Thursday, 24 December 2015

No 11583, Thursday 24 Dec 2015, Vulcan

1   Understanding a case (7) PATIENT [DD]
5, 22 ac. That which manages dirty clothes at home (7,7) WASHING MACHINE [E] (Addendum - {WHICH+MANAGES}* around {IN} - See comments)
9   One who psychoanalyses the criminal (9) THERAPIST {THE}{RAPIST}
10 Smells of jalapeno's essence (5) NOSES [T]
11 This lake still exists (4,3) DEAD SEA [GK]
12 Hitchcock, primarily a film director, one who thought he was superior (7) HAUTEUR {Hi...k}{AUTEUR}
13 It's illegal to drink this nonsense (9) MOONSHINE [DD]
15 Electric current is stored in a plate (4) DISC {D{IS}C}
17 Deprived, deprived of right to get this meat (4) BEEF BErEFt
18 Twisted lowly republican caught in the act (9) MEANDERED {MEAN}{DE{R}ED}
25 Member’s in with a drink, say (7) INSIDER {IN}{SIDER}(~cider)
26 To break up is mostly hard (5) SEVER SEVERe
27 Woman's power to give a speech and let off steam (9) EVAPORATE {EVA}{P}{ORATE}
28 Satisfaction gotten from a place selling food, good hot tempura for starters (7) DELIGHT {DELI}{G}{H}{Te...a}
29 Constant need to expand and acquire large ship (7) ENDLESS {END{L}E*}{SS}

1   German city's infamous spot, a wall (7) POTSDAM {SPOT}*{DAM}
2   Finally got sick — red meat contained round worm (9) TREMATODE {goT}{RED+MEAT}* around {O}
3   Sees all over the place, circles round and slips away (7) ELAPSES {LAP} in {SEES}*
4   Clip covering Asian Island's primitive beliefs (9) TRIBALISM {BALI'S} in {TRIM}
5   A thing that is said for a magician (5) WITCH (~which)
6   Enough booze to leave drunk in the end, wicked (6) SINFUL SkINFUL
7   Publish a topic (5) ISSUE [DD]
8   Stomach is big? A stricter eating gives the answer (7) GASTRIC [T]
14 Time say, not a time to kill (9) ERADICATE {ERA}{DICtATE}
16 Shed light on Island's topography, basically in arid area that's mostly hostile (9) IRRADIATE {I}+{To...y} in {ARID +AREa}*
17 Remain married, old and confused (7) BEMUSED {BE}{M}{USED}
19 Dance on the road making unpleasant sounds (7) DISCORD {DISCO}{RD}
20 Gets gloomy in shelter, it’s inside a tunnel, scary initially (7) DARKENS {D{ARK}EN}{Scary}
21 Angry mob leaving, fiery imbroglio in an otherwise boring place (3,3) OIL RIG  ImbRoGLIO*
23 Find fault in computer program's file format, it's large (5) CAVIL {C}{AVI}{L}
24 Discuss during the lecture (5) ELECT [T]


  1. 5, 22 ac. That which manages dirty clothes at home (7,7) WASHING MACHINE [E] Anagram of WHICH MANAGES around IN

  2. Drew blank in SE corner:((

    1. Ram, why do you take the trouble of drawing blanks? Already there are blanks in the grid. So please save labour.

  3. Many good clues as usual. Solving Vulcan is a 28A

  4. Hard grind today...didn't give up...and the perseverance paid off! A classy puzzle from Vulcan, I would say one of his best. Thank you Vulcan. :)

  5. Sweet treat for the festive season.. didnt realise Washing machine wordplay..thought it was a CD :) Thanks Vulcan.. Merry Xmas and a wonderful festive season all :)

  6. What a delight! So many well-crafted clues. 5 across says it all. A marvelous find! Kudos to the setter

  7. I couldn't fit 8D and 5A in paper :(

  8. A merry Christmas to ye-all ¬ My there be peace in this world !

  9. Logged in late...was travelling...came back in the evening to solve this delightful puzzle on christmas eve...

  10. I thought 11A was a CD; the wordplay "still exists" led me to the solution