Sunday, 13 December 2015

The Sunday Crossword (2871), Sunday 13 Dec 2015

1    One who's accepting large tip, holding ace (8) FATALIST {FAT}{A}{LIST}
5    State in middle of daft business (6) AFFIRM {dAFt}{FIRM}
10  Standard silver working model (7) PARAGON {PAR}{AG}{ON}
11  Sadly alter in becoming dependent (7) RELIANT*
12  Bear forlorn hope within one (6-3-4) WINNIE-THE-POOH*
14  Time connected with particular urban area (4) TOWN {T}{OWN}
15  Go with fellows and start to toil in field (10) DEPARTMENT {DEPART}{MEN}{Toil}
18  Financial officers in a mess, party in disarray (10) PAYMASTERS*
19  Elegant greeting in duplicate (4) CHIC {HI} in {CC}
21  What's in bulletin about passion and heart of powerful All Blacks? (3,10) NEW ZEALANDERS {NEW {ZEAL}{AND}{powERful}S}
24  Revealed stake in remote settlement (7) OUTPOST {OUT}{POST}
25  Sign attached to your back room full of books (7) LIBRARY {LIBRA}{RY<=}
26  Bound stem (6) SPRING [DD]
27  One name for each child actually present (2,6) IN PERSON {1}{N} {PER}{SON}

1    Vain men? Failures, left out (4) FOPS FlOPS
2    Worth working on a style that's casual (9) THROWAWAY {WORTH*}{A}{WAY}
3    Support objective story (6) LEGEND {LEG}{END}
4    Slush and ice initially in projected outlook (14) SENTIMENTALITY {SENT}{Ice}{MENTALITY}
6    Drop unfinished argument in high voice (8) FALSETTO {FALl}{SET TO}
7    Adult insect I found on fruit without core (5) IMAGO {I}{MAnGO}
8    Game with glue and thin piece of wood (10) MATCHSTICK {MATCH}{STICK}
9    Singer in broadcast finer than a lark (6,8) ARETHA FRANKLIN*

13  Sensational exercises in street destroy our team (10) STUPENDOUS {ST}{U{PE}NDO}{US}
16  Wreckage of a ship seen in New Testament book (9) EPHESIANS*
17  Vehicle owner terribly stressed (8) CAREWORN {CAR}{OWNER*}
20  Poor bloke, not all right after charge (6) FEEBLE {FEE}{BLokE}
22  Liquid consumed in wide river (5) WATER {W}{ATE}{R}
23  Colour that's integral to juicy anecdote (4) CYAN [T]



  1. Replies
    1. After a long time. His puzzles are challenging

  2. Deepak, Can you create a page where we have a list of these Sunday Special crossword setters.
    Pesudonym, real name if revealed.
    Address, contact numbers, email ID may be added if those setters have no objection.
    Just a suggestion for your consideration.

  3. 21A typo—missed S

    6D—SETTO means argument

    1. 21A corrected.
      What's the doubt on 6D?

    2. 'Set-to' is an argument. Not sure if 'set to' is also one. Perhaps that is the doubt

  4. Couldn't get OUTPOST and hence lost samosas :(

  5. oops...had spring as string. Kinda diff xword today.. phew 13d parsing is rather difficult - and even 4d good clue surface i say.. 1a too liked the surface a lot..