Friday, 4 December 2015

No 11566, Friday 04 Dec 2015, Exa

5   Twist adopted in French film (6) VENEER {EN} in {VEER}
7   Bachelor going around with woman that's 50? Strange (8) ABNORMAL {AB<=}{NORMA}{L}
9   Forgery in business tactic - look out! (4) COPY {CO}{PloY}
10 Doctor cures teen born with a condition of redness (10) E?U?I?C?N? (Addendum - ERUBESCENT {CURES+TEEN+B}* - See comments)
11 No vessel there at sea yet (12) NEVERTHELESS {N}{VESSEL+THERE}*
13 Beginning to feed weak stranger with a piece of meat (6) FILLET {Feed}{ILL}{ET}
15 Article is about head of state's proposition (6) THESIS {THE}{State}{IS}
18 Dislikes stench in a mansion - it's horrible (12) ABOMINATIONS {BO} in {A+MANSION+IT}
21 Sister tucks into cheerful uniform (10) CONSISTENT {CON{SIS}TENT}
22 Smile I let out round the woods (4) ELMS SMiLE*
23 Profits are split between partners in middle of night (8) EARNINGS {EAR}*{N{IN}{niGht}S}
24 Empty can put in bin (6) VACANT {VA{CAN}T}

1    "Yes" is so pleasing (4,4) VERY WELL [DD]
2   Passionate setter wanting tip from Textrous (6) ARDENT {ARDEN}{Te...s}
3   Affair in the lodging when husband is away (8) INCIDENT Anno pending (Addendum INTEREST {IN}{ThE}{REST} - See comments)
4   Couples chase a little beer before heading for show (6) BRACES {Beer}{RACE}{Show}
6   Secret I struggled to keep, old secret (8) ESOTERIC {O} in {SECRET+I}*
7   Copper cracks suspect name with ingenuity (6) ACUMEN {CU} in {NAME}*
8   Spots cycle in a corner (4) ACNE {A}{C}{NE}
12 Club/bar opened by PM will provide extra flavouring for food and drink (8) CINNAMON {C}{INN}{AM}{ON} How does PM become AM? (Addendum - {C}{IN{NAMO}N} - See comments)
14 Played hot and entertaining American number (8) THOUSAND {US} in {HOT+AND}*
16 Vagrant envied church exhibit (8) EVIDENCE {ENVIED}*{CE}
17 Breaking news about one dead is spreading (6) WIDENS {NEWS}* around {1}{D}
18 Player switched seats without permission (6) ASSENT {N} in {SEATS}*
19 Energetic performance given at heart (6) ACTIVE {ACT}{gIVEn}
20 Girl playing with mother outdoors (4) MONA {M{ON}A}



  1. 10 Doctor cures teen born with a condition of redness (10) ERUBESCENT* {CURES + TEEN + B}*


    1. Hence 3D due to the crossing would be INTEREST= IN T(-H)E + REST

  3. 12 Club/bar opened by PM will provide extra flavouring for food and drink (8) {C}{IN{NAMO}N}

    1. ... and to think we met Namo recently at IXL

  4. Lovely puzzle....very devious...yesterday Spinner referenced Exa..& Exa reference Arden & Textrous..nehle pe dehla

  5. Thanks Sandhya and Vasant and like Suresh always says, after entering Erubescent, I shall immediately forget the word!!

    1. I am likely to remember, because of this conversation.

      I got the word after the crossings thinking of rubies.

    2. I am going to remember the price of that ruby necklace for a long time.

  6. A deceitful puzzle but enjoyable at the same time!

  7. Awesome puzzle. Doing a crossword after some days

  8. Msg from Army & Air Force: Any body who needs to get out of Chennai may be told to come to AF Station Tambaram & we will arrange for them to get air lifted out via Arakonam. Contact person: Adjutant AF Station Tambaram Wg Cdr Choudary, mob 09445812038.
    Army; Any help at Chennai: Maj Surya Kumar, 8394000074, MEG Offr: Maj Rakesh 07259988778, Maj. Arbit, 08393881102.
    Pl fwd to your other gps

  9. No distress in my area in Chennai.
    Posted a Comment today after Net connection was resumed.

  10. 20 D reminded me of "Mona darling"jokes of attributed to. Ajit ,the villain of Hindi films of yesteryears.