Wednesday, 2 December 2015

No 11564, Wednesday 02 Dec 2015, Aspartame

9   Feeling high on pot held for two engineers (2,3,2,3,5) ON TOP OF THE WORLD*
10 Endure broken piece of tamarind stuck inside teeth (7) DENTURE {Ta...d} in {ENDURE}*
12 Penetrate through repaved ground (7) PERVADE*
13 Gestapo lit Essen up as a show of civility (9) POLITESSE [T]
14 In the past, creating art was more than enough (5) EXTRA {EX}{ART*}
15 The mantra curbs cases of redeye. This has been proven! (7) THEOREM {THE}{O{Re..yE}M}
18 Chief town officer recalls key protectors (3,4) TOE CAPS {Town}{O}{E CAPS<=}
21 Simple, eliminate the leader using force (5) IMPEL sIMPLE*
23 Choose him to be a town officer (9) SELECTMAN {SELECT}{MAN}
25 Indian snack daughter sold at New Zealand got a big prize (7) BONANZA {BONdA}{NZ}{A}
26 Such files always end up in rework (7) UNSAVED [CD] Especially for IXL participants :-)
29 Cute former actor desperate for provider of physical pleasure (8,7) CREATURE COMFORT*

1   Proceed with lead coating on metal (4) GOLD {GO}{LeaD}
2   Sot, upon puking guts out, gets hit (4) STUN {SoT}{UpoN}
3   Special talk on “Choking noise” (8) SPLUTTER {SPL}{UTTER}
4   Without having starters, idiotic woman took small desserts (6) AFTERS {dAFT}{hER}{S}
5   Transport crew is on time delivering goods (8) SHIPMENT {SHIP}{MEN}{T}
6   Extremely slow woman taking right turn (6) SWERVE {SloW}{E{R}VE}
7   Analysed Crimean exports in bone, skinned meat and drink (5,3) CREAM TEA {CRiMEAn}* {T}{mEAt} It's not just a drink
8   Creep and sway oddly towards the end (8) EDGEWAYS {EDGE}{WAYS*}
11 Retired policeman gets caught by leaders of evil henchmen for some time (5) EPOCH {Evil}{POC<=}{He...n}
15 Football player will chase and give support (8) TAILBACK {TAIL}{BACK}
16 Without doubt, previous husband indulged in affairs that grew bigger (8) EXPANDER {EX}{PANDerED}
17 Ms Carrie said “Be ruined” (8) MISCARRY (~miss carrie)
19 I’m sorry, I’ll take my leave (6,2) EXCUSE ME [DD]
20 Training champion to attain composure (5) PEACE {PE}{ACE}
22 L-Learner measures newspaper (6) LENGTH {L}{EN}{G}{TH}
24 Reportedly, garden near church is open to public (6) LAUNCH (~lawn){LAUN}{CH}
27 Instrument to measure oil composition (4) VIOL {V}{OIL*}
28 Job fee (4) DUTY [DD]



  1. AS PER (my memory) TAMEd for the first time! Thank you. No delivery of paper. However, provided the online edition in PDF format. Could complete under two hrs.

  2. At last the rain has stopped now. Trust all our Madras friends are ok.

  3. Companies may now offer chauffeur driven boats as a perk.

    Trust all in Chennai and whereabouts are well and safe

    1. Ola Cab is providing boat service...or so I saw in FB...

    2. Yeah at some places but they or any other cabs are not available at all even on OK places. No rain till now today. Can someone please send me the clues to my Gmail account

    3. Ajeesh click on the link over the word GRID at the bottom of the post. It will take you to the PDF version of the page with the CW

  4. Feeling 9A. Lovely xword...devious..loved 19D, 22 D, 18A & the long ones

  5. A few doubts..22D How is G a measue?
    27D: V a measure?

  6. could not find the xword online on the paper today. thanks for the link provided i this blog:) didnt get Length - find it a bit obscure - EN and G as measures not common. Other clues were pretty good though.. tks aspartame

  7. unable to contact my wife since morning. She is stuck at our residence in TNagar chennai. No power, no phone at home for more than 24 hours. I am stuck at Mujmbai and unable to return as chennai airport is closed till 6th December

    1. Hope you have contacted your wife by wishes

    2. not yet. both land line and mobile are dead.