Tuesday, 8 December 2015

No 11569, Tuesday 08 Dec 2015, Gridman

1   Aged individual in INC, say (3,5) OLD PARTY {OLD} {PARTY}
6   Letter from Greece for son in India (4) BETA [DD]
9   Puts out Greek letter by females in ship (6) SNUFFS {NU}{FF} in {SS}
10 Salesmen, turning back, seize vehicle and escape (7) SCARPER {CAR} in {REPS<=}
13 Would animals that have lost their appendages want to do business with them? (9) RETAILERS [CD]
14 Get to know real mad bridge player (5) LEARN {REAL*}{N}
15 Clever enough not to start parade (4) ARCH mARCH
16 Saint calling saint in series of connections (10) STRINGINGS {ST}{RINGING}{S}
19 Defeated, having been struck to the ground (6,4) BEATEN DOWN {BEATEN} {DOWN}
21 One evening I recalled Zulu band (4) IMPI {I}{MP}{1}<=
24 Fully satisfied, Tamil leader left Government department (5) SATED {StATE}{D}
25 Cause a plan to fail by breaking adobe wall (4,1,4) DEAL A BLOW*
26 Brief witticism (English) on a couple of animals (7) EPIGRAM {E}{PIG}{RAM}
27 If so, it's not solid — consumed in grimly humorous circumstances (6) WATERY {ATE} in {WRY}
28 Small remains in wide belt (4) SASH {S}{ASH}
29 Moily initially persuaded and moved to accept an outstanding athlete (8) OLYMPIAN {MOILY+Pe...d}*{AN}

2   A kind of fringe in a cult that is all over the place (7) LUNATIC*
3   Bird out of breath? No good! (6) PUFFIN PUFFINg
4   Took it easy having physical training court — it's appreciated (9) RESPECTED {PE}{CT} in {RESTED}
5   Noes don't have these (5) YESES [CD]
7   Former wife's simple enough to clarify (7) EXPLAIN {EX}{PLAIN}
8   Broadcast in an opinionated manner (3,4,5) AIR ONES VIEWS [CD]
11 State member is in spirit (6) ALLEGE {LEG} in {ALE}
12 Stomachs debates and barks that are horrible (5,7) BREAD BASKETS*
17 Why Taiwan disposed— how? (2,4,3) IN WHAT WAY*
18 The more aged follows with skilled worker (6) WELDER {W}{ELDER}
20 Gets a first in Tamil — saint's excited (7) ATTAINS {A}{Tamil}{SAINT*}
22 Terrible alarm on India's primarily agricultural disease (7) MALARIA {ALARM*}{I}{Ag...l}
23 Circuit on excellent home office equipment (6) LAPTOP {LAP}{TOP}
25 Among the two, doctor is stupid (5) DUMBO {MB} in {DUO}


  1. Liked to see Retailers sticking the tail on the donkey

  2. Finished by 8.45 AM. Thanks Gridman

  3. In
    Clue 22d comes for a discussion.
    Please read it if you like.

    1. I did write a piece. But I am not able to trace it myself. May have made some mistake. If any of you went on a wild-goose chase, pardon me.

    2. I have now re-written the 'post' and it's available at the above URL.

  4. This crossword has the style of another THC setter!!

  5. Happy to get samosas after a long time! Thank you Gridman!

  6. O/T : IXL 2015 Round No.10

    9A : Second article removed from Greek tranche (4) PART

    Request annotation for the above please.

    1. Thank you Vasanth! That was the one I had it wrong in the final round of IXL 2015.

    2. Or it could also be (-S)PART(-AN) as Greek, an adjective could give SPARTAN..of or belonginging to sparta..a region in old Greece

  7. Could get to solving the puzzle only at 10.30...could complete in double quick time..lovely puzzle

  8. 13A wordplay leads to de-tailers? though retailers fits in the grid.

    1. What happened to my reply?

    2. Suresh had replied that RETAILERS is the solution as animals that have been de-tailed would go to the RE-TAILERS to have their tails re-fixed after treatment/reconstruction. (His Reply got deleted by an inadvertent action of mine).

    3. Comment of Suresh which came in at 8:39

      " Liked to see Retailers sticking the tail on the donkey "

    4. Thanks. I read Suresh s reply as well

  9. Gridman - really enjoyed solving the CW today! Thanks for making it a breezy morning!

  10. Thanks to all who said they enjoyed the crossword. It is so gratifying.
    In our early years of compiling - and more so in the 1970s when my predecessors started it all and regularly contributed crosswords - we did not have any feedback. Make a mistake, a letter will arrive FWD'd by the paper. Today, make a mistake, a plethora of mails will land. But then and now, no letter has been forwarded to the setter about any single soul appreciating the work. Today, in blogs and message boards, people are so forthcoming in expressing their appreciation. This in itself is a reward.

  11. Couldnt get to the xword till very late today .. some lovely and elegant clues - charades and anagrams today.. feels different