Monday, 21 December 2015

No 11580, Monday 21 Dec 2015, Incognito

I'm seeing and hearing double today. I wonder if it's the effect of the drinks at the celebrations over the last three days with the Madras Sappers!!!

8   Indian uncle's American mother (4) MAMA [DD]
9   Reckless auction endlessly rigged in India and the States (10) INCAUTIOUS {AUCTIOn}* in {IN}{US}
10 Child goes back twice to antelope (3-3) DIK-DIK <=
11 He croons around boat (8) SCHOONER*
12 Arab boor toured Pacific island (4,4) BORA BORA*
14 After turn, one pot is returned to a fabulous island (6) UTOPIA {U}{TOP}{1}<={A}
16 Planter’s stake (4) ANTE [T]
17 Lucifer's game (5) MATCH [DD]
18 Remove from operation theatre in America? Quite the opposite! (4) OUST {O{US}T}
19 Tintin's dance? (6) CANCAN {CAN}{CAN}

21 Goodbye toast (4-4) CHIP-CHIP [DD] From 'Goodbye Mr Chips'? (Addendum - CHIN-CHIN [DD] - See comments)
23 A rag is returned by chief with money for some gelatinous substance (4-4) AGAR-AGAR {A}{GAR<=} {AGA}{R}
26 Kolkata's airport area’s forbidden ordnance (3,3) DUM DUM [DD]
27 Kenyan conservation area's non-government organisation gets royal order twice (10) NGORONGORO {NGO}{R}{O} x 2 How do we pronounce that!
28 Hear about bird (4) RHEA*

1   Carolina, if reformed can become The Golden State (10) CALIFORNIA*
2   Cobra's enemy's plant (8) MANDRAKE [DD]
3   Going around with king, leads to maidenhair tree (6) GINKGO {K} in {GOING}*
4   Broken case for top cards (4) ACES*
5   Quiet! Quiet! It's top secret! (4-4) HUSH-HUSH {HUSH}-{HUSH}
6   Male escort initially got a girl and open lips osculation for starters (6) GIGOLO {Got}{1}{G} {Open}{Lips}{Os...n}
7   Greek letter carried by the French animal (4) MULE {MU}{LE}
13 Funny act has funny action after dropping an egg (5) ANTIC ACTIoN*
15 Starts educational establishments (10) INSTITUTES [DD]
17 Adam, for example, is getting on and running (8) MANAGING {MAN}{AGING}
18 Encore — danced around Missouri again (4,4) ONCE MORE {MO} in {ENCORE}*
20 Relieve from disease using a red poison (6) CURARE {CUR{A}{R}E}
22 No radio broadcast without primary antenna inside (6) INDOOR {NO+RaDIO}*
24 Legal officer in Georgia is mad (4) GAGA {AG} in {GA}
25 Othello, perhaps, returned to living area (4) ROOM <=



  1. A double whammy treat that leaves you asking for 18D

  2. An enjoyable Double-Dhamaka type puzzle today! Relished devouring samosas to my heart's content. Thank you Incognito. :)

  3. Thanks for the double dhamaka Kishore!
    Haha Col!

    1. MB and Sandhya, both 'baddies, can eat Double ka meetha ...

    2. For people not aware of that sweet,

      You would know it in other places by what is written in Urdu in the above page: Shaahee TukDa !

  4. 27a ... just like you pronounce Njoroge and Nkrumah, as Raju will agree ...

    1. ANGREED !! MOst Kenyans always pronounce with an n !!

    2. ANGREED !! MOst Kenyans always pronounce with an n !!

  5. Mohun Biswas might enjoy gado-gado ...

  6. Replies
    1. Me too.

    2. Me too. I wonder how many others have a double chin...

    3. Lol.. mera name chin chin chin .. :)

  7. What else can one say in December? Besh-Besh

    1. IS IS is the most well known of these double words today.

    2. Think baik-baik thoughts in the festive season, Kishore.


  8. The boy had returned from CALIFORNIA with his MAMA.
    X’Mas vacations were approaching and he was ONCE MORE keen to go to an unknown destintion.
    UTOPIA? Or maybe NGORONGORO !! Maybe he could even see a DIK-DIK there!
    “CAN-CAN we go on a holiday tour? “ he asked.
    Mama was busy listening to the “Mera naam chin-chin-chin” song on the radio. She was not the one to go GAGA over an exotic holiday.
    She was happy to stay INDOORs with her radio.
    HUSH-HUSH, keep quiet! daddy is coming.
    But daddy left no ROOM for any choice.
    “We will go to DUM-DUM and from there we shall go to Dada’s place for the vacation.”
    AGAR-AGAR tickets are not available?
    “Keep quiet. The tickets are booked. You can watch the one-day MATCH for which I have bought tickets.
    You can go on a Tora-tora ride in the exhibition ground.”
    “Cricket match!” The boy’s heart started beating DIK-DIK in anticipation of watching his stars.
    “Ok-ok dad but next time why don’t you consult us before deciding?”

    1. LOL! Even the boy's hear seems to be stammering. Instead of dik-dhak, it goes dik-dik!


  9. What a double mazaa crossword! Thank you Incognito - samosas today, with hot chai, in the cold Delhi winter! Most welcome.

  10. 27a Kenyan took away my samosas.

  11. Same applies me.That is the fly in the ointment.

  12. No tut-tut? Never come across a double-cross(word) puzzle of this kind before. Keep it going, K!

    1. If you are looking for a tut-tut from PP, go to the Hub-hub :)

  13. 21A reminded me of Geeta Dutt's song.

  14. When I saw the crossword
    My heart beat pata-pata. (thrillingly)
    It was about to burn bhaga-bhaga. (fiercely)
    My desire grew dhala-dhala. (pretty fast)
    I solved it chada-chada. (quickly)
    The crossword shines dhaga-dhaga. (brilliantly)

    These are all doubles in Tamil.

  15. Enjoyed today's double dhamaka Incognito.
    I Felt it was just right for a Monday. Thank you.

  16. Kishore: NGORONGORO is in Tanzania, a neighbour to Kenya and you have, by one stroke of your clue, handed it over to Kenya? Waapi Geographia Yako? Compiler's licence? Of course, they are both good neighbours and friendly with each other. NGORONGORO is famous for its craters, like Lake Manyara and and Mount Kilimanjaro .All these three are Nature's bounty to Tanzania's tourism industry.

    Thanks for the delectable crossword safari into East Africa. Yesterday, it was Indonesia, Tomorrow?

    1. You are right! My memory seems to be failing!

    2. Hakuna Matata ! Next week, we will get a further trip down Kenyan safari routes , OK ?

  17. Wrt to CV's mention of double barrelled words, here is an article which might interest some of you

  18. double the fun today from incognito.. got to it only today but absolutely glad didnt miss out on this - wah wah Incognito !!