Friday, 18 December 2015

No 11578, Friday 18 Dec 2015, Arden

  1 Study the ground and link it to game (8,6)  CONTRACT BRIDGE :: Charade of CON TRACT and BRIDGE
10  Keen observer gets an excellent score (5) EAGLE :: DD
11  Dried skin? People wrap dry towel on top (9) PARCHMENT :: MEN in PARCH T
12  Church gets one to serve (7) MINSTER :: If I is included in MINSTER, you get Minister (v.) serve
13  Basic skill in Bridge (7) SPARTAN :: ART in SPAN
14  Retracing, some we serrate and stitch again (5) RESEW :: rev hidden in somE WE SERrate
16  Military science nicely overlooked -- making truce (9) ARMISTICE ::  Deleting NICELY from  MILITARYSCIENCE and jumbling the rest
19  Ban study? It's banned (9) FORBIDDEN :: Cha of  FORBID DEN
20  It's logical to go out and find a flower (5) LILAC :: Deleting GO from LOGICAL and jumbling the rest
22  Collects inside information, rejects savings (4,3) NEST EGG :: Put GETS in GEN and reverse the result GGETSEN
25  Local part defective, gets low review (7) TAPROOM ::  cha of anag of PART and rev of MOO (v., to low, to bellow)
27  Pantry, however has space (5,4) STILL ROOM :: Cha of STILL and ROOM
28  Pacific Island adds bit of spice to an Indian delicacy (5) SAMOA :: If you insert S in SAMOA you get SAMOSA 
29  Battle arena for those wishing to unite (10,4) ENGAGEMENT RING :: Cha of ENGAGEMENT and RING
   2  Official promoting some resin  -- a grouting (9) ORGANISER :: rev hidden inRESIN A GROuting
   3  River / trip... (5) TRENT :: DD
   4  ...and a man on the beach holds each (9) AMPERSAND :: PER in A M SAND
   5  Doughnut for example -- it's rejected by foreign tourists (5) TORUS :: deleting ITS from TOURISTS and jumbling the rest
   6  What one picks up during genuine practice (9) REHEARSAL :: HEARS in REAL
   7  Lived and died with a mark (5) DWELT :: cha of D and WELT
   8  Come in shortly, note absence of love and understanding (7) ENTENTE :: Cha of ENTE[r] and NTE, after delting O from Note
   9  Where a merchant keeps a tool (6) REAMER ::  hidden in wheRe A MERchant
 15  We get hit and lose strength for showing peaceful intentions (5,4) WHITE FLAG :: HIT in WE plus FLAG (v.):: 
 17  Dwarf packs a lot of destructive power (9) :: Answer and anno to be provided by any reader
 18  Ellan Vannin's son -- if male by accident (4,2,3) ISLE OF MAN :: anag of SON IF MALE
 19  Diplomacy is a tricky manoeuvre (7) FINESSE :: DD
 21  War film about doctor (6) COMBAT :: COAT going around MB
 23  Smart / cheat (5) STING ;; DD
 24  Finally, living space for a life partner (5) GROOM :: cha of [livin]G ROOM
 26  Question / a model (5) POSER :: DD



  1. 17d minuteman. It is a missile

    1. Dwarf = minute man (minute in the sense of small/tiny)

  2. 17 D - Minute Man - Minuteman missile

  3. 3 River / trip... (5) TRENT :: DD

    This I think is a charade of T + RIP (T + RENT) = TRENT

    1. That's right. It didn't occur to me. And I didn't think well and satisfy myself about the correctness of my anno.

  4. Phew! Finally could solve this one from Arden!! An excellent puzzle. Thanks to Bhavan 3Dn anno is clear now. Thoroughly enjoyed solving. Thank you Arden.

    1. MB, you must be feeling quite warm, given the annotation as penned by CV in respect of 21d

  5. Liked CV Sir's style of annotation. Brings some variety to the blog. Looks Bold and Beautiful as in one of the TV series!

  6. Read T S Ganesh's tech review of a digital paper system.

  7. Thank you Rishi and Ramesh for handling the blog. I left home at 6 AM for a Golf tournament just got back.

  8. Could not get MINSTER, TRENT and REAMER :((

  9. Two days of Arden put me off. Today he has helped me to revive my spirits. Thanks.

  10. Could get to finish the puzzle now due to a hectic day at work...a lovely one from Arden...the blog too was lovely in the Unique style of CV Sir..Bhavan's anno of Trent superb!

  11. Joining in very late- much later than Vasant. Solved late and enjoyed the CW and CV's blogging. Thanks to both of them. Being a Bridge addict, enjoyed Contract Bridge & Finesse. I am sure Arden also plays Bridge.

    You did not say if you got an Eagle today on the Greens?

  12. Arden decided in advance that we will be a little short of samosa today!

  13. Lovely one from Arden. Thanks Bhavan for the parsing for Trent.. didnt get it. Minster lost me the island with a little spice :) but some nice charades which I enjoyed.. is there a war theme? with combat, white flag, armistice, engagement ..

    1. There is also a mini theme: bridge the card game