGNORES (-s)IGNORE(+s)S
16 Female's shabby pleat (4) FOLD {F}{OLD}
19 Reportedly skin a couple (4) PAIR (~pare)
21 Bonanza from John's weed (7) JACKPOT {JACK}{POT}
24 To replace slim and hot implement maker (9) TOOLSMITH {TO}{SLIM+HOT}*
25 Public squares having a speck of leafy vegetation (5) FLORA {F{Le..y}ORA}
26 Bag with right metal rod (5) POKER {POKE}{R}
27 Smearing of base gold can add glitter at first (9) BEDAUBING {BED}{AU}{BIN}{Gl...r}
28 Display feather in face-off (8) SHOWDOWN {SHOW}{DOWN}
29 Mad Hatter is a menace (6) THREAT*

1   Drag up large and weak barrier in ship (8) TAFFRAIL {TAF<=}{FRAIL}
2   Signalling engineer to delay female force inside (8) RELAYING {RE}{LA{YIN}G}
3   Measure around the girl (5) ETHEL {E{THE}L}
5   Make up from seven offers (4,3) EVEN OFF [T]
6   Silly of setter to climb ice building (9) IMBECILIC {I}{CLIMB+ICE}*
7   Originated from a sentence to a Bengali (6) ARISEN {A}{RI}{SEN}
8   Staid girlfriend follows footloose set (6) SEDATE {SEt}{DATE}
9   Cites estimates (6) QUOTES [DD]
15 Cheered up on getting fool's turn to colour (9) REASSURED {RE}{ASS}{U}{RED}
17 Head Office interferes with a reward to use pithy sayings in the US (8) APHORIZE {A}{P{HO}RIZE}
18 Neat, narrow channel, say (8) STRAIGHT (~strait)
20 Bob to chase lavish, visionary goal (7) RAINBOW {RAIN}{BOW}
21 Sir, in India, workers lose heart in holy wars (6) JIHADS {JI}{HAnDS}
22 Lays over at a small shrine (6) STUPAS {STUP<=}{A}{S}
23 Liked excessively by knight's circle (4,2) TOOK TO {TOO}{K T}{O}
25 Crimson outpouring (5) FLUSH [DD]



  1. marvelous xword - tks Sunnet...well themed and some lovely clueing - mexicans, tool chest, full hpuse, imbecilic ... Relaying - the charade is wow ! One clarification needed on Rainbow - is Rain = lavish? and Bob = bow? i dont get the parsing..

  2. Tough but enjoyable one! I missed a centum narrowly... was almost there but for 2dn which I had filled in as RALLYING. Thanks Sunnet for offering such a beautiful crossie!

    1. Any time I fail to parse a filled in solution it invariably leads to a wrong answer...nine out of ten times! As for 2dn clue I couldn't account for 'delay'...hence the wrong answer!

  3. 1ac : Object to outrageous gear in race (6) TARGET {GEAR}* in {TT}
    TT for 'race'.. how pl?

    1. perhaps this reference -

  4. Enjoyed the samosas on 25th itself when the CWD was available on line

  5. Rain? lavish? Yes, Chennaites know for sure!
    Let us wish that Ramesh hits the jackpot! On those lines, those who got samosas can claim they hit a jackpot.

  6. Very nice crossword, thanks Ramesh!

  7. Got the majority. Rest was a learning experience e.g. 22DN, 'stupas' just didn't come to mind :) In all, a great mental workout. Thanks.