Thursday, 3 December 2015

No 11565, Thursday 03 Dec 2015, Spinner

Hope and pray all our friends in Chennai are safe.

1   Single, extremely lonely setter pursues maiden — It brings gain! ... (5-7) MONEY-SPINNER {M}{ONE}{l...lY} {SPINNER}
10 At the start, she's married to some eastern European... (5) SWEDE {She}{WED}{Ea...n}
11 ...Husband left her, started going astray with a person from Sahara (6,3) DESERT RAT {hER+STARTED}*
12 A sailor protecting exposed, retreating navy is a manifestation of god! (6) AVATAR {A}{yVAn<=}{TAR}
13 Prohibited naughty beer ad involving a stripper at the end (8) DEBARRED {BEER+AD}* around {A}{St...r} (Correction - {BEER+AD}* around {s...eR} & D from? - See comments}
15 Ventriloquist's first show is free (9) VINDICATE {Ve...t}{INDICATE}
16 Aggressive interviewer displays temper (4) VEIN [T]
20 One's playing for a long time (4) EONS*
21 Abnormality is a beer can mistakenly having a little rum (9) ABERRANCE {A+BEER+CAN}* over {Rum}*
24 Delays passes with a bit of uncanny skill (8) SUSPENDS {Un...y}{Sk..l} in {SPENDS}
26 Clues set with a condition (6) CLAUSE {CLUES+A}*
28 Treating lover's lip, move to other areas (5,4) SPILL OVER*
29 Police Officer's Club (5) LATHI [CD]
30 Army men charged convenience outlet (7,5) GENERAL STORE {GENERAL} {STORE}  {Addendum - {GENERAL S}{TORE} - See comments)

2   Relationship concealed by public affair (9) OPERATION {OPE{RATIO}N}
3   Exa dreams about getting large precious stones (8) EMERALDS {E}{MERA{L}DS*}
4   Squad is returning to Germany (4) SIDE {SI<=}{DE}
5   Law enforcement personnel transporting spriest con... (10) INSPECTORS*
6   …Routine: Nine officers, regiment manager leads, criminal follows... (6) NORMAL {Nine}{Of...s}{Re...t}{Ma...r}{AL}
7   …More special rangers at the head, by rear formation (5) RARER {Ra...s}{REAR*}
8   Average American gangster's unit (5) USUAL {US}U{AL} U in the middle from ? See comments
9   Specialist pursues attractive male trainee (7) STUDENT {STUD}{ENT}
14 Underwater explorer drives terribly around country (5,5) SCUBA DIVER {DRIVES}* around {CUBA}
17 Come across English Queen embracing nobleman (9) ENCOUNTER {EN}{COUNT}{ER}
18 Each second is basically the last (7) PERSIST {PER}{S}{IS}{The}
19 Die on apartment's collapse (4,4) FALL FLAT {FALL} {FLAT}
22 City almost being divided by extremes of mortar wall (6) BERLIN {m...aR}{walL} in {BEINg}
23 Channels' broadcast aimed.... (5) MEDIA*
25 sway Southern faction of political party (5) SWING {S}{WING}
27 Verbal lesson starts late (4) ORAL mORAL


  1. 13a Anno seems wrong. I could not find the extra R&D.
    30a (GENERAL S)(TORE)

    1. I highlighted the wrong part of stripper :-). R comes from stripper at the end. You are right about the D.
      Thanks for 30A

  2. 8d US AL has U = Usual looks fine

    1. Yes. Webster gives it as an acceptable abbreviation. Chambers/Oxford does not seem to carry it

  3. Nice one from Spinner.
    A small query though.
    1 Single, extremely lonely setter pursues maiden — It brings gain! ... (5-7) MONEY-SPINNER {M}{ONE}{l...lY} {SPINNER}
    As per the wordplay my anno looks like : {ONE}{l...Y}{M} {SPINNER} How 'M' is placed before {ONE} please?

    1. If the clue had been after M, it would have been fine. But the way the clue is worded it was jarring. I think the construction is not quite right. What do others feel?

  4. I don't think any of our friends from Chennai will drop in here today. I however hope and pray that all of them are well and are able to sustain themselves till the situation gets back to normal.
    Rengaswamy is stuck in Mumbai, I hope he has been able to establish contact with his family in Chennai

    1. I join you in your prayers.. It is so agonizing to look at the devastation caused.
      I hope, Renga has been able to get through to his wife and sh and all our other friends in Madras are safe. God bless every one of them with the courage to face this onslaught and wrath of Nature.

    2. We join you in your prayers...hope all are safe..

    3. Thanks. Damage is already done. No rain till now today. No cellular connection, no landlines

    4. Renga, please let me know if you want me to go to your house and check. I stay nearby. Please comment here or someone please contact him . No phone connection. I have been to his house once

    5. Reached Renga's house after swimming. His wife is safe though no way to communicate with outside world

    6. Ajeesh, Thanks for the help and lessening my worries with the news above. If you are still in my house ask my wife to talk to me over your phone. My phone no. is 9500089447. Give me your phone no. so that I can contact you. Thanks once again

    7. I left the house. Even I don't have mobile connection. Using WiFi given by hotel

    8. 9791140016 my number. You can contact only through WhatsApp or Facebook

    9. . Okay, thanks. Is there power in our house?

