Monday, 14 December 2015

No 11574, Monday 14 Dec 2015, Buzzer

6   Chennai's suburb declared a favourite (8) SAIDAPET {SAID}{A}{PET}
9   Studied about a tragic king associated with New Testament (6) LEARNT {LEAR}{NT}
10 Primates moving saint to the end in a church recess (4) APES AP(-s)E)+s)S
11 A job agreement (10) PERMISSION {PER}{MISSION}
12 Pretentious chap, one backward poster (2-2-2) LA-DI-DA {LA-D}{1}-{DA<=}
14 Monster of fable (7) WHOPPER [DD]
15 Hashed over funny tweets constantly (6-4,5) TWENTY-FOUR SEVEN*
18 Many I had repulsed with a composition (7) DIVERSE {I'D<=}{VERSE|
20 Choice of course lectures (6) SELECT [T]
22 Cat moving around in haunted building by itself (10) UNATTACHED {CAT+HAUNTED}* (Addendum - {UNAT{TAC<=}HED*} - See comments)
23 Man without work to be optimistic (4) HOPE {H{OP}E}
24 Whine from wheel turning north from west (6) SNIVEL S(-w+n)NIVEL
25 Rebel enraged about cause ultimately (8) RENEGADE {ENRAGED}* around {c..sE} (Addendum - {ENRAGED}*{c..sE} - See comments)

1   One way of looking at term in theorem of probability? (4) ODDS [DD]
2   Pipe up finally with whatever insight (8) EPIPHANY {EPIP<=}{witH}{ANY}
3   A warm ocean current represented on-line (2,4) EL NINO*
4   Popularity of moms and dads going up with a boom (4,6) MASS APPEAL {MA'S}{S' AP<=}{PEAL}
5   Extra ends in one court set as per schedule (2,6) ON COURSE {ONe} {COURt}{SEt}
7   A mountain ghat essentially (5) ALPHA {ALP}{gHAt} Just Alp? See comments
8   Death row to get hermetic walls put up in a hurry (5,8) THROW TOGETHER [T]
13 Fresh changes to vote in vain (10) INNOVATIVE*
16 Expanding annexe to include independent study (8) WIDENING {I}{DEN} in {WING}
17 Liver is tender when cooked (8) RESIDENT*
19 No good in a manner fit for king? Indeed (6) REALLY REgALLY
21 God! Tooth's second to fall off (5) CUPID CUsPID
23 Titanic is grand in colour (4) HUGE {HU{G}E}



  1. From

    alp: noun 1 a high mountain.

    1. This is a good question. I have always wondered about that. Why a place such as Saidapet (or any other) that has a huge population should still go by the term 'suburb'. And why people should say they live in Chennai.
      By contrast, in the US even places with a population of a few thousands is known by itself and not by a nearby town or city.
      I live in El Dorado City. I live in Missisauga. They don't say Sacramento or Toronto.

    2. BTW, it is this clue that is under discussionin today in FB A Clue a Day.

    3. Maybe it is the way their administration works. Do each of these places like Missisauga or Roseville have their own administrative setups?

  2. When does a suburb stop being a suburb? Is Saidapet still a suburb?

  3. 22 Cat moving around in haunted building by itself (10) UNATTACHED {CAT+HAUNTED}*
    Anno is
    CAT<= in HAUNTED*
    moving around - Reversal Indicator
    in - Insertion indicator
    building - AnagrInd

  4. 25 Rebel // enraged about / causE ultimately (8) RENEGADE {ENRAGED}* around {c..sE}
    about - AnagrInd

  5. Second Raghu's comment:highly innovative:
    1. 8D walls as telescopic indicator. In the surface reading walls is a noin & in cryptic reading it is a verb.a 13 letter telescope spanning 5 words.
    2. 5D very innovative use of deletion inficators(extra ends)
    3. 20A: choice as telescopic indicator & also definition?
    Just superb!

  6. Suburb (sub urban) is a part of big city and as the city limit widens the number of suburbs go up. NY city has also very big suburbs, but they choose to call it boroughs. Towns with smaller population, but away from a big city, will go by its own name.

    1. You mean Geirgetown area is the only 'urb' in Chennai

  7. It is always a pleasure to solve a Buzzer puzzle- most innovative and enjoyable. Thank you Buzzer.

  8. One can REALLY say that the MASS APPEAL during the recent floods that deluged SAIDAPET
    and other suburbs of Chennai was how a SELECT band of youth did THROW TOGETHER their
    HUGE volunteering efforts TWENTY FOUR / SEVEN. They were totally UNATTACHED and helped one and all.
    It was a different kind of love to which CUPID gave PERMISSION. Things are ON COURSE now and every RESIDENT wishes with HOPE that things remain ON COURSE.

    1. Superb word play with what had appeared in this slot of Crossword puzzle... Hats off to Mr.Bhargav.

  9. Buzzer with his usual excellence today.

  10. Late on the buzzer today but totally worth the effort... great set of clues...esp 8d was nicely disguised.. 11a a clevva charade i must say .. couldnt discern a theme though..


  11. Re 1D: One way of looking at term in theorem of probability? ODDS

    Brilliant clue. Not sure if the intended anno was spotted. "term" is formed from the odd letters of ThEoReM. So, one way of looking at 'term' in THEOREM ---> ODDS