Wednesday, 23 December 2015

No 11582, Wednesday 23 Dec 2015, Lightning

Crisp definitions from Lightning

1   Clear-cut argument against councillor settled evenly (8) CONCRETE {CON}{CR}{sEtTlEd}
5   Grand conclusion in North America breaking record (6) FINALE {FI{NA}LE}
9   Democrat nearly has to change course in period of recession (8) DOWNTURN {D}{OWNs}{TURN}
10 Heist to steal royal necklace, say (6) STRING {R} in {STING}
12 Suggest slim plywood walls (5) IMPLY [T]
13 PM in pursuit of nuclear option, overrules national leaders (9) AFTERNOON {AFTER}{Nu...r}{Op...n}{Ov...s}{Na...l}
14 Earth for one, is special at present (6) SPHERE {SP}{HERE}
16 Get ready before cut back (7) PREPARE {PRE}{PARE}
19 Decline a prize (7) ATROPHY {A}{TROPHY}
21 Untidy mat has caused respiratory illness (6) ASTHMA*
23 Type of document describing account (9) CHARACTER {CHARTER} around {AC}
25 Sip some tea with speed after commencement (5) TASTE {Tea}{hASTE}
26 Line from thesis about resistance (6) TROPIC {T{R}OPIC}
27 Conclude international gold is poor in quality (8) INFERIOR {INFER}{I}{OR}
28 Head of company to present unfinished energy providing beverage (6) COFFEE {Co...y}{OFFEr}{E}
29 Very few edges of Gillespie go through fielding position after first spell (8) SMIDGEON {S}{Gi..pE} in {MID-ON} after {Spell}

1   Dishonourable man to stop living with assistant (6) CADDIE {CAD}{DIE}
2   Four points by essay on The Guardian, perhaps (9) NEWSPAPER {N}{E}{W}{S}{PAPER}
3   Rogue disheartened by attempt to prosecute again (5) RETRY {RoguE}{TRY}
4   Carter raced to protect open area (7) TERRACE [T]
6   Recent tip criminal cut off (9) INTERCEPT*
7   A male police officer and old friend (5) AMIGO {A}{M}{IG}{O}
8   Design locomotive with electric rotor to begin with (8) ENGINEER {ENGINE}{El...c}{Ro..r}
11 Block second spinner (4) STOP {S}{TOP}
15 Smoke hemp with a magnitude of stress (9) EMPHASIZE {HEMP*}{A}{SIZE}
17 Member cities arranged truce (9) ARMISTICE {ARM}{CITIES*}
18 Rushed back to bed with one essentially effective painkiller (8) NARCOTIC }NAR<=}{COT}{1}{effeCtive}
20 Still one mythical creature (4) YETI {YET}{1}
21 Mark following a close friend to NASA? (7) ACRONYM {A}{CRONY}{M}
22 Cell essentially lacking subatomic particle (6) NEURON NEUtRON
24 A person without intelligence is rejected, becomes reserved (5) ALOOF {A}{LOOF<=}
25 About to split small step (5) TREAD {RE} in {TAD}


  1. Simple and elegant. Missed out on 27Ac & 22Dn... nonetheless enjoyable solve. My COD 13AC AFTERNOON.

  2. Second Col's by-line..very crisp surfaces..a few clues were outstanding..My COD 13 A..Devious definition & absolutely superb surface

    1. The clue restorked memories of Jason Gillespie running in to bowl & his uncanny resemblance to Jesus Christ

    2. In 13Ac "PM" rang a bell...thought of NAMO as it appeared in some of the clues recently!

    3. Indeed that was the intention of the setter..the surface leads you to NaMo

  3. Very clear cut indeed - no doubts about parsing.. everything fell into place. Enjoyed some nice charades - Afternoon, acronym, emphasize, narcotic was funny ... reminded me of one of my fav shows - BBT, with a science theme - Nasa, sub atomic particles, string (theory), sphere, atrophy, asthma (Leo has it), engineer, coffee, character, even amigo.. the whole universe indeed... well struck Lightning :)

  4. Today's paper landed in a puddle of rain water and I gave up trying to dry it out. So no crossword, only cross words.

    1. Very nice play on words...being a pro u should be setting crosswords?

  5. Shades of Chennai rain in Vizag? I was reminded that, like me, you prefer doing it on paper.What a miss!

  6. Though I did the Ce in the PM, afternoon for 13A never crossed my mind. False capitalisation justified since it is at the start. Coffee 'taste'd nice. I was beaten by Gillespie running through 'mid on' to bowl his yorker. Had neuron, but could not parse it. Extremely enjoyable solving. Thank you Lightning.

  7. Enjoyed the samosas with LIGHTNING speed. Thank you Lightning. Because of the power failure, could log in now only.

  8. Didn't enjoy today's as much as yesterday's crossword. Felt a little bland with my coffee. 13 A is well-crafted though.

  9. Have a doubt. Can we clue engineer with engine as one of the components?

  10. Some very good clues. Still feel we should come up with new wordplay options for yeti and atrophy

  11. Very nice set of clues - thank you Lightning! Enjoyed solving the crossword.
    One question - shouldn't 21D include a "say" or "perhaps" since it is a definition by example?