    10. Think so. I asked only about food which she prepared

    11. Thanks Ajeesh for the timely help. Thanks to Col Gopinath also for talking to me about your readiness to go to my house. Now I am relieved to a great extent.

    12. Unable to contact Bhala and Debasmita

    13. Tried Bhala on WhatsApp but he has not yet replied. He last checked his WhatsApp at 1 PM yesterday

    14. I spoke to Bhala yesterday and he seemed okay, but was in the middle of something. Unless he has a working landline it may be difficult to contact, since mobiles may not be possible to charge

    15. I have 100% charge. Problem is service providers are down :(

  5. Nicely spun by Spinner...lovely mix of off spinners & doosras...even the straight ones were hard to pick

  6. I am staying with my brother's family . There is no current here from Tuesday 10 am , but the apartment has generator, so I am able to charge my mobile & contact my parents.
    Hope all our friends in Chennai are fine .
    Arvind Ramaswamy's area is cut off from other places. :(

  7. Following friends have marked themselves as 'Safe' on 'Chennai Flooding in facebook'
    Lakshmi, Arvind, David John and Shrikanth (he was marked by someone else)

  8. Copy pasted from Facebook

    ATTENTION PLEASE... Spread this message.
    People in Chennai
    for accommodation contact:

    People who are stuck near Valasaravakkam, Megamart area, pls contact Vignesh Mailappan at +918122829693.
    People who are stuck near Camp Road areas can contact Bala- +918056096733.
    People who are stuck near Keezhkattalai area can contact Santha- +919042122271.
    People who are stuck near Tambaram area can contact
    Prasanna - 9994816896
    People who are stuck near Mogapair areas can contact aswin - 7299518047
    People who are stuck near Pallikaranai, Narayanapuram areas can contact Gayathri - 8220738092
    Pammal Area - Vinoth Sankar +919840280872
    If any body need accomdation in perumbakkam.. Bollineni hillside.. 3 of them can accomdate... No power.. Preference family... Or elders..
    Sri 8754964555
    Anyone stuck in Annanagar,arumbakkam Aminjikarai, mmda colony,choolaimadu or any other area are welcome to my house, please be my guest. Can pick up people from nungambakkan station, arumbakkam metro station or anna arch,No restriction on no as i have lots of Mats to sleep, power for essential and enough food, brijesh - 9962400760
    The list so far. .
    * Anna nagar, Ayanavaram - Ram Prakash - 9884842661 and Divagaran Thiagarajan - 9840680734
    * Aminjikarai,adjoining areas - Lakshmi Ashok - 9840799553
    * Villivalkam - Manjubashini - 9884360678
    * Saligramam - Hari Ramachandran - 9500025950
    * Kilpauk - Aravindan Sundar - 9884422922
    * Kodambakkam - Krishna Soora - 9500191909
    * Chrompet - Venkateswaran Whenghee Sekar - 9789892965, Christopher Gnanadurai - 9841422143
    * Vadapalani - Manavalan Km, Suganya Vellaisamy
    * Adambakkam - Dhamodharan
    * Velachery - Prasanna Karthik
    * Alwarthirunagar - Balaji : 9789056768
    * Adyar, Thiruvanmiyur - Arvind Aathreya - 9789961681
    Anyone else willing to provide emergency support in areas near your home. . ?
    Spread the word.

    1. Are all these numbers ratified/verified? Yesterday my sister tried reaching out to some of these numbers and said she could not reach any of them ! :(

    2. No idea this was only a copy paste from Facebook

  9. CV is fine too and appeared unaffected when I spoke to him yesterday. The roads in their area are not flooded. Paddy was in ankle deep water, but in good spirits.

  10. Ajeesh has also checked in with some selfies on facebook. He does look hungry though

  11. Great job Ajeesh ! Power supply is cut off in IITM from Monday morning, so not able to call Debasmita.

  12. Great job Ajeesh! A friend in need is a friend indeed.

  13. Ajeesh is doing a good job :) Could someone pls post a link to this xword?

    1. Srividya, this has not been uploaded in the online edition

    2. You can get the clues from Mrs PP's Hub. Link available on the left hand side panel

    3. Hi Colonel.. do you mean link.. i am unable to see any posts and updates post Vijayadasami ..

  14. It is so touching and heart-warming to observe the way this blog has created a kind of camaraderie which has helped people to keep in touch and reach out to each other.

    Salute to DG as also other members like Ajeesh who has done a great job in visiting Renga's house to enquire after their welfare.

    Ajeesh, may God bless you always and in all ways. Our prayers are with everyone who had to face the fury of nature.

  15. India’s "The Hindu" Newspaper Stops Printing for the First Time in 137 Years Due to Massive Floods

    One of the country’s oldest newspapers, The Hindu, did not print today (Dec 2) for the first time in more than a century due to massive rains and floods in the southern city of Chennai. The publisher said it was the first time the daily paper has failed to publish in its entire 137-year history. Only e-edition was published.

  16. THC..Col..Ajeesh..salute to you!